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Bathroom Window Treatments: Top Options For Your ‘Me’ Space

Bathroom Window Treatments


Bathrooms are perhaps the most utility-oriented rooms of a house – the most maintained yet often also the least styled. But whether you consider them a purely functional space to conduct a daily ritual or a relatively more beloved “me space” – privacy here is key – thereby making bathroom window treatments one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your very own rejuvenating retreat. 

To this end, Spiffy Spools is at your disposal with tips to dress up bathroom windows, a wide range of curated collections, multiple dressing options, and suitable assistance from our expert stylists. 

Bathroom window treatments can range from functionally efficient cellular blinds to fancifully gliding puddled drapes. Your choice should factor in your functional priorities, aesthetic vision, decor style, and the features of your bathroom. It’s a tough row to hoe, therefore this blog aims to help you to master the balance between form and function while you shop here for your bathroom window treatments




Bathrooms are where you begin the day and end it, where you are ‘you’ without pretense or regret, where you escape with an uncluttered, unfettered mind, and where many an internal battle is won with a bubble and a splash! Working your personal spa to its nano details is, therefore, well worth the toil but easier said than done. 

Even as you are charged with a shopping spree, myriad questions can overwhelm you. Curtains or blinds or shades? Which material, which style, which color? You want a window treatment that nails the look, keeps the functionality, and proves easy for upkeep, so keeping an eye on a few key criteria is important. What are these key factors to bear in mind? Here goes…


Privacy guard vs light inflow: Unless your bathroom window is facing an uninhabited area or to a private room, privacy typically will be the key concern when selecting window treatments. But natural light and heat inflow are necessary to ensure hygiene. Striking the balance is the key requirement. Choose a window treatment that can let in ample light as well as maintain privacy when closed, and provide free passage of air and light when opened. 


Keeping mold at bay/ Ease of upkeep: The high levels of humidity in bathrooms makes them the most welcoming hosts to mold and mildew; wrong window treatments make the case worse. Hard wood shades and shutters – for example – don’t work well in bathrooms because the humidity and heat cause them to crack, warp and peel over time. Consider using materials that are least porous to ensure minimum water absorption, faster drying to avoid mold formation, and easier to wash – for example – man-made fibers for drapes, and faux wood in blinds. Apply the same logic when selecting the accessories and add-ons too.  


Distance of window from the wet area: If your wet area is sufficiently far from the window, the risk of exposing your window treatments to damp floors and humid air is minimized though not completely nullified. The farther, the better, the more leverage you have on the choice of material and style. Floor-length drapery, for example, may not be practical in a small bathroom, but in a large enough space – they are the perfect medium to bring softness to what can often be a sterile space. 


Blend with the style: Let your bathroom window treatments blend with the style reflected in the interiors. White rod-pocket sheers can fine-finish your Scandinavian bath, checked roman shades can do the job for a farmhouse look and cellular blinds should top your ultra-modern acrylic tub shower with impressive sophistication. Valances finished with ornate tassel trims pair up beautifully with a clawfoot tub to intensify the whimsy in a traditional shower room. Whatever the style, there is an alternative that blends with your decor effortlessly. 


Shrinkage/stretching of fabric: If you’re choosing fabrics, make sure to consider their dimensional stability. When in contact with water, fabrics can shrink or stretch. Since bathrooms are the epicenter of humidity in the home, this can cause the drape to outgrow the required length with sagging protrudes or contract distastefully. Man-made fibers like polyesters usually resist this phenomenon, dry faster, and therefore stand up to mold and mildew. Natural materials like lightweight cotton are also well-suited for larger spaces. We recommend avoiding thick, heavyweight fabrics as they tend to retain moisture longer and are therefore less immune to mildew build-up.




Having made note of the deciding factors, you may now want to know what the various options are for bathroom windows. Well, you will not run out of choices we assure you;  what you might face rather is a choice overload. We enlist them here to expose the whole array for you to choose from.




Bathroom Curtains


Curtains have a coziness that alone is enough for many clients to put drapes at top of their list. They can soften an area otherwise dominated by hard surfaces. Cafe curtains prove ideal in many bathrooms with their ability to block the view of half of the window while letting in air and light through the open area above. If your bathroom’s window is at a safe distance from the wet area, floor-length drapes have the potential to become the show stoppers in your sanctuary. The key factor to bear in mind when choosing drapery is the fabric weight and composition. Make sure you’re picking lightweight fabrics so they dry sooner, and don’t collect dust and moisture in folds. Man-made fibers can get all the boxes ticked to your relief and come with a variety of colors and designs to soothe your artistic leanings. 


Roman Shades


Bathroom Roman Shades


If you want to use fabric but want a less frilly and fussy option than curtains, a set of classic custom roman shades will answer your call. Its versatility to blend with any style of decor from traditional to modern makes it our bestseller.  You can make them outright simplistic or stylistically ornate by choice of fabric and the stitching style. In any case, their elegant, neat, tailored look can uplift the coziness and charm of your bathroom instantly. You can go for the flat folds for an architectural finish or for the European curved folds for a more casual and relaxed feel. To keep mildew in check, always go for less porous, light-weighted fabrics.




Bathroom Valance


Valances dress up the top portion of the window and are usually used to pair up with curtains but do an equally nice job if used as a stand-alone in bathrooms. They are perfect for spaces where privacy is not a key priority, or where windows are frosted for privacy but you need an excuse to bring in color and oomph. They can also top your cafe curtains to render extra coverage and do a fabulous job of prepping up your curtains with further finery if you so wish to adorn your “me space”.

What curtains, shades, and valances offer in essence is the hygge factor and the tremendous scope of creativity that comes with varied colors, patterns, textures, and styles – unparalleled by the non-fabric bathroom window treatments available thus far. However, a higher propensity to catch mold is the downside of fabric that you can tackle with regular washes and putting on the exhaust fan for a while after every shower.


Roller Blinds


Bathroom roller blinds


Roller blinds, that can be rolled up on the top with a chord and chain mechanism, offer one sweeping frontage without any visual breaks. Available in a wide range of materials such as fabric, vinyl, and aluminum, blinds are easy to install and operate. They incorporate the sleekness and functionality of Roman shades but are relatively more modern. Choices available in terms of patterns and colors will be the widest with fabric roller shades. Vinyl blinds are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and therefore a relatively sound choice for small-sized bathrooms where ventilation conditions and humidity levels are often less friendly. 


Cellular/Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb Shades Bathroom


An ultra-modern take on bathroom window treatments would be cellulars with their sleek and stylish finish, perfect coverage for guaranteed privacy, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, and higher insulation. With generous spending, you can also avail of some smart features like motorized operation, cordless lifts, and top down/bottom up features.  The downside is that they do not befit a color-vibrant space. 


Faux Wood Blinds & Shutters


Faux wood blinds

While we do not recommend natural wood dressings in bathrooms given their tendency to warp and crack in humid conditions, faux wood blinds and shutters offer a practical alternative. Imbibing the elegance of real wood while resisting wear and warp from moisture, they can complete the rustic vibe of the wood-paneled floors in your retro showers. Their woven wooden counterparts, evoking the traditional Asian flair, allow for light to filter in through the narrow gaps in the weave even when fully rolled down. But for all our love for warm woody textures and elements, they are not for every decor style and choices are limited for a space that needs a pop of color or pattern.  



We hope that this read has enlightened you to square down upon a choice. Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to bathroom decor because, of the many things that it does, its ability to give you a good start and good finish for each day is enough to leave you wanting to do more. A well-styled bathroom can liven up your mood and relax your nerve, and aesthetic, functionally efficient bathroom window treatments are an important part of that plot.



Inside Mount Roman Shades: A Complete Guide

For a window treatment that is soft, sleek, elegant and uncluttered, roman shades get the gold. Shopping for this exquisite window dressing, one often encounters the question about the mounting position to be adopted. Some like to mount their shades within the window recess, while others prefer to install on the wall or ceiling outside of the frame. But which one is ideal? In our blog post last week, we covered the pros and cons of shades mounted outside the frame; this blog aims to apprise you of the occasions where inside mount roman shades might be the better choice of the two.


Roman Shades


While at Spiffy Spools, you can rest assured that your custom roman shades will be made to your exact specifications and shipped along with all the necessary hardware for both positions. So, shop from our curated collections and be the proud owner of a spiffy roman shade. But before you shop, know where to mount your shades, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Benefits of Inside Mount Roman Shades

Window treatments don’t just provide privacy and light control; they also help to define the decor style. Roman shades can glory with scallops on ornate casements and also sink mildly into the architecture of modern sleek trims. The fabric, color and style will entirely depend on your decor but the mounting position may largely hinge on the architecture. 

For inside mount roman shades, hardware is affixed to the ‘ceiling’ of the window frame, fitting the entire shade neatly within the recess. Let’s see how this scheme can benefit you.


Roman Shade Matched with Wallpaper


Customized look: A well-tailored inside mounted roman shade has an unbeatable charm. The shade size is pre-defined by the structure of the recess, necessitating precision in measuring. The result is a streamlined, tailored look, a one-of-its-kind window treatment that fits in exactly into the window frame and spills the beans on its made-to-order trait. That customized look builds immense character into your home and makes it uniquely special.

Stylishly sleek: For those who love the softness of fabrics and the clean lines of blinds, roman shades are a hybrid choice that offer the best of both. This stylishly sleek shade becomes even more minimalistic when perched within the window frame, taking nothing away from the room. No other fabric treatment can get this close to the minimalism of modern and contemporary decor.

Enhances the ornate moldings: When the roman shades are mounted within the window frame, the ornate moldings get to share the limelight. Inside mounted shades allow for an unhindered view of the entire window trim and frame unlike drapes and outside mounted shades.

Hidden hardware: Even though roman shades have very minimal hardware requirements, some would not prefer its exposition in the room design. In the case of inside mounts, the hardware is totally out of sight.


Inside Mount Shades Layered with Drapes

Inside Mount Roman Shades Layered with Drapes


Possibility of layering with curtains: Smooth, gliding drapes billowing with fullness are a fanciful element of anyone’s dream home. If you wish to include curtains in your decor for added light and sound control or for an ornamental layering, only mounting the shade inside the frame can keep that possibility alive.


Bathroom Roman Shades Mounted Inside Frame



Stays out of the fuss: In bathrooms, inside mounted shades are practically suitable because they can stay as far away as possible from the splashy affair. In kitchens, this ruffleless fabric when mounted within the window recess can escape the splatters from simmering sauces and pose less risk of catching fire. For narrow hallways and cramped rooms, inside mounts are relieving because they don’t project outward.

More insulation: Being located closer to the window pane, inside mounted shades are better equipped to keep the heat out of the room as compared to any other fabric window treatment. It’s an ideal choice for west-facing windows that are exposed to the blistering noontime sun.


Precluding Elements

Despite the wows that inside mount roman shades have earned, there are situations that may preclude their use.  Some other charming window treatment is waiting to glaze these windows. 

Shallow window: The window frame should ideally be at least 3-4 inches deep to be able to host a roman shade. Spiffy Spools’ roman shades need at least 2 inches of flat surface to be able to secure the shade track securely. If the frame depth disqualifies, consider outside mounts or drapes. 

Rounded/ arched/ piked window: For a window that is not straight edged on the top end, inside mounted shades are not a viable option as hardware tracks only come as straight structures, not curved.  

Small window: For a small window, an inside mount may prove to be an overwhelming option, further emphasizing the small size of the window. The shade will have very little space to fall from its stacked top, possibly rendering a cloddish look.

Protruding window hardware: For windows with protruding handles or crank handles or lifts, inside mounts may not be practical or – at minimum – demand extra care while being operated. 

Light-inflow blockage: The stacking room of the shade is within the window frame, blocking away that much light inflow on a permanent basis. For rooms that need more natural light, consider outside mounts or drapes that can clear the window completely. 

Measurement Guide

It is the precision one shows in measuring that can do all the wonders with an inside mounted roman shade. If the measurement falls short, the gaps between the shade and the window frame will cause light leaks; if it stretches beyond the window frame, you can’t fix it in the recess.

Measure Inside Mount Roman Shades

Our roman shades measurement guide is going to make this super-simple. Take a steel measuring tape and mark the length and width accurately. Here’s how you go about it: 

Measure length: To determine shade length, measure the vertical height of the inside of the window frame in three locations: starting at left, then moving to the center, and then measuring from the top right to the window sill. Find the largest measurement of those three and round up to the closest 1/8”. Please use this number in your order specifications to Spiffy Spools.

If you have several windows in a room that are all similar in height, please order all of them at the largest height to ensure similar pleats.

Measure width: To determine shade width, measure the horizontal width inside of the window frame in three locations: starting at top, then moving to the center, and then measuring at the bottom, left to right. Record the narrowest measurement of those three and round down to the closest 1/8”. Please use this number in your order specifications with us.

Final Word

Inside mounting is a telling trait of a minimalist design besides the choice of fabric, color, pattern and stitching style. It is easily the most popular way of installing roman shades. However – if the precluding factors are your challenge –  and yet you’re keen on roman shades, consider outside mounting style which has advantages galore of its own. The features of your window and your decor style provide the ultimate criterion to decide on the mounting style. But whether you mount your roman shade inside or outside, Spiffy guarantees you a stunner. 




Shopping for custom roman shades offers a rather scenic journey marked by many decisions – big and small – to be made along the way. A common query from our clients on one such decision is whether to mount their shades inside or outside the window frame. Outside mount roman shades are mounted outside of the window frames/trims, affixed directly onto the wall or ceiling. Inside mounts, on the other hand, are installed inside the window frame, affixed to the ‘ceiling of the frame’. 


Roman Shades


Both positions have pros and cons of course. To help you along your journey, in this blog post, we shed light specifically on reasons to choose outside mount roman shades, as well as disadvantages to consider before making a final decision.  


Benefits of Outside Mount Roman Shades & When to Use Them


Outside Mount Roman Shades

Outside Mount Roman Shades


For those who like the coziness that fabrics bring to your windows but equally love the clean lines characteristic of modern architecture, roman shades are the best option. While inside mounted shades have fans aplenty, outside mount roman shades offer unique advantages such as:

Solution for shallow window frames: Many houses have windows with frames simply not deep enough to mount a roman shade inside the frame. Since outside mount roman shades are affixed directly onto the wall or ceiling, the hardware is not constrained by space, thereby offering clients an elegant alternative to meet their aesthetic vision. 

More coverage/Less light inflow: In rooms where you want marked restraint on light inflow, outside mount shades, when extended a few inches on all sides, provide extra coverage and barrier against light to flow in, and are recommended, therefore, for nurseries, bedrooms, patios, and high ceiling windows.

To expose the full window: Outside mount shades offer clients the option to mount them well above the frame so when folded up, the stack clears the window entirely, thereby letting in more sunshine and light. They leave the full window at your disposal – a perfect frame for a picturesque landscape and a top suggestion for east-facing windows so you can feast on the early sun rays.

Less stress about the exact measurements: Our roman shades measurement guide offers a crystal clear map for the measuring tape but for someone who is not at ease with measuring with high precision needed for inside mounts, outside mounts will prove a delightful escape. No worries if you slightly overdo or underdo the scale – it will still do the job wonderfully well. 


Outside Mounted Roman Blinds

Make Windows Look Bigger and Taller


Make small windows look bigger and low ceiling higher: Small windows look charming until it comes to draping. Curtains can overwhelm the small space, inside-mounted shades accentuate the small size, frosted glass fails to block light & blinds spoil the decorative interiors. Outside mount roman shades – on the other hand – tick a lot of boxes. If you let the stacked part of the shade slightly overlap the top of the frame, the view will trick the brain to imagine a higher starting point for the top edge. That vertical emphasis will also serve as a latent guide to the eye to grasp the vertical dimension of the room, thereby rendering an illusive height to the ceiling. Similarly extending the shades a few inches on both sides can give an illusion of wider windows and space. 

Cover-up for imperfect window frames: If your window trims and frames have imperfections like uneven finish or asymmetrical sizes, inside mounts will further highlight that defect. If your wall paints are getting dry or wallpapers are peeling off at the window trims or the architectural finish of the frame is anything but a clean line, you have an ad hoc solution in the outside mount roman shades – perfect for rentals.

For round, arched and triangle windows: For all the delightful whimsy an unconventional window can offer, there is a ‘how’ regarding window treatments that can chew away the bliss, worsened still if it is far above the door height. An outside mounted shade placed high enough to stack itself above the frame can let you capitalize on the architectural finery while providing a stylish filter for the incoming light when closed. 

The benefit of using spacer blocks available: Choosing an outside mount allows clients to mount spacer blocks or extension brackets to project the shades farther away from the wall or window. This is great for windows that have protruding cranks getting in the way of lifting or lowering the shades. It also lets the shades clear trim or molding around the window.

To cover a door: If you need to cover an entire glass door with a shade, the frame depth is typically not going to serve right for an inside mount. Metal doors especially can prove challenging for drilling holes and mounting brackets. Solve the problem by mounting your roman shades outside.


Outside Mount Roman Shade

Outside Mount Roman Shade Layered with Solar Shades


If you want to layer with a solar shade: Solar shades protect you from the harmful UV rays but fail to provide privacy at night when lights are on. If you mount the roman shades from outside, you stand a chance to layer solar shades within the frame.



There can’t be a coin with only one side. Outside mounted roman shades are not relevant in all cases. They have a ton of benefits and also a few considerations to be made before you opt for them. If you find any of the factors mentioned below relevant to you, then another window treatment may be the right option.

Outward projection: The outside mounted roman shades will project a few inches beyond the window frame and if your room is not spacious enough for you to ignore that bump, then consider other options.

Ornate window: For the love of that artisan who made your lovely window trim a grand feature, you may not want to hide that opulence with an outside mounted roman shade. Rather, show them off by placing shades or drapes within the frame.

Visibility of hardware: The hardware profiles are exposed at the ends in outside mount shades, while the placement of shades inside the frame allows the entire hardware to hide. If you prefer to not see hardware, we suggest mounting your shades inside frames.



The outside mounted shades befit modern minimalist designs besides offering the perks that come with it whereas the inside mounted shades give the ornate windows of traditional interiors their well-deserved right to be center stage. Both are equally good options, it is the room’s decor and the window’s characteristics that become deciding factors as to which is the right pick. 

Roman shades are soft sleek fabric window treatments that blend perfectly with all interior design styles – from traditional to modern. Mounting them outside of the frame can be so beneficial to your room’s practical needs besides being the aesthetically perfect add-ons to its structural features. Hope this blog helps you decide whether to mount your shades outside to suit your needs and Spiffy Spools is all-braced to see you through.



Bring Nature Home with Botanical Curtains

From Victorian-era velvets holding intricate bouquets of roses, to modern-day bold botanical prints, elements of nature have forever been woven and welcomed into homes for their viridescent freshness. But while ornate, ditzy flowers can now be reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen, their close equates – stylized botanical prints featuring foliage and ferns – have come to be accepted as the more modern renditions of the classic florals. These on-trend nature-themed prints fit especially well when used as botanical curtains, introducing vibrant tropical vibes to a space, while keeping with the contemporary style. And if surrounded by some real indoor plants (think dramatic spikes of a snake plant and broad, leathery leaves of a fiddle-leaf fig tree), they create a truly inspired interior look, fluently adding a vibrant touch to the quietest of interior schemes. No surprise, our collection of botanical curtains has seen a dramatic surge in popularity in recent years.

If you’ve landed here today with a desire to dress your windows in a lush piece of nature, read on for all the reasons why designers and nature lovers alike can’t get enough of our botanical prints.




Bring Nature Indoors

Bring Nature Indoors


  • Bring nature indoors: Taking a cue from nature, botanical drapes are a great way to bring the outdoors inside your living room, dining area, reading nook or bedroom. To build a nature-inspired aesthetic, our stylists recommend adding custom curtains featuring botanical prints that complement other nature inspired elements – a rustic kitchen table or a reclaimed wood coffee table for example – in the room. Imagine your potted plants – the pretty peace lilies and the soft succulents – sitting against your botanical drapery, and voila! – you have increased the allure of your verdurous space tenfold. Green elements – whether real or printed on your drapery fabric – add not just a touch of frondescence delight but also create a calming and rejuvenating environment in a home.
  • In step with on-trend greens: The love for color green in home decor/interiors is sprouting with a passion. From pastel hues to deeper bolder shades like Viridian and Sacramento, green is high on style and right on trend. Like many of our clients, if you have welcomed leafy hues into your home, you’ll find that botanical curtains strike the perfect note in your green symphony. With their innate connotation of nature, abundance, and renewal, botanical drapes are an easy go-to choice for spaces veiled in gracious greens. Though remember that just because your love for botanicals is blooming, does not mean that your drapery has to be green as well. In fact, if your space already is saturated with too much of this lovely color, consider drapes in a fabric like Bamboo Gala that summons tropical flair in an unexpected palette of black and white.


Timeless Alternative to Feminine Florals

Timeless Alternative to Feminine Florals


  • Charming without being overly feminine: If you want to add a touch of flora to your home textiles but don’t want them to become overwhelmingly feminine, botanical curtains are a great alternative to delicate floral prints. Featuring jungle landscapes, ferns, and foliage, botanical prints are as timeless as florals, sans the fragile femininity. Botanical curtains – especially if featuring stylistic, oversized patterns – can therefore easily inject nature even in a masculine space, without causing an allergy-inducing allergy attack. Being a relatively gender-neutral aesthetic, they are also a great choice for children’s nurseries if you are going for a nature-inspired or tropical vibe.


Boho Botanicals

Perfect for Boho-Chic Rooms


  • Perfect for bohemian and beach-themed decors: Looking for drapery for a boho-chic home? Botanical curtains might be the answer! When chosen in a bold colorful pattern, botanical print drapes complement the bustling colors of bohemian decor perfectly. The added charm of indoor plants and free-spirited accessorizing comes together perfectly to create a bright and lively bohemian-inspired home. Similarly, botanical curtains hung in a seaside home are just the perfect accessory to take you back to your last tropical holiday. A palette of flora green, ocean blues, and sandy creams is especially reminiscent of ocean sands and beachside palms.
  • Well suited for organic decor styles: Nature is a central element in several contemporary styles including a modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, and Japandi. In a light-soaked room dotted with timber stools, sisal rugs, and terracotta pots, botanical theme drapes fit in beautifully, creating a balanced yin and yang between indoors and outdoors, while adding to the organic appeal of these styles.
  • Induces positivity and freshness: One of the most widely acknowledged benefits of embracing nature-inspired decor with earthy elements is the relaxed and restorative environment it creates. Biophilic designs are known to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. They are also instrumental in increasing productivity and stimulating your creative side. It is for this reason that viridescent themes – in which our botanical curtains fit perfectly – are rapidly finding their way into the home as well as workplace settings.



When hung sparingly – on a small kitchen window for instance – botanical curtains are gorgeous without being imposing. When displayed en-masse as dressing for a large picture window, they’re an easy-to-create show-stopping moment. Regardless of where you choose to hang these verdant drapes, they will end up looking organic, appropriate and always stunning.

Sold yet? We thought so!

To get you started on your search for the perfect botanical curtains, we present below the top three faves from our collection:


Botanical Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Leaf Medley from Spiffy Spools


  1. Leaf Medley: Simple yet bold, this charming flat weave fabric features a classic leaf motif that promises to pair especially easily with minimalist, contemporary and rustic decorative schemes. Each bold leaf is outlined in black while the background provides a versatile cream contrast. We especially recommend this lovely drapery stitched in a flat panel top.
  2. August Ferns: This tasteful fabric features fern frond motifs in autumnal shades of ocher yellow, cinnamon brown and slate gray on a white backdrop. The overlapping and layered watercolor look combined with a rich earthen palette creates a luminous and lovely look. Perfect for a semi-formal or informal space.
  3. Tasmania: Add nature-inspired charm to your decor with this flatweave fabric strewn with a medley of light-hued leaves. Brimming with cheer, Tasmania fabric features an unexpected palette of blue and eggshell for a botanical print. Utterly perfect for a beach cottage or a boho-chic home.

With our collection of floral drapery, you are all set to transform your living space into a gorgeous biophilic sight. Bring the outdoors inside your home with Spiffy Spools’ custom curtains, lovingly hand-stitched in any size and style you desire. So go on, explore our site and see which of our botanical beauties grows on you!



Transform Your Home With Burnt Orange Curtains

Burnt Orange Curtains


Orange is a color brimming with energy. It pours out that summer feeling of fun and frolic in a room, veiling everything around it in its vibrant vigor. But for all its sunny appeal, orange is a daring choice and definitely not for everyone. As joyful as this color is, the key to decorating with orange is to pick the exact hue very carefully and then use it in small – but punchy – doses. And that’s where burnt orange curtains fit the bill perfectly.

On the peripheries of cheery primary orange lies this more muted – and more sophisticated – hue lovingly called burnt orange. Put on a set of drapes, it is just the right color, in just the right quantity, to invite autumnal, earthy charm into any space. Whether your home is traditionally styled or speaks of sleek minimalism, the sophistication of this seasoned hue can further add to the beauty of a room.


Burnt Orange Drapes


So, how to get started on your journey to bring home a perfectly cozy set of burnt orange curtains? Well, start with these top five tips from our stylists on how to elevate the style quotient of a room with custom curtains in this hue:

  • Use in small doses: Orange is a hue that comes out looking its best when used in small shots of passionate accents. Used en masse, it runs the risk of completely taking over the room – overwhelming the senses with its energy. Therefore, our stylists recommend using orange – burnt or not – as more of an accent color in small doses. And this is exactly why drapes are such a perfect medium for this rich color. A set of burnt orange curtains, paired with other smaller accent accessories like cushions or lampshades, offer the right amount of optical real estate to this color, allowing it to serve as a sophisticated statement without overpowering the entire space.


Burnt Orange Drapery

Pair with neutrals…in small doses


  • Pair with neutral tones: If you have a room that is primarily composed of neutral tones like creams, whites and beiges, burnt orange curtains will prove a strong accompaniment, syncing in organically with neutral palettes. Having this subdued color in the background as drapery gently elevates the look of a room, while injecting a shot of color in what might otherwise be too quiet a room.


Burnt Orange Window Curtains

Pair with blues


  • Create contrasts with shades of blue: In rooms dipped in oceanic shades of blue, burnt orange drapery serves as the distant glow of sunset. Paired with almost any shade of blue – from nautical blue and indigo to shades like navy and teal – burnt orange curtains fit perfectly, bringing to life this color story of complements and contrasts. Owing to the inviting and exciting nature of this daring palette, the combination is especially favored in spaces like living rooms or cozy breakfast nooks that benefit from an energetic vibe.
  • Use with earth tone palettes: Earthy tones and nature-inspired color schemes are all set to make a splash in 2022. This is the year we expect gray to slowly ebb as the first-choice neutral, and many paint rollers to be dipped in nature-inspired hues like chocolate brown, cognac and the bewitching burnt amber. Our stylists recommend coupling the warmth of a woody palette with the sophistication of burnt orange to create a charming, earthy dynamic. And what is a more effortlessly beautiful way of introducing the zesty color than draperies!
  • Hang in a rustic setting: Rustic is one of those all-time favorite interior themes that is as chic as it is snug. Leaning heavily on browns and fall colors, the rustic aesthetic is reminiscent of a lovely midsummer sunset. Burnt orange curtains fit in splendidly not only with this warm palette, but also the feeling evoked by the raw textures of imperfect wood and stone, signature to a rustic home. To further complement burnt orange drapery in a rustic-themed home, we recommend introducing artisanal decor pieces in the same color.

We hope the tips above have helped you decide if burnt orange drapery might be a good fit for your windows. If so, go forth and browse our stylists’ top picks below for some early inspiration.


Autumn Russet from Spiffy Spools

Burnt Orange ‘Autumn Russet’ Velvet


  1. No More Drama: Part of our swoon-worthy cotton collection, No More Drama captures the magic of monochrome. With a raw, softly tactile feel and its body of deep burnt orange, it feels like a modern take on cotton, bursting with textural flavor. This medium-weight cotton falls beautifully and never fails to impress – no matter what the heading style – from the fullness of pinch pleats to the minimalist look of the eyelet heading.
  2. Autumn Russet: Be still thy heart. Our deliciously luxurious velvets have romanced our clients for as long as we can remember, and Autumn Russet is no exception. Featuring a plush pile and the most gorgeous shade of deep orange, this velvet is a sensational way to bring an autumnal palette to life because it gives tone, depth, and opulence second to none.
  3. Apple Tree: Featuring traditional weave in a contemporary color scheme, this herringbone weave fabric offers houndstooth check in burnt orange and white. Cheerful in appearance, warm in ambiance, and smooth in drape, Apple Tree has everything you want in your window treatments fabric.
  4. Cayenne: As fervid as the spice that inspired this classic pattern, our Cayenne window treatments have an air of sophistication and organic charm about them. The implicit coziness of plaid prints, woven on a herringbone base in a toasty palette of sandy beige, burnt orange, and moss green is flattering for any dwelling that favors nature-inspired elements and organic textures.
  5. Husky Orange: Marrying together the charm of delicate florals and the deep earthy elegance of burnt orange, this drapery is like a heartwarming love story. A stellar option to dress up your windows, Husky Orange falls with a fullness that marks the epitome of luxury.

Looking for more? Head to our extensive collection of orange curtains and find a fabric that matches your individual taste and decor style. And remember, we can custom-stitch your drapes in any size and style you wish, so do browse our size and style guides to help you along.

Happy draping!



A Poetry of Loom: Decorating your Home with Ikat

Ikat curtains and roman shades

Ikat curtains and roman shades


Having held a symbol of stature and elegance for centuries, ikat in today’s times finds itself among the highly celebrated paragons of artistry. The intricate patterns it has given to the world on its extraordinarily light fabric have carried a crafty weightage for centuries. As its artistic legacy lives on, credit’s due to the immensely skilled craftsmen and their commitment to intensely long hours of weaving. The result is, as they call it, a poetry… poetry of loom!

Ikat [pronounced e-kaht] has, to its credit a vibrant panorama of distinctive patterns and textures. Not anymore are you required to travel to the ends of the world to infuse your space with exotic flair. All you need now is a bit of ikat to bring that feeling home. 

In this blog post, allow us to take you deep into the bold, daring, and energetic essence of ikat – a 10/10 show stealer that not only makes your home look rich and ethnic, but also brings a chic vibrance to your surroundings.

The poet’s test of patience and precision: A master weaver first binds – very accurately – bundles of yarns into the required patterns. The yarns are then plunged into a dye bath to take on the desired colors. The weaver leaves the dyed yarns to sun-dry to enhance visual depth in the final product. This technique is repeated multiple times, and the result is a piece of cloth dyed in a variety of colors shaping into beautiful and elaborative prints that are bound to go with every space. The technique used in this relentless craftsmanship is called resist-dyeing, where the yarns are bind before dyeing – as opposed to traditional techniques, where the yarns are first woven into base fabrics and then dyed.  

Ikat’s signature characteristic is its apparent blurriness in the final product. This blurriness in the design adds a distinct sense of depth and movement to enhance the fabric’s visual appeal.

Call it a sheer coincidence that the ikat’s origin history is also, in a way, blurry.

The earliest existing examples come from the 10th-century Middle East. However, ikat-like fabrics have featured in 7th-century cave paintings, and though its exact origin remains behind blurred lines, scholars believe the technique has roots throughout Asia and Africa. Of everyone, however, 19th-century Indonesia rightly claims the origin of the word – ‘Menigkat’, meaning ‘to tie’.

Now although their provenance remains subject to debate, their verve and versatility—not!

Now in the 21st century, ikat’s bohemian-inspired patterns have effortlessly entered the hearts and homes of many. Use it as curtains or blinds for a bold window treatment, or as dining placemats or a table runner – or – to add color to your cushions; such is the versatility of ikat, it effortlessly blends with your home in more-than-many ways.

And with ikat, it’s always – the more, the merrier!

There’s no denying that choosing the right pattern for your home can get a bit overwhelming. For instance, Paisley is known prominently for its steadfast traditional patterning, similar is the case is with most checks and stripes, with geometrical patterns holding a reputation of going with the contemporary. Ikat, on other hand, has had no problems in shifting between styles.

Whether your space is traditional, preppy, beachy, or modern – ikat just fits!

The simplest way to bring a decorative sense of warmth to your room is by using ikat as curtains or window blinds, and Spiffy Spools’ vibrant collection of custom roman shades and window draperies is just the place to start!

A few of our (and many designers’) favorites to get you started…

  • ‘Fresno’ – To introduce a hint of tradition into your contemporary home.
  • ‘Valle Central’ – For a stronger, more eye-catching presence to your bold interiors.
  • ‘Charta’ – For a sense of movement and depth in your drapery.
  • ‘Honeyed Fig’ – For autumnal charm to your windows. Sure to infuse a hint of excitement to your neutral decor.

Spiffy Spools also offers a wide range of customization options. Browse through our ikat collection and call for any style on your fabric of choice and in any size – we’ve got what you want!

Though ikat print draperies and window shades are Spiffy Spools’ one of many specialties, our stylists haven’t overlooked the other possibilities of introducing ikat to your decor.

Ikat bold pattern’s trajectory can be adopted in a variety of decor elements. Consider our ‘Nubian Valley’ patterned ikat, featuring a rich color palette of greens and ivory – infuse its vibrancy to your cushions and have them featured in your living room, den, or master bedroom. Plus points if you have a classic or transitional decor! You may also want to check out something like the ‘Combita’ patterned ikat to add more magic to your cushions, bolsters, and pillows. You can also pile up a mix-and-match variety of ikat patterned cushions to your outdoor chair or hammock for more visual appeal.

Ikat patterns are also a good fit to add a bit of otherworldly exotic appeal in the form of a table runner on your dining table or a rustic console. Or to instantly warm up your minimalist bedroom, have your bed runners customized in a range of Spiffy Spools’ expertly hand-picked ikat patterned collection.

Ikat patterns stand out in minimalist interiors. They serve as statement pieces against neutral decor. But if neutrals are not for you and your eclectic taste, ikat’s free-flowing patterns will ensure you live up to your maximalist vibe.

All of Spiffy Spools’ ikat-inspired patterns are printed on evocative flat-weave fabrics to give a subtle touch to your hands and offer an understated visual elegance to elevate your space. We come very close to matching the blurriness and depth of interest that reflects in the final piece of the genuine article.

On that note, allow us to leave you with a couplet from a veteran Indian-origin poet, Gulzar, admiring in astonishment, the subtle skills of his weaver friend…

“Teach me too – a trick or two, my weaver friend!
I have often seen you work the wrap,
When a thread snaps or ends,
You tie it, to some other,
And begin to weave again,
But in your weave,
No one can see the knot,
I had woven a relationship only once,
But all its knots are clearly visible, my weaver friend,
Teach me too – a trick or two, my weaver friend.”



From Piccadilly to your Homes: Packing a Punch of Paisley

It was the summer of 1967; John Lennon had his Rolls-Royce transformed into a hallucinatory gypsy caravan. 

Such was the impact of his psychedelic ‘Phantom V’ limousine that when it hit the roads of London’s posh and prominent Piccadilly, the world, especially the fashion and decor world, was brought to halt. Ornately decorated in an eclectic yellow, bedecked with colorful floral tendrils, zodiac signs on roof, and what not – Lennon’s joyride went on to cruise down the history for being one of a kind; ever was, ever will be.

While it did draw criticisms from the boomers of the times, who went on to call the limo ‘ugly, uncharming and pretentious bit of anti-taste’, not many cared. Because a few minutes of roadshow had given the retro world something to love for generations – The Paisley Pattern.

Initially, many saw the dominant paisley design on Lennon’s Rolls-Royce as some random swirl. It was after pundits took a closer look, the world started associating the retro design with paisley, or even the floral roman scrolls – however you see it! One thing is for sure, the paisley design was revolutionary, and as well evolutionary.

In the context of paisley, those random swirls heavily resonated with a curved feather, a twisted teardrop, or say a large comma; something very similar to the traditional form of paisley art. Lennon’s ride simply drove the design to another level by adding a psychedelic touch to it – a classic case of the traditional art seeing the contemporary. Result? Trip of a lifetime: Vertiginous acid-trip patterns and mind-melting colors give the decor world a sophisticated, arty bohemian theme. Very rightly, one can credit the modern-day resurgence of paisley to the summer of love!

Quite a journey, literally.

John Lennon’s ‘Phantom V’ Rolls Royce. Picture source: Rolls Royce

Paisley print design is even believed to have traveled the silk routes from East to West in the late 18th century. On the way, it got its modern name from the Scottish town of Paisley in Renfrewshire by the 19th century.

However, the story of the paisley pattern goes back much further, and its roots go much deeper. Although paisley’s origin has remained a debate for centuries, historians believe its roots lay in the humanist, life-affirming philosophy and religion of Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia, where it was known as ‘boteh’ or ‘buta’ back in 224 AD. Some beliefs note that the iconic design comes from the Cyprus tree, which the Zoroastrians symbolize with life and eternity. The eternity part perhaps rings true as this ever-beautiful, ever-popular, ever-intricate pattern has been and will always be – here to stay.

And we believe it’s time that you, too, pack a punch of paisley print at your homes; our stylists will show you just how.

  • Paisley patterns can be simple or complex, but regardless, you can’t go wrong with paisley if you want to make a strong impression. Your neutral decor will have a statement piece to flaunt in a set of vibrant paisley curtains,  if you are looking for a bold window treatment. If so, check out Spiffy Spools’ ‘LAquila’ window drapes, where geometry and floral elements come together to create a contemporary paisley pattern; magic all around! You can also make a stunning statement by introducing a vibrant paisley pattern as a bed piece. Picture a luscious paisley-patterned bed runner with different, yet coordinating colors for a bed skirt, sheets, and pillowcases; a guaranteed feast for your eyes! 
  • Our paisley window treatments are also a great fit if you are looking for an element to mix and match with other prominent patterns in your décor. The design pattern trinity of paisley, herringbone and stripes deserves a special mention as a classic favorite amongst our stylists and interior designers around the world. Here check out these charming ‘Chiaro’ roman shades from our paisley collection, featuring a smart Art Deco-inspired pattern in a white and grey color palette, all set and ready to blend with soulmate fabrics like the striped ‘Arrow Wood’ and herringbone-patterned ‘Bouloi’.  
  • ‘Hidden Harbor’ continues to be one of our most popular ‘all-over’ paisley fabrics, but we understand it is not for everyone. If ‘all-over’ paisley patterns are too busy for your aesthetic, consider ‘floating-motif’ led, block print style patterns on neutral backgrounds – such as beige and cream. Like our roman shades in a fabric-like ‘Ariano’, featuring a sophisticated color combination of burgundy, beige and teal on a soothing white backdrop to create an understated elegance. You may also consider throwing some pillows or a throw if you’re looking to incorporate just a little of the exotic paisley motif into your room.
  • Not an instantly intuitive pick, but paisley’s whimsy is a surprisingly elegant fit for a little girl’s bedroom or nursery. The ornate patterns featured in Spiffy Spools’ collection break the myth that paisleys are just suitable for formal or mature spaces. Our paisley curtains or paisley roman shades will instantly lift the spirits of your little one’s room, along with evoking a fresh, bright feeling. Check out Caserta – printed in hues of oceanic blues tinged with soft grays and highlighted with touches of emerald green on a white backdrop to remind your little one of summer breeze, blue skies and gentle seas; truly serene, totally soothing!
  • If you’re craving a bit of old-fashioned nostalgia, but feeling a bit commitment-phobic to go as far as curtains and roman shades, consider incorporating paisley into your kitchen or dining room in the form of our custom dining placemats in any of our paisley prints. Or if you want to make a stronger visual show of it, opt for a paisley table runner

The sentimental, nostalgic, and symbolic value of the iconic paisley motifs makes them suitable for literally any place where a symbol of life, intellect and peacefulness is a good fit. When it comes to choosing beauty or meaning, with paisley, you can simply have both. 

It’s just hard not to fall in love with paisley; Lennon did, so had his Rolls-Royce, and so did the world – and – so will you once you introduce it in your homes. As for everyone at Spiffy Spools, we literally believe in paisley prophecy! 



Geometric Blackout Curtains: Merging Form into Function

Geometric Blackout Curtains


The versatility of geometric blackout curtains is such that they can be introduced to just any décor style and space. Stripes, checks and chevrons for men, playful polka dots for kids, bare abstracts for minimalists, bold mix-and-match splash for maximalists – geometric prints and patterns cater to just everyone! 

If you love geometric patterns but thought your only choices for room darkening drapes were limited range, solid and dark blackout fabrics, prepare to be surprised. Our vibrant collection of geometric curtains can be transformed into high-performance door darkening drapes by simply adding blackout lining behind them. 

While the geometric prints will keep your interiors looking spiffy, the blackout lining will ensure any unwelcome light and noise remains far where it belongs. Whether your kids’ wandering minds need a rest to catch up on a sounder day-time nap, or you, a night hustler, are looking for peace in your safe space, our geometric blackout curtains are simply a remedy designed for everyone.

The most prominent aspect of having a blackout lining to your geometric custom drapes is their ability to block light from entering your rooms. Darker rooms mean sounder sleep. Your chosen geometric print curtains, therefore, if lined with blackout lining, can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep, and so to the quality of life. 

The blackout lining goes a long way in protecting your curtains from being weathered by the sun, extending their life. Blackout curtains, in fact, also help protect your furniture and carpets from having an aging effect due to the sun’s UV rays by reducing the in-streaming light to limit the color fading, fabric fraying effects.

Noise-canceling quality is also another prominent asset of blackout curtains, meaning they restrict and reduce any scope of unwanted noise in your room. Now when you catch your quality sleep, not anymore will the outside world disturb you, nor distract you when you try to catch up on your me-time! 

Geometric blackout curtains are very much suitable for homes with wooden flooring as they also hold the ability to prevent echoes and the harshness of multiple voices in a room. 

The thick blackout lining serves as a great privacy shield if you reside in a densely populated neighborhood and crave some privacy. They are also a great hack if you have see-through doors and windows in your contemporary home. Let the inquisitive eyes remain far away – to where they belong! 

The benefits of having blackout curtains don’t end here. Spiffy Spools’ room-darkening curtains also help in limiting the loss of thermal energy in your room. The thermal coatings keep sunlight out in summers and trap room heat in winters.

As for decorating your homes with geometric blackout curtains, the possibilities are endless. Whether you have a mid-century, contemporary, or modern aesthetic – geometric blackout curtains cater to all decor themes. 

Before choosing your ideal geometric blackout curtains, take a cue from your furnishings. Take into consideration the other patterns already visible in your space. For example, if your rug already flaunts a bold, large-scale pattern, a smaller scale pattern of the same (or relatively similar) geometric family will create a sense of cohesion and flow in your setup.  If you still worry about the bold large-scale geometric patterns overpowering the room, simply balance it with a toned-down neutral palette. 

We also recommend letting the overall vibe and purpose of your space be your guide in picking the right geometric pattern for your drapes. For Scandi-inspired decors, in particular, clean stripes and checks are highly recommended in order to retain the minimalist vibe. While for farmhouse-style kitchen and country setups, go for gingham and plaid. 

Similarly, polka dots – brimming with playful energy and sense of movement – have forever reigned supreme in kids’ playrooms and nurseries – while patterns like stripes, checks and chevrons are a great choice to bring out the masculine vibe in a bachelor pad or a gentleman’s office. As opposed to soft curves of Moroccan or Ogee patterns, the masculine look thrives on clean lines and sharp edges.

The bold geometric patterns specifically featured in Spiffy Spools’ collection of geometric curtains also shatter the myth that geometrics are only suited for modern, contemporary spaces.  The classic decor styles can – and should – go beyond a bold floral or paisley print. Our stylists, for example, love patterned drapes in Moroccan trellis in a classic, traditional room. If you want your windows to make a statement, opt for fabric with an oversized scale to let your geometric blackout curtains hang graciously.

Our stylists’ top 3 features:

The simplest way to infuse character and visual interest into your decor is by bringing home a slice from Spiffy Spools’ collection of custom geometric print window drapes and curtains.  

  1. ‘Pigeon Point’ – Who says room darkening fabrics can only be monochromatic browns and blacks? This vibrant dimout fabric not only does a great job of stopping outside light, but it also makes a dramatic decorative statement with its distinctive chevron pattern of red and warm greys. Perfect for a gender-neutral nursery!
  2. ‘Fanfare’ – There’s nothing quite like a clean, minimalist stripe to modernize a room, and our Fanfare curtains will bring a contemporary touch to even the most traditional of spaces. Featuring a stylish palette of gray, blue and pink, the fabric falls beautifully and gives an illusion of height when hung from the ceiling.
  3. ‘Winterspring’ – There is something timeless about its classic kilim motif that makes Winterspring the fabric you cannot look away from. Patterned in subdued hues of green, mustard and charcoal gray, Winterspring’s geometric charm and flatweave look work well for both blinds and curtains. We recommend it for interiors with vintage furniture and elegant ambiance.

Spiffy Spools’ also offers a wide range of customizable options. You can have your geometric blackout curtains in just any pattern and style to match your ideal window size.  So go on, bring home the perfect match of form and function with our blackout geometrical curtains. 



Silk/ Faux Silk Blackout Curtains: Bring Royal Calm To Your Home

Blackout Silk Curtains

Silk blackout curtains – or – faux silk blackout curtains have been entering homes and winning the hearts of many owing to the perfect combination of the opulence of fine silk and calming benefits of a blackout lining. As blackout drapes, silk fabrics fall like a dream, literally, and grace your walls and windows like no other.

The high-performance blackout lining, when added at the back of silk draperies, promises to enhance the overall drape, hang, and insulation offered by your silk statement. Simply put, pure silk blackout drapes or faux silk blackout curtains are truly rich in both form and function.


  • Silk, being one of the most delicate fabrics, can fade in strong sunlight. The blackout lining goes a long way in protecting your silk curtains from being weathered by the sun, extending their life. And if at all, it’s always easier and cheaper to replace a lining than to invest all over again in a new window dressing.
  • The benefits of blackout lining behind your silk drapes go further than only protecting the drapes. Blackout curtains, in fact, also help prolong the life and looks of your furniture and carpets in the same space. Sun’s UV rays have an aging effect not just on your precious skin but also on your pricey room furnishings, and blackout draperies reduce the in-streaming sunlight to limit the color fading and fabric fraying effects.
  • Easily the most prominent benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to block light from entering your rooms. They are absolutely vital if you are a night hustler and desire a healthy, peaceful sleep during the day. Darker rooms mean sound sleep and therefore silk curtains lined with blackout lining can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep, and so to the quality of life.
  • Another prominent benefit of blackout curtains is their noise-canceling quality, meaning that they restrict and reduce the inflow of unwanted noise into your room. Not anymore can the outside world disturb you while you catch your quality sleep, or can distract you during your me-time! Blackout linings also muffle echoes and harshness of overlapping sounds in all homes, especially the ones with wooden flooring. Along with sleeping and studying areas, blackout curtains can also enhance your media room experience.
  • Blackout curtains save energy. Did you know that windows are responsible for 10-25% thermal energy loss in a room? Our room darkening curtains and drapes can help limit this loss and save you energy costs by as much as 25%. We treat ours with thermal coatings that keep sunlight out in summers and trap room heat in winters. That’s lower utility bill payments for you. For green living believers, it also means less greenhouse gases going into the environment!
  • Blackout lining behind your delicate silk curtains can do wonders also in terms of visual appeal as the added weight of lining can add to the fullness and gather of the drape. The added weight of lining will also help your silk drapes fall into straighter pleats much faster than unlined drapes.
  • If you are residing in a densely populated neighborhood that at times compromises your privacy, then blackout linings will serve as your ideal privacy shield. They are also a great hack if you have see-through doors and windows in your contemporary home. Let the inquisitive eyes remain far away – to where they belong!


Perhaps when you think of room-darkening curtains, you may have visualized dark and drab fabrics whose purpose is only to block out the sunlight and darken your room. Hopefully, you’re now ready and excited to explore a whole new range of stunning silk curtains customized with our high-quality blackout linings.

But before we get into the ways you can decorate your home with silk custom curtains, let’s quickly go over the two most common silk types – dupioni and shantung. Though very similar, there are differences between the two.

Dupioni is completely hand-woven. Its most distinctive feature is its two-color glimmering effect, which is a result of its unique creation. Harvested from double cocoons or from single cocoons that are interlocked together, dupioni generally has two colors in the weave. This property is known as iridescence.

Silk dupioni also has much more prominent slubs than shantung and is the thicker of the two materials. Dupioni has an almost rustic look to it in weave only, but the incredible sheen and vibrant colors that silk dupioni is known for render it suitable for resplendent, formal living spaces.

Silk shantung, on the other hand, is machine-made, featuring a single color. Its texture is also more refined with hardly any slubs, and those that it does have will be much smaller in thread width than a silk dupioni. In addition, while the silk shantung still has a fair amount of body and lovely crispness, it will usually be much thinner than the dupioni.

Regardless, both silk fabrics promise to give a royal touch to your decor in their own distinct way.


  • Silk reigns supreme in formal decors and spaces at home or in businesses. From dimly lit, cozy dining rooms to elegant reception rooms, silk is the perfect backdrop for traditional/classic interiors. Lean towards sensual tones of ‘Russian Violet’ and other deep purples in silk – a match made in heaven – for intimate settings such as a dining room. For business-oriented spaces, you can benefit from the elegant, somber feeling of muted hues such as ash.
  • If you have a modern aesthetic, we recommend the euro pinch pleats, an ideal design for silk curtains; a beautiful fusion of radiance and elegance. For a more reserved look, measure curtains that are flush with the ground, or lean into the dramatic flair of silk by going for a puddled look. Add between 6 to 16 inches to the length of your curtain, which will allow it to pool at the bottom and evoke the image of flowing, regal fabrics.
  • Silk deserves hardware that lives up to its grace and drama. We love ornate tie-backs and on-trend metallic poles to go with this resplendent fabric. For more subdued interiors, consider traditional wooden poles to match your furniture’s tone.

From pure dupioni and shantung silk to silk blends and faux silks, our custom silk drapery and our custom silk roman shades collection offers a color and texture for every budget and palette. It’s luxurious, glamorous, opulent—and now, affordable!

So go on, and bring home your royalty, your piece of peace!



Best Pink Bedroom Curtains to Suit Your Space

Proper rest is important for people of all ages. That’s why out of all of the rooms in your home, the bedroom should be the calmest. There are many ways to achieve a restful atmosphere in your bedroom including blackout curtains, but some of the most important things to focus on when putting together your ideal bedroom are your preferences for color and style as well as your ideal quality of light.


Finding the Best White Bedroom Curtains to Suit Your Style

When it comes to bedroom curtains, you can’t get much more elegant or more classic than white. No matter what your interior design layout might be, you can find the perfect white bedroom curtains to complement your space and make your bedroom feel as cozy and comfortable as it should.


Bedroom Curtain Ideas for Your Perfect Room

Photo by Pat Freling of Paint Strategies

As you’re designing a new bedroom layout or simply reevaluating your existing bedroom’s décor, it’s important not to underestimate the effect that curtains can have on your space. Whether your bedroom receives a great deal of natural light with expansive windows or only has a limited view of the outdoors, your bedroom curtains will interact directly with this light, profoundly affecting the look and feel of your space.


How to Choose the Right White Bathroom Curtains

The color and style of curtain you choose for a window will vary significantly based on where the window is located in a room, or which room it is in. For example, if you’re looking to elevate your bathroom décor with bright tiles, or like a crisp clean feel,  many homeowners opt for a classic white to keep the design scheme simple and clean.


Best Black and White Kitchen Curtains to Complete Your Space


Kitchen curtains are often some of the most eye-catching as kitchens tend to get a lot of natural light, and the color and material quality of your curtains will affect how you, your family members, and your guests experience that light. Plus, many homeowners like to use their kitchen curtains as an opportunity to include an eye-catching pattern or color in an otherwise simple and unassuming kitchen layout. If a flashy pop of color isn’t your style and you’d rather go for the classic, clean-cut look, black and white kitchen curtains are the perfect choice for you. 


Red Kitchen Curtains to Suit Any Interior Design

Curtains play a massive role in the look and feel of a room partially because the color and design of your curtains affect the quality of natural light in the room. The color, texture, and pattern of the curtains also matter; these can act as statement pieces within the larger interior design scheme.


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