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Bathroom Window Treatments: Top Options For Your ‘Me’ Space

Bathroom Window Treatments


Bathrooms are perhaps the most utility-oriented rooms of a house – the most maintained yet often also the least styled. But whether you consider them a purely functional space to conduct a daily ritual or a relatively more beloved “me space” – privacy here is key – thereby making bathroom window treatments one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your very own rejuvenating retreat. 

To this end, Spiffy Spools is at your disposal with tips to dress up bathroom windows, a wide range of curated collections, multiple dressing options, and suitable assistance from our expert stylists. 

Bathroom window treatments can range from functionally efficient cellular blinds to fancifully gliding puddled drapes. Your choice should factor in your functional priorities, aesthetic vision, decor style, and the features of your bathroom. It’s a tough row to hoe, therefore this blog aims to help you to master the balance between form and function while you shop here for your bathroom window treatments




Bathroom Window Sheer Curtains


Bathrooms are where you begin the day and end it, where you are ‘you’ without pretense or regret, where you escape with an uncluttered, unfettered mind, and where many an internal battle is won with a bubble and a splash! Working your personal spa to its nano details is, therefore, well worth the toil but easier said than done. 

Even as you are charged with a shopping spree, myriad questions can overwhelm you. Curtains or blinds or shades? Which material, which style, which color? You want a window treatment that nails the look, keeps the functionality, and proves easy for upkeep, so keeping an eye on a few key criteria is important. What are these key factors to bear in mind? Here goes…


Privacy guard vs light inflow: Unless your bathroom window is facing an uninhabited area or to a private room, privacy typically will be the key concern when selecting window treatments. But natural light and heat inflow are necessary to ensure hygiene. Striking the balance is the key requirement. Choose a window treatment that can let in ample light as well as maintain privacy when closed, and provide free passage of air and light when opened. 


Keeping mold at bay/ Ease of upkeep: The high levels of humidity in bathrooms makes them the most welcoming hosts to mold and mildew; wrong window treatments make the case worse. Hardwood shades and shutters – for example – don’t work well in bathrooms because the humidity and heat cause them to crack, warp and peel over time. Consider using materials that are least porous to ensure minimum water absorption, faster drying to avoid mold formation, and easier to wash – for example – man-made fibers for drapes, and faux wood in blinds. Apply the same logic when selecting the accessories and add-ons too.  


Distance of window from the wet area: If your wet area is sufficiently far from the window, the risk of exposing your window treatments to damp floors and humid air is minimized though not completely nullified. The farther, the better, the more leverage you have on the choice of material and style. Floor-length drapery, for example, may not be practical in a small bathroom, but in a large enough space – they are the perfect medium to bring softness to what can often be a sterile space. 


Blend with the style: Let your bathroom window treatments blend with the style reflected in the interiors. White rod-pocket sheers can fine-finish your Scandinavian bath, checked roman shades can do the job for a farmhouse look and cellular blinds should top your ultra-modern acrylic tub shower with impressive sophistication. Valances finished with ornate tassel trims pair up beautifully with a clawfoot tub to intensify the whimsy in a traditional shower room. Whatever the style, there is an alternative that blends with your decor effortlessly. 


Shrinkage/stretching of fabric: If you’re choosing fabrics, make sure to consider their dimensional stability. When in contact with water, fabrics can shrink or stretch. Since bathrooms are the epicenter of humidity in the home, this can cause the drape to outgrow the required length with sagging protrudes or contract distastefully. Man-made fibers like polyesters usually resist this phenomenon, dry faster, and therefore stand up to mold and mildew. Natural materials like lightweight cotton are also well-suited for larger spaces. We recommend avoiding thick, heavyweight fabrics as they tend to retain moisture longer and are therefore less immune to mildew build-up.




Bathroom Roman Shades


Having made note of the deciding factors, you may now want to know what the various options are for bathroom windows. Well, you will not run out of choices we assure you;  what you might face rather is a choice overload. We enlist them here to expose the whole array for you to choose from.




Bathroom window curtains



Curtains have a coziness that alone is enough for many clients to put drapes at top of their list. They can soften an area otherwise dominated by hard surfaces. Cafe curtains prove ideal in many bathrooms with their ability to block the view of half of the window while letting in air and light through the open area above. If your bathroom’s window is at a safe distance from the wet area, floor-length drapes have the potential to become the show stoppers in your sanctuary. The key factor to bear in mind when choosing drapery is the fabric weight and composition. Make sure you’re picking lightweight fabrics so they dry sooner, and don’t collect dust and moisture in folds. Man-made fibers can get all the boxes ticked to your relief and come with a variety of colors and designs to soothe your artistic leanings. 



Roman Shades


Bathroom Roman Shades


If you want to use fabric but want a less frilly and fussy option than curtains, a set of classic custom roman shades will answer your call. Its versatility to blend with any style of decor from traditional to modern makes it our bestseller.  You can make them outright simplistic or stylistically ornate by choice of fabric and the stitching style. In any case, their elegant, neat, tailored look can uplift the coziness and charm of your bathroom instantly. You can go for the flat folds for an architectural finish or for the European curved folds for a more casual and relaxed feel. To keep mildew in check, always go for less porous, light-weighted fabrics.






Bathroom Valance


Valances dress up the top portion of the window and are usually used to pair up with curtains but do an equally nice job if used as a stand-alone in bathrooms. They are perfect for spaces where privacy is not a key priority, or where windows are frosted for privacy but you need an excuse to bring in color and oomph. They can also top your cafe curtains to render extra coverage and do a fabulous job of prepping up your curtains with further finery if you so wish to adorn your “me space”.

What curtains, shades, and valances offer in essence is the hygge factor and the tremendous scope of creativity that comes with varied colors, patterns, textures, and styles – unparalleled by the non-fabric bathroom window treatments available thus far. However, a higher propensity to catch mold is the downside of fabric that you can tackle with regular washes and putting on the exhaust fan for a while after every shower.




Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds for Bathroom



Roller blinds, that can be rolled up on the top with a chord and chain mechanism, offer one sweeping frontage without any visual breaks. Available in a wide range of materials such as fabric, vinyl, and aluminum, blinds are easy to install and operate. They incorporate the sleekness and functionality of Roman shades but are relatively more modern. Choices available in terms of patterns and colors will be the widest with fabric roller shades. Vinyl blinds are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and therefore a relatively sound choice for small-sized bathrooms where ventilation conditions and humidity levels are often less friendly. 

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb Shades Bathroom


An ultra-modern take on bathroom window treatments would be cellulars with their sleek and stylish finish, perfect coverage for guaranteed privacy, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, and higher insulation. With generous spending, you can also avail of some smart features like motorized operation, cordless lifts, and top down/bottom up features.  The downside is that they do not befit a color-vibrant space. 


Faux Wood Blinds & Shutters


Faux wood blinds


While we do not recommend natural wood dressings in bathrooms given their tendency to warp and crack in humid conditions, faux wood blinds and shutters offer a practical alternative. Imbibing the elegance of real wood while resisting wear and warp from moisture, they can complete the rustic vibe of the wood-paneled floors in your retro showers. Their woven wooden counterparts, evoking the traditional Asian flair, allow for light to filter in through the narrow gaps in the weave even when fully rolled down. But for all our love for warm woody textures and elements, they are not for every decor style and choices are limited for a space that needs a pop of color or pattern.  




Bathroom Window Treatments


We hope that this read has enlightened you to square down upon a choice. Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to bathroom decor because, of the many things that it does, its ability to give you a good start and good finish for each day is enough to leave you wanting to do more. A well-styled bathroom can liven up your mood and relax your nerve, and aesthetic, functionally efficient bathroom window treatments are an important part of that plot.



Finding the Best White Bedroom Curtains to Suit Your Style

When it comes to bedroom curtains, you can’t get much more elegant or more classic than white. No matter what your interior design layout might be, you can find the perfect white bedroom curtains to complement your space and make your bedroom feel as cozy and comfortable as it should.


How to Choose the Right White Bathroom Curtains

The color and style of curtain you choose for a window will vary significantly based on where the window is located in a room, or which room it is in. For example, if you’re looking to elevate your bathroom décor with bright tiles, or like a crisp clean feel,  many homeowners opt for a classic white to keep the design scheme simple and clean. However, many variations on the classic white bathroom curtains might better suit some spaces over others.

So before you choose the perfect white bathroom curtains, it’s important to take a few things into account. See below to find out how to get the perfect white curtains for your bathroom

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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Consider the Privacy Factor 

For obvious reasons, bathrooms are some of the most private rooms in your home. Many homes are built with the privacy factor in mind so that any windows in the bathroom don’t typically connect openly with other rooms or the outside. However, not all homes are constructed with as much thought, and you might have an opening between your bathroom and your yard or hallway.

Blackout-Style White Bathroom Curtains for High Privacy

If you need to block a window with curtains due to a privacy issue, you may want to opt for blackout-style white bathroom curtains such as our ‘Shwet’ White Blackout Curtains. Despite the descriptor “blackout,” these curtains are a delicate shade of ivory, keeping your bathroom looking light and airy while effectively blocking a window view from potential passersby. 

Linen, Cotton, and Silk for Low Privacy  

If maintaining privacy isn’t an issue, you could basically take your pick between any of the common bathroom curtain fabrics, including linen, cotton, and silk. These curtains will provide a classy touch while also letting in as much natural light as possible due to their slightly sheer nature (linen is the sheerest of the three).

Match Your White Bathroom Curtains to Your Décor 

Though white tends to go with most décor styles, there are still ways to change things up with your curtains so that they become a fun centerpiece in the room rather than just an afterthought. This could include choosing white curtains with a pop of color in their pattern as a way to draw the eye and spice up your interior design.

There’s no better way to liven up your white bathroom décor than with our ‘Basma’ Floral Embroidery Curtains. The background on these white bathroom curtains will allow it to fit almost any interior design, while the colorful blooms and intricate leaves and vines will add an artistic flair to an otherwise plain bathroom.

If you like the idea of a pattern but want to keep all-white décor, another great option is our ‘White Pepper’ Custom Cotton Window Curtains. You’ll love the extremely subtle stitching pattern on these soft cotton curtains, as well as their bright, clean look. 

Make Sure Your Bathroom Curtains Won’t Be Damaged by Water

When it comes to bathroom curtains, your shower curtain is the fabric that will get the most water. Depending on the placement of your bathroom window, you may not have to worry about much water interaction. However, even if your bathroom window curtains aren’t near the shower, they’ll likely retain some moisture during showers.

The lighter the fabric, the easier it will dry on its own after exposure to water splashing or moisture in the air. That’s why we tend to recommend sheer fabrics like linen or even polyester on white bathroom curtains. Plus, these fabrics tend to let in the most natural light, which will make your bathroom feel much brighter and more spacious no matter its size.

Order White Bathroom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Everyone’s bathroom is different in size and dimension, and your taste in window treatment is completely your own. Do you prefer to custom design a white bathroom curtain that will complete your space perfectly? Spiffy Spools will help you each step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

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Best Black and White Kitchen Curtains to Complete Your Space

Kitchen curtains are often some of the most eye-catching as kitchens tend to get a lot of natural light, and the color and material quality of your curtains will affect how you, your family members, and your guests experience that light. Plus, many homeowners like to use their kitchen curtains as an opportunity to include an eye-catching pattern or color in an otherwise simple and unassuming kitchen layout. If a flashy pop of color isn’t your style and you’d rather go for the classic, clean-cut look, black and white kitchen curtains are the perfect choice for you. 

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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‘Fanciful Flight’ Nature Print Curtains

If you can appreciate the decorative potential of fun yet classic butterfly print, you’ll love our ‘Fanciful Flight’ Nature Print Curtains. The intricacy of butterfly wings mixes with the simple combination of black and creamy white shades to create an eye-catching and exciting yet classy and timeless pattern. This printed curtain is great for animal lovers and kitchens that already feature a distinctly colorful design, as the fun pattern sans bright colors can blend in well with any color scheme. 

‘Breton Stripes on Parade’ Geo Print Curtains 

To carry on with the theme of solid patterns, our ‘Breton Stripes on Parade’ Geo Print Curtains can be the perfect centerpiece of any kitchen design. With its intriguing geometric pattern and its delicate balance of faded black and ivory, this curtain works well with various interior design schemes. It can complement the simplest layout as well as the most intricate décor. Plus, this distinctly contemporary pattern can help bring a more modern feel to your kitchen if that’s the look you desire. 

‘Juodas’ Geometrical Patterned Window Curtains 

What if black and white kitchen curtains are exactly what your space is missing, but you’re not a fan of overly busy patterns? Since black and white kitchen curtains combine two colors, it’s difficult to avoid patterns entirely.

However, you can’t go wrong with a basic black and white stripe to fit in seamlessly with your décor, like our ‘Juodas’ Geometrical Patterned Window Curtains. The classic combination of black and cream can act as your kitchen’s eye-catching feature or simply add a small splash of excitement to any existing color scheme. 

‘Seashore Tidings’ Coastal Theme Curtains 

If your home is located near the beach or you simply want to feel like it is, our ‘Seashore Tidings’ Coastal Theme Curtains could be a fun choice to bring your kitchen together into a cohesive theme. Design themes help to make rooms feel more charming and inviting, and with the help of a few carefully placed knickknacks, paintings, or dish towels, your kitchen could sport a complete nautical theme without the need for flashy, over-the-top colors.

When it comes to keeping to a theme and enjoying a crisp, clean-looking kitchen, you indeed can have it all with a classic black-and-white combo! 

Custom Black and White Kitchen Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Are you interested in custom designing curtains for your kitchen but not sure where to start? Spiffy Spools makes it easy and will help you every step of the way. Reach out today to learn more or get started.

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Red Kitchen Curtains to Suit Any Interior Design



Curtains play a massive role in the look and feel of a room partially because the color and design of your curtains affect the quality of natural light in the room. The color, texture, and pattern of the curtains also matter; these can act as statement pieces within the larger interior design scheme.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where family members gather to cook and bake together and where guests sit for a beverage and some meaningful conversation. Many of the best memories happen in the kitchen, which is why the right décor is crucial so that family members and guests alike can fully enjoy and relish their time spent in the space.

Some homeowners are hesitant to decorate their kitchens in bold colors, but we firmly believe that red kitchen curtains can be an exciting addition to one of your family’s most treasured rooms. The sheer number of red shades, distinct patterns, and unique textures available make it possible for every homeowner to find the perfect red curtains to accentuate their kitchen’s best features. Let’s explore some of our favorite options for red kitchen curtains at Spiffy Spools. 

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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‘Velvet Dream’ Red Kitchen Curtains

If a bright, flashy red feels like too much for your kitchen, you may feel more comfortable with a deep red, like the shade found on our ‘Velvet Dream’ Modern Check Patterned Drapes. This dark color brings feelings of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia, and the pattern is reminiscent of cozy flannel, making your kitchen feel like you’re drinking coffee in a quaint cabin in the woods no matter where you live. 

‘Bold Brick’ Striped Window Drapes 

Similar to the deep red of the curtains mentioned above, our ‘Bold Brick’ Custom Striped Window Drapes feature a soothing brick red color cut through by light grey stripes to create an eye-catching pattern. These red kitchen curtains are available in a variety of hanging styles and remind us of a classic European café, bringing a sense of whimsy and charm to any kitchen. 

‘Coral Rose’ Patterned Red Kitchen Curtains

Red and white is a classic combination that somehow remains fresh and exciting, and nowhere is this better displayed than with our ‘Coral Rose’ Trellis Patterned Window Drapery. These red curtains with exciting, eye-catching patterns will make the perfect statement piece for a crisp white kitchen or even fit in perfectly with rustic wood countertops and furniture. 

‘Summer Anise’ Check Patterned Curtains 

There’s something so cozy and classic about a checked pattern curtain, and our ‘Summer Anise’ Check Patterned Curtains encapsulate this feeling perfectly. If bright red or even deep red is a little too eye-catching for your taste, you’ll love the subtle touch of faded reddish pink that makes these red kitchen curtains feel like a vintage find. Plus, their intentionally faded look will help them fit in with any color scheme while still providing a delicate sense of warmth and coziness. 

‘Lupien Bayberry’ Made-to-Order Custom Drapes 

There are many reasons why you might choose deeper or paler red kitchen curtains, but in some cases, a bright, unapologetic shade of red is the perfect choice to bring your décor together. 

Our ‘Lupien Bayberry’ Made-to-Order Custom Drapes are an excellent choice for the bold designer who wants that distinct splash of red over their kitchen window. You can style these curtains to create a classic 50s diner feel or simply add a pop of color to an otherwise subtle kitchen layout. 


‘Toco’ Dimout Floral Curtains/Drapes 

Floral curtains are a popular choice for many different types of rooms and spaces, and for good reason: they tend to go with pretty much everything! Our ‘Toco’ Dimout Floral Curtains/Drapes feature a delicate bouquet pattern with roses of different shades of red, surrounded by an ornate pattern in subtle gray that brings together the texture and makes these curtains a joy to look at. Plus, the natural shades allow this curtain to fit in with just about any kitchen design. 

Custom Order Red Kitchen Curtains with Spiffy Spools 

Ready to complete your kitchen’s décor with the perfect custom-designed red curtains? We’ll be with you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

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5 Stylish Options for Yellow Kitchen Curtains by Spiffy Spools

The kitchen is one of the most popular gathering places for any home, and if you’re an avid baker or chef, you likely spend a good deal of time there. Plus, the aesthetic of your kitchen will be one of the main takeaways for your guests. This is why it’s so important that the kitchen feels welcoming, cozy, and bright. If you are aiming for making your kitchen the heart of your home, yellow kitchen curtains are the perfect element to be incorporated into your space.

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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Yellow Kitchen Curtain Ideas

When it comes to the vibe of your kitchen, your curtains are one of the main deciding factors. Several features affect the appearance of your curtains, including color, fabric, texture, and hanging style. Still, color is often the first feature that a person who walks into the kitchen will notice.

If a feeling of lightness and warmth is a priority in your kitchen, yellow curtains may be the right choice for you. Let’s explore some of the best yellow curtains from Spiffy Spools and see how you can style them to fit your space perfectly. 


‘Zafaron’ Buffalo Check Yellow Kitchen Curtains 

If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen with a slightly vintage yet classic feel, our ‘Zafaron’ Buffalo Check Curtains are a great option. This familiar check curtains pattern will make you, your family, and your guests feel right at home. Plus, even when closed, these light cotton curtains will let in plenty of natural light so that your kitchen never feels dark or uninviting.

These yellow kitchen curtains strike a delicate balance between acting as a statement piece in your kitchen and blending into your greater design scheme. Depending on the overall décor of your kitchen, you could feature these curtains as the primary focus of the room or simply use them as a bright, colorful addition to your design. 

‘Lizette’ Watercolor Effect Yellow Kitchen Window Curtains 

The subtle difference between yellow and gold in a curtain can significantly affect the feeling of a room. However, in some cases, a gold curtain’s bright yet powerful vibe is exactly what you want. You should consider featuring our ‘Lizette’ Watercolor Effect Window Curtains in your kitchen area if you relate to this.

This curtain is sure to make a statement in your space despite its lack of obvious pattern. The closer you look, the more you’ll see the subtle watercolor effect on the fabric, bringing out varying tones of pale yellow and deep, dark gold. This style is best for modern, artistic kitchens that need a pop of color to bring the décor together.

‘Rambagh’ Modern Floral Drapery 

Want to feature the color yellow as more of a slight accent than the main attraction in your kitchen? If the subtle look is more your style, you might enjoy hanging our ‘Rambagh’ Modern Floral Drapery in your kitchen. These curtains feature a modern take on the classic floral curtains design with pale yellow blooms on intricate stalks.

The woven texture of the fabric helps to make these yellow kitchen curtains stand out from your kitchen walls, allowing them to serve as a subtle yet effective statement piece in your space. Plus, the small pop of yellow makes these curtains the perfect fit for any color scheme or interior design plan. 

‘Honey Blush’ Striped Curtains 

A classic striped curtain can add a touch of whimsy and lightness to any space, and the kitchen window is no exception. Our ‘Honey Blush’ Striped Curtains have a distinct vintage feel that can add a touch of classic beauty to even the most modern kitchen.

If a bright, sunny yellow isn’t your speed, and you’d prefer a more muted tone, these yellow kitchen curtains will satisfy your every desire. Plus, their textured stripe pattern is reminiscent of classic beach attire, which is perfect for a beach house kitchen (and also for the homeowner who wants to bring the beachy feel to them). 

Choosing the Right Style for Your Kitchen Curtains 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect color and pattern for your ideal kitchen curtains, it’s time to narrow down a hanging style. Depending on the size of your kitchen windows, you may need varying levels of movability for your curtains, which will significantly affect the style and overall feel of the room. Café curtains and balloon/check valance curtains suit small windows best, but these styles can also work for larger surface areas. 

Order Your Custom Spiffy Spools Curtain Today 

Browsing some of our favorite yellow kitchen curtains is a great way to gain inspiration for your space. However, Spiffy Spools can also help you to create custom curtains to complete your vision. Contact us to learn more or get started on the perfect custom curtains today.

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The Best Curtains for Your Teens Bedroom

Giving your teenager the opportunity to express themselves through their bedroom décor is a wonderful gift. As children grow into teenagers, they tend to opt for a more sophisticated style that showcases their personality and identity. In fact, kids today want a say in their bedroom décor and the bedroom has become akin to their own studio apartment, with a computer, television, bed, desk and more. 

To help your teenager hone in on their décor style, we have put together a list of teens’ bedroom curtains and styles that they can accompany. 

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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The Girlie Girl Teens Bedroom 

Pink Teens' Bedroom Curtains

If your teenage girl loves all things pink, gold and girlie but wants to add a touch of elegance to their room, there are plenty of options. Currently popular with this style are fairy lights, light colored decor, plush or furry accessories and art on the wall that displays high end fashion brands, ballerinas or hearts. 

The great thing about this bedroom is the use of curtains can be seen in two different places. 

First the bed. The bed often displays a sheer curtain, draped over a four poster or cascading from the head of the bed. Our ‘Alban White’ Curtains’ would work great in this style.

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The windows themselves need a beautiful, airy feel to compliment the room. For this we recommend sticking with a sheer curtain. Perhaps something that leans pink like our ‘Limosa’ Curtains. 

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The Sporty Teen’s Bedroom 

Sporty Teens Bedroom

Another popular style for many teenagers is a room devoted to sports. Perhaps their favorite sports team, their achievements in sports clubs or a general love of all things athletic. These rooms often display bright fun colors, alongside neutral tones. Depending on the type of sport, or team your teenager adores, the colors of your curtains could act as a key focal point to the room, allowing you to keep your walls white and bright, whilst adding pops of color. 


Basketball: Basketball courts display splashes of orange, from the lines on the floor, to the balls themselves. Take a look at our ‘Yamani Samarkhand Curtains.  or ‘Light Amber’ Curtains to complement this style.

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American Football: American football is often associated with green and blue. These bright green cotton curtains called ‘Yamani Masaimara Curtains. make for the perfect look, and these bright blue curtains called ‘Rapids’ curtains look great too. 

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Baseball: The red and white balls in baseball are the perfect colors to nod to with this theme. Take a look at these red and white drapes to inspire some ideas: Terracotta falls Roman Shades and Cherries Jubilee Curtains

Two toime teens' bedroom curtains

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For more bright color options, check out the Shop link above, and view colors under the Curtain category. 


The Teenage Artists Bedroom 

Artsy Teens' Bedroom Curtains

Is your teenager into all things art? Are their rooms filled with craft supplies or maybe an easel or workbooks? Then an artsy bedroom might appeal to your teen. The teenage artists’ bedrooms are often plastered with their own art work, or inspiration, on every shelf and wall. This can make curtain choices an overlooked idea to pull the room together. 

Spiffy Spools offers an array of patterned curtains that can make any artist’s room look cohesive. Or even styles that appear almost hand painted such as ‘Athenian Morning’ Curtains. or ‘Cloudless’ Curtains.


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The Alternative Teens Bedroom 

Gothic tenns bedroom curtains

The alternative teenage style has been around for a long time, and will likely remain for many years still. The alternative style may be for the gothic style teenager, or those into rock music. This style is often darker, and many teens will request an all black room. But if you want to steer away from painting your walls all black, and donning thick blackout curtains to match, there are some more ideas to consider. 

For instance, rich, dark purple or red accents can really make a room like this appear elevated. And you can even go a step further, incorporating texture into your curtains to nod to that classic gothic theme, such as our textured ‘Maruna’ curtains, silky ‘Autumn Russet’ Curtains. or velvet ‘Rare Wine’ Curtains.

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Other Teenage Curtain Options

For the Teen who can’t sleep: Regardless of your teens style, if your teenager has trouble sleeping at night to be prepared for school the next day, consider a blackout curtain. Light can trick the mind into thinking it isn’t time to sleep, and this curtain will ensure your teenager’s room stays as dark as possible. 

Neutral tones: Perhaps your teenager has a unique sense of style, and other areas of the room showcase it perfectly. For this room you’ll want to choose a neutral curtain or drape to allow the focal point to shine. Our popular ‘Leh Almost White’ Curtains are perfect for this use. 

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Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope these teens’ bedroom curtains ideas from spiffy spools gave you enough inspiration to style your teens room just the way they want it. Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications, fabric, dimensions, and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options that will brighten up your space. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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The Best Curtains for Your Bedroom

best curtains for bedroom custom

At Spiffy Spools, we are the first choice for curtains and drapes in every room in your home, and we know there is no more important room than the one you sleep in to optimize your daily life: the bedroom. 


The Best Velvet Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Custom Drapery For Window Treatment

Every room in your house is different, and every window in your house deserves its own special treatment. Here at Spiffy Spools, we have worked tirelessly to provide you with as many options and styles for curtains and drapes as you need to express yourself and fulfill your creative vision. No matter what sort of atmosphere you wish to create, we have the perfect curtains and drapes to help. Our line of velvet curtains are made of premium fabrics, expertly crafted to liven up any room and impress any guest. Today, we will showcase some of the best velvet curtains in our collection to help you make the right choice of drapery for your home.

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Are Velvet Curtains Right for You?

Velvet curtains have had a renaissance in recent years as more designers and homeowners have come to recognize the unique comfort and style they offer. Since velvet is a generally thick fabric with considerable weight, velvet curtains have come to represent luxury and comfort and are used in decorating to create an atmosphere of hearty warmth. If there is one inconvenience when dealing with velvet, it is that the fabric requires somewhat special care to avoid ruining its look and feel; however, many swear by a simple dust brush and spot cleaning with mild detergent to solve all their velvet needs.

Velvet is perfect for blocking out excess sunlight and insulating windowpanes, so while a sunroom may not be the ideal choice for hanging velvet drapes, they work well in almost any other room in your home where light control and blocking is a necessity. Many homeowners choose to install velvet curtains in their bedrooms and living rooms to create a sense of grandeur and sophistication, while enjoying their overall affordability. In sum, velvet curtains serve a unique purpose, one for which there is no better option! Now, we will show you our fantastic styles and designs for velvet curtains so you can pick the one that is right for you.

Purple Velvet Extra Long Custom Drapes

Gypsy Plum

With beautifully soft piles and a gorgeous plum hue, the ‘Gypsy Plum’ style is the perfect window dressing for creating an upscale atmosphere without breaking your budget. This selection from our Neon collection utilizes a polyester fabric sporting a shimmer and sheen that is sure to delight.

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Black Velvet Custom Drapes

Very Noir

For a truly luxurious look and feel, our ‘Very Noir’ velvet curtains are a stunning black hue with a wondrous sheen that is sure to impress and astound. Consider incorporating this polyester fabric from our Neon collection in studies, sitting rooms, and bedrooms.

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Green Extra Wide Custom Curtains

Smoky Olive

For a sense of ease and comfort, the ‘Smoky Olive’ style offers the perfect mixture of serenity and splendor. This beautiful polyester fabric is a glorious olive green that inspires thoughts of jade, emerald, and verdant satin. Another excellent selection from our Neon collection, this style is an excellent option to combine with natural tones and hues for a truly harmonious collage.

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Floral Custom Roman Shades

Sea Spray

Using a sophisticated blend of spun viscose, polyester, and cotton, we have created a magnificent jacquard fabric sporting a beige-brown vintage floral pattern seated on top of a stellar midnight blue hue. Layered on top are floral motifs in a geometric pattern creating an intricate and cultured effect.

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Floral Printed Custom Drapes & Roman Shades

Red Royale

For a truly kingly look, our ‘Red Royale’ Bespoke drapes are perfect! Adorn your personal kingdom with a brilliant deep red fabric covered in biscotti beige and umber brown florals and geometric patterns that create a unique and compelling diamond configuration.

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Floral Printed Custom Drapes For Living Room

Elegant Lace

Treat yourself to this truly stylish selection! Our ‘Elegant Lace’ curtains feature a rich jacquard fabric covered in a classic beige and brown floral pattern that blooms across the fabric and dazzles the eye. Choose this style if you want to create a formal effect.

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Floral Printed Custom Drapes For Bedroom


A vintage, yet appealing, style that invites reminiscence, our ‘Pesaro’ style is a beautiful selection. Using a blend of viscose and cotton, our Prussian blue base fabric is embedded with multicolored floral prints that incorporate pink flowers and verdant leaves, offset by the underlying velvet sheen.

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Velvet Custom Curtains For Nursery

Soft Apricot

For an unforgettable, classic vibe, the ‘Soft Apricot’ style is simply unparalleled. Recall the feelings of plush blankets and roses with this beautiful polyester soft pink fabric, perfect for a feminine touch in bedrooms and studies.

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Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope the best velvet curtains from Spiffy Spools gave you inspiration on the perfect style for your space! If you’re ready to freshen up a room with one of these great looks, Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications, dimensions, and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options that will brighten up your space. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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The Best Linen Curtains from Spiffy Spools

White Drapes for Drawing Room

Here at Spiffy Spools, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, stylish, and affordable curtains for every window in their home, along with the accessories to match. No matter what your preference is, we are sure to have a particular style, fabric, and design that will inspire your creativity and improve your home’s look.

One of our most popular fabric choices is linen! No matter the style you prefer, we are bound to carry linen curtains that you will love. Here are some of the best linen curtains for your kitchen, dining room, living room, sun room, or any other room in your home!

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Why Linen Curtains?

Linen curtains are a classic look, and for good reason. Not only do they look amazing in almost any context, providing a rich texture that appeals to the touch and to the eye, they are generally superior to other fabrics like silk in trapping in heat during the winter. Unlike curtains made from certain other fabrics, linen curtains are also easy to maintain over time and will maintain their look and feel after successive cleanings.

Linen is generally sturdy, stylish, and available in a variety of designs that can work well in many different settings. They also work very well when paired up with sheer or semi-sheer curtains to create a layered effect—and many of our linen curtain designs sport a semi-sheer style themselves. In short, linen fabric curtains are a great and affordable choice for window dressing that are able to stand the test of time. With that said, here are some of our best linen curtain designs!

‘Leh Almost White’ Custom Sheer Linen Curtains

The ‘Leh Almost White’ is a flagship choice. This simple sheer white linen design can work in almost any context and does particularly well in sunrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and as dressing for sliding glass doors. The ‘Leh Almost White’ is a particularly classic design that never goes out of style, and pairs beautifully with darker tones as an underlayer.

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‘Cayoosh Playful’ Custom Sheer Linen Window Curtains

Another take on the ‘Cayoosh’ style, the ‘Cayoosh Playful’ also utilizes a Scandinavian style of geometric print that lives up to its name. The fun pattern of blues and whites cascade across the fabric in a joyful manner, and the sheer linen gauze fabric makes this style suitable for sun rooms and anywhere else where natural light fills the home.

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Beige Sheer Rod Pocket Curtains

‘Wagon Wheel’ Sheer Embroidered Linen Drapery

The ‘Wagon Wheel’ design is subtle without sacrificing style and beauty. Using a natural beige base, tiny white floral designs are embroidered into the fabric to create a simple and calming design. These curtains are made of semi-sheer fabric to help control the amount of natural light in your house, and work particularly well in bedrooms and sun rooms that are designed around neutral tones.

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‘Shiny Penny’ Floral Embroidered Drapes

The ‘Shinny Penny’ drapes embody a contemporary take on florals and hope to inspire joy and laughter with their cute, flirty aesthetic. Using a natural white base, the fabric is then embroidered with effusions of gray florals all over. These floral drapes are composed of linen, cotton, and polyester, and are slightly semi-sheer to help diffuse sunlight throughout your interiors.

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Affordable Custom Drapery

‘Koyum’ Poly-Linen Custom Drapery

The ‘Koyum’ style is a reserved choice for creating an understated, yet refined atmosphere in almost any room in your home. These brown curtains are made of a poly-linen blend that resembles high quality tweed, using both cedar and umber brown to create a rustic, masculine design that would work well in a traditional study or office.

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Printed Sheer Custom Drapes For Nursery

‘Cayoosh Wise’ Customer Sheer Linen Curtains

Another sheer design, the ‘Cayoosh Wise’ sports a beautiful red-on-white geometric print in a Scandinavian style. These printed curtains are made of linen gauze to create a sheer effect, and their design helps create a sense of verticality that can add visual height to any window setting.

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Beige Linen Custom Window Blinds

‘Gleam’ Linen-Cotton Blend Custom Drapery

The ‘Gleam’ style is one of headliners, and once you see them in person you will know why. These curtains are part of our Elements collections, composed of a blend of linen and cotton, and work wonderfully on their own or when paired with lighter tones. Our ‘Gleam’ style utilizes a medium weight fabric that feels strong without being too bulky, and will drape beautifully almost anywhere you decide to hang your drapes.

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More Great Curtains & Drapes

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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The Best White Curtains from Spiffy Spools

When deciding how to design your home’s living and entertaining spaces, the right style and color curtains can be the key design element creating your desired effect or squandering it. No matter what kind of effect you may be trying to create in your home, using a set of white curtains in your design can almost always work and often they can be instrumental in creating a warm, inviting, yet relaxed environment. White curtains are a perfect choice in many different situations and rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and sunrooms, and give the impression of luxury without seeming ostentatious. Today we will showcase some of our best white curtains and drapes styles and designs, so you can make the right choice of drapery for every room and window in your home.

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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Are White Curtains the Right Choice for Your Aesthetic?

The key advantage of buying white curtains is that they generally work with a large variety of room styles and designs and can be easily paired with other drapery to create stunning layered effects. A simple sheer white curtain acts as the perfect base layer to match with almost any other style or design yet can also stand out on its own in the right circumstances. Rooms with simple hardwood or tile often look their best when sporting basic white curtains, and some rooms only really work with white drapery, particularly sunrooms.

There is really no way to tell whether your next renovation or redesign should incorporate white drapery or some other option, but it is generally a safe bet that white curtains will work in all but the most adventurous designs. Consider using these styles in common spaces, tiled kitchens and bathrooms, enclosed patios and garden rooms, bedrooms, and verandas.

Sheer White Curtains

‘Leh’ Almost White Sheer Linen Curtains

The ‘Leh’ is Spiffy Spools’ sheer white linen option, and it is designed to reflect beauty and simplicity with its minimalist design and aesthetic. This curtain is 100% linen and sports a classic ivory tone and is a sheer fabric that will allow just the right amount of light into your home. These curtains are great anywhere but work best in breezy kitchens and living rooms with tall windows.

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White Sheer Curtains

‘Heavrth’ Linen Rich Custom Size White

While it may be a mouthful to say, the ‘Heavrth’ style is one of the premier options for white drapery from Spiffy Spools. This style utilizes a blend of polyester and linen and is perfect on its own or matching another color block style linen. The fabric is a medium weight that can stand by itself without seeming dainty or insufficient.

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Blackout White Curtains

‘Shwet’ White Blackout Curtains

Looking for stark simplicity that adds a Zen-like quality to your room? This is the blackout fabric for your windows. Its pristine white color is cooling and soothing. While incoming natural light is effectively blocked, your space never feels cramped or claustrophobic. Ideal window treatment for hot summers.

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‘Chalk White’ Silk Blend Custom Curtains

Sporting a beautiful texture and color, the ‘Chalk White’ style is a marvelous mixture of various fabrics. Made with silk, linen, and viscose, these curtains and drapes have an understated luster that will brighten any room. The slight sheen of the fabric will catch the eye of careful observers, providing the perfect amount of attention-grabbing flair.

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Floral white curtains

‘Auray’ Floral Embroidered Curtains

Just because you need white curtains does not mean you are stuck with simplistic designs and single-tone fabrics. The ‘Auray’ style uses a special blend of cotton, polyester, and viscose to create a glorious white base on top of which floral patterns are embroidered in lovely blues and browns. These floral curtains are perfect for a sunroom or enclosed patio space, anywhere nature and comfort may meet.

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Damask White Curtains

‘Auga’ Custom Length Curtains

The ‘Auga’ style is a classic use of a jacquard motif in a light beige on top of a traditional off-white base. The textured look and feel of the curtains imply elegance without overstatement. These curtains feature a blend of polyester and cotton, presenting a botanical motif in a raised pattern that feels both timeless and contemporary.

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‘Oymak’ Geometric Patterned Curtains

The ‘Oymak’ style actually uses a pale gray base fabric but is imbued with detailed white embroidering that creates a fun geometric pattern outlined in a pleasant beige. These curtains mix cotton and polyester and feature a semi-sheer effect, sporting angular patterns utilizing straight lines and triangles throughout the design.

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‘Piana’ White Embroidered Drapes

The ‘Piana’ style uses a base white fabric with geometric embroidering in a variety of colors. These curtains use a blend of polyester and cotton create a look and feel that is one of a kind, with slight tasseling in the embroidering providing visual texture in shades of blue and green. The patterning uses a healthy amount of space to create a more reserved effect rather than overloading the fabric.

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Order Custom Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We hope the best white curtains from spiffy spools gave you inspiration on the perfect style for your space! If you’re ready to freshen up a room with one of these great looks, Spiffy Spools makes it easy to create custom curtains to your exact specifications, dimensions, and style. Explore our site to find the perfect options that will brighten up your space. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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The Best Sheer Curtains Money Can Buy

Living room Sheer Curtains

When you are designing your interior spaces, curtains and drapes should always be a top priority. The right curtains can establish a room’s atmosphere, and among the many key curtain styles, sheer curtains are a perfect way to set the tone throughout your home. Sheer curtains are an excellent choice for many kinds of windows and rooms and can be paired beautifully with other drapes to create impressive and dramatic window presentations. Today, we will show you some of the best sheer curtains money can buy to look best in your home!


How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Decorating a Studio Apartment

Congratulations, you finally have an apartment you can call your own! You may have spent the last few years living with roommates or this might be your first time living on your own after leaving your childhood home, but either way you are now in full control of your living space and can design it however you want. The possibilities are endless! Well, almost endless. A studio apartment can feel like a mansion if you have never had a place to yourself, but it will quickly become a cluttered and uncomfortable mess if you fail to carefully design and decorate your new space. For studio apartments, the key factor in your design and decoration process should be maximizing the use of the space around you, and today we will run through some tips that you can use to decorate your studio apartment.


How to Decorate a Sunroom

If you are a homeowner and looking to bring the natural warmth and beauty of sunlight into your home, then you absolutely require a sunroom. Built to take advantage of natural light and provide a space for warmth, lounging, and serenity, a sunroom can be a beautiful addition to any home. Whether you have a small or large space to convert, if you are looking for inspiration in designing and decorating your sunroom, then we are here to help. Today, we will offer a few designs and decorating ideas for you as you begin to consider how to decorate a sunroom.

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 3,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can match them perfectly to your home.

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Understand the Space and Its Purpose

Deciding your room’s specific purpose is a critical step for all interior designing and decorating. If you have a smaller sunroom, you may be envisioning a tiny reading or breakfast nook or sitting room for morning coffees and teas. A larger space may be better suited as an entertaining venue, centered around open spaces for mingling and sitting areas for lounging. Whatever the purpose of your space may be, deciding quickly will help you better design and decorate your space.


Pick the Right Color Palette

Decorate a sunroom with white curtains

While almost any color can be a winner in the right combination, sunrooms typically are well-served by neutral colors and shades that allows the sunlight to dominate the visual space and set the mood. Whites, light browns, and natural tones should be dominant in your sunroom’s design.

A lighter shade coupled with a skylight or elevated windows will naturally illuminate the space and create visual depth. Consider our ‘Heavrth’ Linen curtains the perfect touch to making even a relatively small space seem larger than life.

If you wish to use a bolder color to offset a more neutral composition, consider using the bolder tone on the window trim and door frames. Simple white walls can instantly pop with bright blue trim, for example.


Create a Verdant Space

One of the most popular options for sunrooms is to fill a small space with plants and greenery to create a beautiful indoor garden. From ferns and shrubs to elephant ears and cactuses, you can easily create a visual smorgasbord of foliage that will thrive in the sunlight and warmth while improving the atmosphere of the sunroom. Consider hanging certain plants around the space for visual punctuation but avoid overcrowding your window space and thereby making poor use of your sunroom’s most important asset, natural light.


Have an Ambitious Furniture Centerpiece

Having a centerpiece in your sunroom can help create visual meaning for your sunroom. More traditional options include dining tables and seating arrangements with couches and chairs, while more adventurous options can include hammocks, swings, and other suspended pieces of furniture. Finding vintage material to work with can help create a familiar and inviting space and using a variety of different styles and colors for your accents can reinforce the warm and welcoming nature of the sunroom. 

Conversely, a cleaner and more minimalist design philosophy will create a more elegant atmosphere in your space. For this look, consider keeping the same color scheme for your furniture, stick to lighter tones and pieces with more modern and contemporary styles.


Make Use of Floorspace and Furniture Fabrics

If you wish to provide the right splash of color in your space, consider using a large area rug and decorative pillows with matching colors to establish the look and feel of the sunroom. For even better visual clarity, make sure that your pillows, table covers, cushion covers, curtains and roman shades are color coordinated.


Pick the Right Windows

If you have control over the style of your windows, then make sure to pick a style that works with your vision for the space. Popular choices can include bay windows with recessed seating areas in the windows themselves, French windows to create a sophisticated yet domestic look, or the simple floor-to-ceiling glass panes for a more chic, upscale vibe.


Find the Right Shades

Decorate a sunroom with White Sheer Curtains

While you may choose to go without window shades or curtains in your sunroom, if you live in an area with intense direct sunlight, they may become a necessity to keep your sunroom from becoming unbearably hot during the summer. There are many elegant options to help keep your sunroom protected from overbearing heat.

Consider using beautiful linen curtains or even sheer curtains in your sunroom. Both sheer and linen curtain designs will help keep direct sunlight off your guests while still allowing the natural light to penetrate the material enough to illuminate the space. Alternatively, you may want to take advantage of linen or sheer roman shades to achieve the same effect with a sleeker profile.


Order Custom Curtain from Spiffy Spools

We hope you enjoyed these sunroom ideas for 2021! If you’re ready to shop, order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today. We make it easy to create custom window treatments that fit your exact specifications and design style for your sunroom. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your bathroom, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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How to Clean Decorative Pillows

Clean Decorative Pillows

If you have a wonderful array of decorative and throw pillows lining your bed, couches, and other furniture throughout your home, you might be worried about keeping them spotless. No problem. We’ll help you demystify the cleaning process so you can make sure your decorative fabrics are as vibrant, colorful, and clean as the day you bought them. Here’s how to clean decorative pillows! (more…)

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