Custom Purple Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Purple is a color with a rich history and deep associations with royalty, spiritual fullness and luxury. By no means a quiet color, purple is the perfect hue to make a strong statement in any room where it features. No surprise, the more adventurous of our clients often themselves browsing and coveting this rich collection of purple curtains. 

Dress your Windows with Purple Curtains

Purple is intense, but versatile nonetheless. Rich, deep shades of purple can help create a feeling of opulence and luxury. On the other hand, subtler purples lean more toward a sense of deep thoughtfulness and intimacy. Purple drapes are well suited to bedrooms, offices, studies, and other private places, but they can also serve as the highlight of shared spaces. Let our stylists take you through some interesting styling tips to help you make the most of your purple curtains.

Pair with Black & White

Purple is a natural pair with black and white as a ‘pop’ complement to a neutral palette. When you put up purple curtains in a white room, the brightness of the white serves to balance the power of purple, and enhances the contrast between your curtains and other elements of home decor. On the other hand, black can complement purple’s soulful, spiritual connotations by fostering a more quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

Make it Dramatic

If you’re looking for something bolder, pair this rich hue with yellow, green, or orange to get your share of high drama. Purple likes to be the star of the night on its own and it doesn’t need any color out there to give it that lift. However, combining purple with these rich hues only enhances its visual appeal, while creating an ambiance of energy, enthusiasm, and happiness.

Go Traditional

Combine the refinement of classic ornate motifs like damask and paisley with the royalty-imbued purple and watch the room take on a sensuous classy appeal. Get this seductive drapery stitched in triple French pinch pleats and long enough to puddle on the floor. Complete the look with a jumbo tassel tie-back If your home is designed with traditional leanings, this is a no-fail recipe for a room embellished with fine details.

Mix & Match

Mix solids and patterns to accentuate the appeal of both in a sensually pleasing manner. Make use of the color block option to customize your drapes. Add an element of visual interest by color-blocking patterned drapes with solid bands or vice versa. At broad doorways, use multiple panels with a set of patterned drapes featuring purple accents and another set of solid purple drapes.


Ensure a customized look for your purple drapes by adding dainty details like tassels, pompoms, and gimp braids. Not only do they spell elegance on elegance, but they also help to air the theme of the room. If you have chosen solid fabrics, trims can help you to two-tone them in a sophisticated manner. Choose pastel purple drapes and accessorize them with multi-colored pompom trims for your kids’ room. Or choose plum-purple geometric patterned drapes and trim them with magenta grosgrain ribbons for a classical look.

Inspiration Corner

Bring a homey vibe with Lavanta:  This buffalo plaid curtain in a bright lavender-white combination brings a classic yet homey vibe to your living room while keeping the room bright with its cheerful color palette.

Sleep well with Vamizi: This dimout fabric in sophisticated grey and purple chevrons helps to cut off light and sound effectively, and therefore, is perfect for bedrooms and nurseries.

Dress up with Lilac Bouquet: Big oversized windows or glass doorways can profit much from this lilac drapery featuring baroque trellis motif in white accents. Layer them with white sheers to make them more magical and to ensure privacy during the day.

Spell the mood with Yamini Tembe: Foster a serious mood in your private study and office with these cotton textured drapes in grape-purple hue. Paint the walls in the periwinkle shade and add accent features in white and pale wood to balance the feel.

Keep it airy with Berry Mist: White sheer drapes with tiny purple embroidered flowers are just the way to bring fresh light and air to your rooms in style. Keep them at the ceiling to floor length at your patios to enjoy the serenity it brings effortlessly.


With opulent silks and velvets and cozy cottons and linens, our range of purple fabric choices leaves you with options aplenty for both casual and formal spaces. With over a dozen drapery heading styles available from the classic pinch pleats to the modern flat panels, your custom drapery will by no means fail to be a showstopper.

So go on, bring regality, sensuousness, and a sense of mystery to your home with purple drapes. Browse over 3000 of our drapery fabrics in a range of patterns, weaves, prints, solids, and textures, and refurnish your windows with luxury and style!