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Rock the Coastal Look with Beach Curtains for Bedroom Windows

Have you embraced the coastal design trend? You aren’t alone! So many people are attracted to this light, breezy look. So how do you create this look as a DIY home decorator? Start with your window treatments and we think the best place to begin experimenting with this look is your bedroom


Beach curtains for bedroom windows can transform that space into a true oasis. Here are some great tips to help you get started.

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What Are Beach Curtains for Bedroom Windows?

The definition of beach curtains for bedroom windows is a bit subjective. There isn’t a specific fabric, design, or pattern that makes something “beach” or “coastal”. Instead, it’s helpful to think of coastal design as an approach to interior decorating that embraces the colors and textures you would experience on the beach.

There’s also nautical design. This is a related design philosophy that incorporates colors and elements that are reminiscent of the ocean, sailing, and seafaring. While you can combine these two “schools” of design to create the look you want, it isn’t necessary.


Keep It Natural

Your coastal-themed bedroom should reflect the colors and textures you would see on the beach. Look for curtains in hues such as light sandy brown, sky blue, coral pink, seafoam green, and bright white

You can also go for a more tropical flare with florals, deep orange, fuschia, or turquoise. Finally, red, white, and blue aren’t just patriotic colors. They are a common theme in New England coastal decor.

Textures are a key element, as well. Use fabrics that are as natural as possible. Think cottons and linens. Try this Cold Light textured cloth for curtains that create a beautiful beachside look.



Beach Curtains for Bedroom Windows Let in Light

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a condo with coastal look that favors California casual, the tropics of Borneo, or the breezy beach houses of the Carolina coast. They all have one thing in common: If you want a coastal look, you have to choose beach curtains for bedroom windows that let in as much light as possible. 

There are several things you can do to maximize the light you allow into your bedroom. Choose some of the following options:

If privacy needs prevent you from adopting these solutions, choose pastels and whites to create a luminescent look and feel.


Embrace Minimalism

If you look at coastal bedrooms, you’ll notice plenty of open spaces and roominess. If you think about it, that makes sense. Imagine a summer beach retreat. The dream home in your mind probably wouldn’t be stuffed full of furnishings and knick-knacks. Instead, you’d see sparse furnishings, maybe a table for casual dining, and a few decorative items. 

Keep this in mind when you choose your curtains. Avoid heavy fabrics, ornate trim, and too many layers. Use simple curtain rods. If you want to add a decorative element, consider this simple ribbon trim.


Add Fun Elements with Restraint

If you are hoping to create a fun, funky beach house vibe, we have great news! You can absolutely include fun, themed elements in your window treatment. This is a particularly helpful idea for kids’ bedrooms. 

So go ahead and hang some cool curtains with fun prints, add some beach-themed decorative items, or show off bed coverings with seashells and mermaids. You should have fun decorating any space, especially your bedroom.

Think about balance. For example, if you choose an eye-popping pattern for your bed, go with something a bit more understated for your curtains. These two-tone ombre grey shades add a nice neutral element if you use bright colors and patterns elsewhere.


Spotlight On: First Edition

White And Teal Green Shade Curtains For Bedroom

If you’re avoiding grays while trying to include the contemporary feel of an all-white scheme while also experimenting with injecting a pop of color, First Edition will see you there. A perfect embodiment of the ombre effect, this fabric features gradual shades of white moving into the most delightful shade of turquoise blue that screams sea and beach vibes. This stunner is its own ombre rainbow that will make your window treatments the indisputable stars of the show.



Create a Casual Look

The best beachy look for your bedroom will be intentionally casual. On one hand, you want to take care to select fabrics and colors for your window treatment, bedding, and rugs that create the perfect look. On the other hand, you want to avoid a look that is too put together or “matchy-matchy.”

Fortunately, that’s exactly why this is such fun decor if you love to DIY. You don’t need a perfectly matched bedroom set. You don’t even need to use the same curtains on every window. If your bedroom looks as if it was decorated with items you’ve collected at beachfront shops and boutiques, you’ve got the coastal look mastered!

Create a Coastal Look with Beach Curtains from Spiffy Spools

We have everything you need to dress your bedroom windows and create a beautiful coastal bedroom. Take a look at our collection – you’re sure to find something you’ll fall in love with.

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