Custom Brown Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Are you in love with brown? Ah, not surprised at how this earthy hue gets so many fans! 

Brown is one of the most common colors in nature, from the tree barks to the humble earth that they spring from. When the snow clears each year, beautiful fields of wildflowers start out as barren, brown earth. In the warm nostalgia of fall, the green leaves of trees fall away and introduce a cornucopia of oranges, yellows, and browns. These humble, naturalist connotations give a deep, understated power that you can incorporate into your interiors with brown roman shades.

From warm ecru to burnt umber, our huge range of browns can never fail to satisfy your particular taste and preference. But have a good read before browsing our collections to gather design inspiration.


Designing your home with earthy tones is particularly appealing to nature lovers. Those who have employed wood in abundance in their interiors should find our brown roman shades an easy choice to make. Read on to know how you can incorporate brown roman shades cohesively into your home decor.

Green: the picture-perfect partner: Brown, being a neutral color, serves the purpose of accentuating other elements of your interior. It’s the perfect complement to the natural green of blooming plants, so anyone with a green thumb should consider brown window blinds. Buy roman shades with green-brown patterns to bring the feel of an enchanted forest into the house. Take inspiration from our Green Grape shades in brown & apple green stripes, and Vale of Tempe featuring an elegant ikat motif. A perfect flowing representation of the sky, trees, and earth is found in Glass Green’s three-toned ombre fabric. Or pair solid brown shades in Afrom or Oliva Oscuro or the like with solid green drapes

Quieter substitute for black: Warm, white-oriented interiors typically use a splash of other colors to contrast and highlight the bright feeling of the room. While black or a rich, vibrant color such as red often takes this role, brown roman blinds can fulfill it perfectly. While black is an insanely rich and sophisticated hue, it may not suit every kind of decor or everyone’s personal preference. Here, dark shades of brown like taupe or chocolate brown can substitute with ease and equal effect. See our Senorita Chestnut and believe how deep brown can be and how effortlessly it can take the place of black.

Recall the wistful autumn: The natural modesty of brown also means that it pairs well with bright colors. Yellow, red, and orange interiors create a hot, fiery atmosphere on their own, but brown shades have a powerful ability to balance and recontextualize them. Suddenly, the heat of summer feels more like the nostalgic memories of autumn. Yamini Suhum from our cotton collections brings the fall colors to your window in bold stripes and Ma-chis adds further energy to the warm colors by giving movement in a bold Aztecan-styled chevron.

Pair with super neutrals: Combine the seductively serene creams and whites with the browns to watch the decor take on potent chemistry. Bringing the taste of cream caramel to the imagination, this celebrated color pairing is a brilliant base palette for home decor since all are neutral hues. Check out Burnt Bark, April Sunshine, or Woodfords that can convince you of this. White is a popular pair with brown which draws a striking contrast but in the cooler tone zones. Cream, on the other hand, bearing yellow undertones, with the slightest of twists recalls a warm palette. Carnac and Argia in the brown-white-ivory combos are great fabric choices for a brown-led color palette.

Style with forethought: Spiffy Spools’ roman shades come in three styles. For those who prefer a tailored architectural look, we suggest flat folds. If you have fallen in love with one of the bold-patterned fabrics such as Ryegrass, opt for the back-slatted shades which will give a continuous surface without breaks. But if you like a dainty-patterned fabric like Voda, the hemlines of the slats may not be of eventful consequence. If one of the plains has lured your eyes like our irresistible Baked Biscuit then go for the front-slatted shades whose hemlines offer a pattern to the patternless fabric.


Gold Mist at your window: Bring a delightful pattern to your windows by opting for this adorably embroidered fabric with brown flowers on a white backdrop.

Bold floral Messina: Charming florals tastefully moving out of the usually color-driven palette and embracing mild browns is a visual delight and will suit a modern design without an ounce of doubt.

Minimal contrast Husky Fizz: If you want brown to shed an understated elegance and a cozy vibe, embrace schemes with minimal contrasts such as this brown-beige plaid fabric.

We hope we have given you more confidence to bring your favorite shade of brown to your window treatments. Brown is a versatile color that can make many of your interiors seem more beautiful than ever. Add a touch of this earthy color to your home with a Spiffy Spools custom-made set of roman shades. Shop now!