Custom Paisley Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

While a paisley print may remind you of the Peace Movement and the Summer of Love, the story of this symbol goes back much further. Historians have identified its roots in the humanist, life-affirming philosophy and religion of Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia.

Those who created the distinctive symbol knew it as the ‘buta’ and saw it as a representation of our finite lives and infinite eternity, of strength as well as modest humility. It became a symbol of royalty and intellect as the centuries went by, and wrapped around to being a symbol of 20th-century counterculture. Commonly believed to identify with a curved feather or twisted teardrop, the paisley motif carries deep meaning and symbolism that can fill the space with a soulful vibe. 

Bringing Paisley Curtains Into Your Home

Being grand in size, large surfaces – walls, upholstery or drapes – are often the best places to feature paisley. If you’re wondering how you can integrate this iconic pattern into your decor check out the following tips from our stylists.

TRADITIONAL OR MODERN? Originally more associated with traditional design themes due to its intricate, curvy form and vivid palette, modern homeowners often shy away from paisley despite harboring a secret love for it. However, owing to paisley’s rich and versatile sources of origin, no single decor theme can rightly claim rights to its enchanting patterns. Its distinctive characteristics can be produced in any measure of design and color scheme. Pared-down versions running on the same theme with muted colors and lesser details can be easily at home in modern and transitional decor. Even those who find their hearts pulled between the love for the delicate intricacies of the traditional style and the clean finishes of the modern should find this option ideal. 

STRONG IMPACT: Paisley patterns can be simple or complex, but regardless, you can’t go wrong with paisley if you want to make a strong impression. The visual richness and depth of our paisley curtains have a powerful, fulfilling presence that adds dimension and color to any interior. Paisley belongs to the category of bold patterns that can make their presence felt with effortless ease. Check out our Monreale, where geometry and floral elements in vibrant hues come together to create the perfect accent piece a subdued space needs! 

SPACES RIGHT FOR PAISLEY: As soft furnishing, paisley patterned curtains and drapes are a good fit for spaces such as foyers and living rooms. On the other hand, the sentimental, nostalgic and symbolic value of the paisley motif makes it suitable for many other spaces. It’s a good fit for private studies, personal bedrooms and other places where a symbol of life, intellect, and peacefulness is a good fit. In this role, the aesthetic appeal and philosophical significance of the symbol make an effective pairing. It just goes to show that when it comes to choosing beauty or meaning, you can have both.

ALL OVER OR ALOOF: If ‘all-over’ paisley patterns are too busy for your aesthetic, consider ‘floating-motif’ led patterns on neutral backgrounds – such as beige and cream, as seen in Dijon curtains as opposed to an ‘all over’ Elegant Lace. For a tone-on-tone approach, check out Nahargarh which lends a more sophisticated touch to the ancient design. Or if you want more vibrant colors, check out Vasto which is painted in compellingly attractive warm hues. 

COMPATIBLE PATTERNS: Our paisley window treatments are also ideal if you are looking for an element to mix and match with other prominent patterns in your décor. The design pattern trinity of paisley, herringbone, and stripes deserves a special mention as a classic favorite amongst our stylists and interior designers around the world. Here check out the charming Hidden Harbor, featuring a lively design in various shades of blue, all ready to blend with soulmate fabrics like the striped Krimson Lake and herringbone-patterned Blue Clover.

SPIRITIED & TIMELESS: Though not an instant pick of many parents, paisley curtains are – in fact – a surprisingly great fit for a little girls’ room and nursery. Ask any designer striving to give an ‘age-proof’ nursery to a client. The intricate and curvy paisley motifs will accompany your little one all the way on their mind-wandering trips. Even as your kids make their journey from teen to adult, paisley will remain as fresh and timeless as ever. Check out Chandpole – printed in a soft pink and apple green, or Galta in bright red and orange with which a little one can fall in love instantly.

DRESS TO THE NINES: A room dressed in crown moldings, magnificent chandeliers and velvet upholstered furniture should find a perfect dressing for its windows in paisley drapes. The intricate detailing of this classic pattern carries a zestful spirit with it. Used rightly with cohesive color palettes, compatible designs and complementing decor elements, paisley curtains are going to fine-finish the room with windows dressed to the nines.

High on vibe, paisley curtains are great for a home brimming with ornate details in every jot and tittle but equally a chic addition to an eclectic decor looking for motifs pregnant with meaning. Whether in neutrals or in bold tones, whether uninterrupted or spaced out, whether detailed or simplistic, paisley’s stellar performance is guaranteed. If you’re in for paisley, you’re in for a showstopper, doubtless! So, shop for your enticing set of paisley drapes today.