Custom Extra Long Curtains & Window Drapes


Now here’s a curtain length worth longing for. From tall picture windows to high ceiling spaces, windows draped in extra-long curtains exude timeless charm. Tall drapery not only looks grand, but also draws the eye upwards, further accentuating the scale and height of a space.

Whilst stunning, extra-long drapes are challenging to find in readymade shelf aisles. Luckily, it’s easy to create custom curtains to your specifications with Spiffy Spools. Simply choose from over 1000+ fabric selections, and order your drapery in any length up to 400 inches.

Tend to Extend: Avoid installing your drapery poles/tracks too close to the window frame. Instead, mount them at least four to six inches above the window frame—or close to the ceiling—to create an illusion of an even grander window.

Avoid patterns in tall drapery: Tall drapery looks best in solid or monochrome textured fabrics. Our stylists recommend avoiding large bold patterns and letting the size take centre stage.

Consider your fabric choices: While no fabric composition is ‘wrong’, extra-long drapes are most popular in light sheers and linens. Velvets are also a stunning choice in formal settings but need extra room to stack on sides.

Have you been struggling to find curtains long enough for your needs in conventional stores? For extra-long curtains made extra easy, shop Spiffy Spools today!