Extra Long Curtains & Window Drapes


Now here’s a curtain length worth longing for. From tall picture windows to high ceiling spaces, windows draped in extra long curtains exude timeless charm. Tall, high ceiling curtains not only look grand but also draw the eye upwards, further accentuating the scale and height of a space.

Whilst stunning, extra long drapes and high ceiling curtains are challenging to find in readymade shelf aisles. Luckily, it’s easy to get handcrafted custom curtains for tall windows to your specifications with Spiffy Spools. Simply choose from our selection of over 2000+ fabrics and order your extra long window curtains in any length up to 400 inches.

Extra Long Window Curtains – Range of Lengths to Spruce Up Any Room

No doubt long window curtains leverage the full height of the room and render a grander look. Extra long curtain panels create a sense of drama and can optically add extra height to an otherwise low ceiling room.

Depending on your individual aesthetic and decor, you can pick various heights and ‘puddling styles’ for your long window curtains. There are three ways to hang floor -to-ceiling curtains namely float, kiss, and puddle.

Float: This length misses an inch to touch the floor. These are highly recommended in rooms where kids and pets have access. The maintenance is also relatively easier because they tend to catch floor dust to the minimum.

Kiss: The curtain gently touches the floor. Make sure that you have even floors before you choose this style by taking measurements at several points. Avoid this length in rooms that are excessively exposed to dust.

Puddle: The curtain touches the floor and then goes flowing, pooling together like a puddle when closed. These are stitched to measure 1-16 inches more than floor-length.

Here are three primary curtain puddling styles.

Break Puddle: Also known as “break length,” drapery is pooled one inch on the floor in this style. An exercise in elegant restraint, one-inch puddle breaks work best with laid-back fabrics such as linens and cottons.

Medium Puddle: If you’d like a little more character than what you get from the relatively minimalist puddle break but are shying away from a full, dramatic puddle, the medium puddle is a great option to consider. Medium puddle curtain styles require curtain length to be increased by two to five inches.

True Puddle: Finally, a true opulent puddle will provide you with the most dramatic effect. This puddled curtain style can be achieved by extending the curtain length between 6-16 inches. Keep in mind that the longer the length, the more striking your drapery will be. If you’re choosing window treatments for a formal space, such as long curtains for a living room, this is the puddle style for the boldest, most opulent look.

There further are different ways to arrange these puddle styles. You can read more about these in detail in our blog post here about PUDDLED CURTAINS & DRAPES STYLING IDEAS.

Tips to Hang Your Extra Long Curtains    

Tend to Extend: Avoid installing your drapery poles/tracks too close to the window frame. Instead, mount them at least four to six inches above the window frame—or close to the ceiling—to create an illusion of an even grander window.

Ceiling height drapes in the bedroom: If stitched with blackout fabric or backing lining behind, these are perfect for blocking out unwanted light and noise.

Avoid patterns in tall drapery: Extra long drapery – especially lengths spanning more than a storey –  looks best in solid or monochrome textured fabrics. Our stylists recommend avoiding large bold patterns and letting the size take center stage with extra long curtain panels.

Consider your fabric choices: While no fabric composition is ‘wrong’, extra-long drapes are most popular in light sheers and linens. If you’re shopping for long curtains for a living room or other formal spaces, velvets are also a stunning choice. But do bear in mind that velvet curtains for tall windows will also need extra room to stack on sides.

Consider usage when choosing heading style: If considering long ceiling drapes in the bedroom that will be drawn open/shut frequently, we recommend considering heading styles that allow extra long curtain panels to glide smoothly on pole/track. Avoid styles such as rod pockets and tab tops that can be hard to glide on the ceiling pole. Instead, opt for grommet curtains or pinch pleat drapes. Read our curtain headings style guide for more info.

Have you been struggling to find curtains long enough for your needs in conventional stores? For extra long curtains and easy-to-hang tall curtains for high windows, shop Spiffy Spools today!