Extra Long Curtains & Window Drapes


Tall windows and high ceilings…sounds like a home from a perfect world, and the right stage for our extra long curtains to put up their best feat. No other window dressing spells glamor with such intensity as long sweeping drapery. Agreed. But where do you find such extra long drapes that can dress those stately windows fittingly? Well, it doesn’t take a perfect world to find them, for right now, you’re at the shortest distance from showstopping extra long drapery, hand-stitched to your size specifications and style preferences. 

3000+ drapery fabrics, endless choice of colors and patterns, variety of materials and trims, budget-friendly rates, no-charge consultations with drapery experts, free shipping, and flawless craftsmanship – call it a ‘perfect world’ if you wish – all of this is yours at Spiffy Spools!

Extra Long Window Curtains – Range of Lengths to Spruce Up Any Room

Long drapes come in varied styles that cater to different functional needs and aesthetic tastes. Depending on the look you are going for, there are four lengths to consider when hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains namely float, graze, break and puddle.

FLOAT: This length stands an inch or a half above the floor, and is recommended in rooms where kids and pets have access. The maintenance is also relatively easier because ‘floating’ drapes tend to catch floor dust to the minimum.

GRAZE: These long curtains gently touch the floor. Making seamless contact with the ground, they exhibit a highly tailored look. They also cancel the possibility of light leaks from below the drapes.

BREAK PUDDLE: Also known as “break length,” these curtains extend one inch further after touching the floor. An exercise in elegant restraint, one-inch puddle breaks work best with laid-back fabrics such as linens and cottons. If you have uneven floors where ‘float’ and ‘graze’ can highlight that defect, break-length is a sure remedy.

PUDDLE: Curtains in this style touch the floor and then go flowing, pooling together like a puddle on the floor. These are stitched to measure 2-18 inches more than floor length. The flowing trails are a style statement meant to accentuate the casual or formal appeal of the space. 

Depending on the level of excess, puddled curtains are further divided into two types. 

Medium puddle curtain styles have a maximum of 2 – 5 inches excess. It’s a great option for those who aren’t content with the break length but are also shying away from a full, dramatic puddle. Whereas, if you’re not on the fence, a true puddle may be the better choice which is achieved by extending the curtain length between 6-18 inches. 

The longer the length, the more sumptuous the puddle, and the more striking, dramatic and opulent your drapery will be. Read more about how to pull off the ‘puddled’ look in our blog post here about Puddled Drapery Styling Ideas.

Tips to Hang Your Extra Long Curtains    

Bold, timeless and charming – long drapes become effortless focal points in any home. High-pitched ceilings and oversized windows find their perfect match in tall drapes that further accentuate the scale and height of the space.

But here’s the best part with long drapery – it may just be what you need for low ceilings and medium-sized windows as well. Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains in a low-ceiling room helps the eye gauge the full vertical span in one go, adding illusional height to the space and the window. 

To help you make the most of your long curtains, here are some tips from our expert home stylists:

TEND TO EXTEND: Mount the drapery pole/track at least four to six inches above the window frame or as close to the ceiling as possible. For floor-to-ceiling drapery, consider the option of ceiling-mounted tracks that offer a seamless flow and a highly sophisticated look. For medium-sized windows, the higher your pole/track, the more convincing the illusion of a taller window.

CONSIDER LIGHT BLOCKING NEEDS: If stitched with blackout fabric or with blackout lining behind, long drapes are perfect for blocking out unwanted light and noise in rooms. Therefore, factor in your needs for blocking light when finalizing your drapery specifications. 

PUT SPOTLIGHT ON HEIGHT: Extra long drapery – especially sporting length spanning more than a storey –  looks best in solid or monochrome textured fabrics. This is because long drapes take up more optical space – which when covered with busy patterns – can make the space look a bit cluttered. Therefore, our stylists recommend avoiding large bold patterns and letting the sheer scale of your extra long drapery take center stage. 

CONSIDER FABRIC CHOICES: While no fabric composition choice is ‘wrong’, extra long drapes are most popular in light sheers and linens. If you’re shopping for long curtains for a living room or other formal spaces, velvet drapery is also a stunning choice. But do bear in mind that long velvet curtains – or tall drapery of other thick fabrics – will be heavy. Make sure that the drapery hardware can bear the weight of the drapery if you go for heavier fabrics. For further assistance on hanging heavy, long curtains, refer to our blog post on How to Hang Heavy Curtains.

OPT FOR AN APT HEADING STYLE: For long and heavy curtains – especially in bedrooms – we recommend heading styles that allow easy gliding on the pole/track as you can expect frequent operation of the drapes. Avoid styles such as rod pocket tops and tab tops that may prove hard to glide on the ceiling pole. Instead, opt for grommet curtains or pinch pleat drapes. Read our Curtain Headings Style Guide for more information.

Time to Shop Extra Long Curtains

So, with all these tips, designing your very own set of extra long drapes should be easy, interesting and satisfying. With this surefire drapery style, you’ll never fail to nail it – no matter how formal or casual your decor style is. Explore our Spiffy Speak blog for more home styling tips and our catalog for more inspiration. And, for all your extra long curtains and easy-to-hang tall curtains for high windows, shop with Spiffy Spools today!