Custom Check / Gingham / Plaid Curtains & Window Drapes

Check, gingham, and plaid curtains have a rich, romantic history with roots in their elegant simplicity. Checker patterns may be the oldest of all, and gingham offers a natural progression with a bit more visual variety; both bringing balance and energy to any room, with the right combination of colors.

Plaid, on the other hand, has always been particularly popular in America; The Scottish immigrants who brought it with them held it as a symbol of unity and resistance to tyranny. On American shores, it took on a new life as an iconic fixture of the frontier home, the tradesman, and the minimalistic Romanticist intellectual.

All three of these timeless pattern styles have a nostalgic appeal and a peculiar, understated rawness that leads many to incorporate them into their home interiors. While particularly popular for farmhouse style kitchens and rustic dining rooms, check, plaid or gingham curtains are well suited for any room in a carefully-curated home.

Decorating Your Home with Gingham/ Plaid/ Checkered Curtains

Simplistic, but iconic, plaids of all varieties have stood the test of time, largely because of their versatility. Although once they were tagged as masculine because of their sharp edges, today they have shed all gender affiliations. 

Let’s take you through some great designing tips from our expert drapery stylists on how to style your home with curtains in these iconic patterns.

Mind the Scale: Smaller patterns are great for accentuating your existing decor elements, but larger-patterned curtains have a louder presence that gives them a different role in your interiors. Therefore, it’s possible to incorporate them into the heart of your design with great success in many different ways. Drapes with large geometric patterns pop out into the foreground in a way that makes them act as a particularly dominating element of the interior.

Pattern Trinity: Patterns engage the eyes effortlessly. They bring vibrant energy to the space. But despite having the most attractive of patterns at hand, if they are not paired correctly with other patterns, the design will end up getting wrecked. These three patterns go well with each other and introducing them to other elements in the home allows for a cohesive flow of the theme. For an element of contrast, make a pattern trinity by pairing them with curvy motifs such as florals, toile, damask and paisley. However, let them never slip out of the color palette of the room. The trick with mixing patterns is to bring polarity of the simple and the complicated shapes. Do keep in mind that the color palette of the room should be adhered to in this process.

Solid Backdrops: Check/gingham/plaid curtains should ideally be used on neutral, monochromatic plain backdrops. If the walls have patterns, chances are that both the patterns placed side by side will vie for attention, making the room look cluttered despite the thoughtful selection of attractive motifs. A well-designed home makes a balanced use of solids and patterns. That way, both get their due share of attention. So, backdrop your favorite plaid curtains with solid walls and they’ll steal the show. Pay attention to the color palette too. If you want to use drapery with a large-scale pattern, we recommend opting for a brighter color and painting the room in neutral colors. Lighter shades, pastels, white and brown have the best relationship with a vibrant plaid, gingham, or checkered curtains.

Versatile Decor-Piece: One thing quite peculiar about checks is that despite being classic if we are to go by their history, they are as much appealing to everyone even in contemporary times which adore the clean lines of perfect geometric shapes. Therefore, they have a place in the overly embellished traditional homes as well as the pure minimalist modern ones. However, it is noteworthy that farmhouse-style homes are rarely ever complete without buffalo check curtains and ginghams.

Heading Style: Of the more than dozen heading styles we offer, we assure you that all would look just perfect with any of the plaid curtains. But your decor style and the usage level of the window will play a key role in the decision-making. If your home is designed on a traditional concept, the various styles of pinch pleats including the goblet pleat, pencil pleat, and french pleats suit right. A modern style design has suitable options in the ripplefold, back tabs, grommets, and flat panels. The transitional styled home can look great in any of the modern heading styles but if you harbor a secret favortism toward pinch pleats, go for the euro pleat drapery which is less detailed than most other pinch pleat styles. For windows that need to be used regularly, curtain styles that hang on ring and clip mechanism are recommended. 


Lavanta: Buffalo plaid curtains in this softly alluring lavender-white palette stitched in tab top style would be a lovely addition to your casual living room.

Gardenia: Drapes in this off-white fabric featuring brown and pink checks in a bold size are perfect for a young lady’s room.

Husky Fizz: It brings you the most favored color palette of plaids – beige and brown. This drapery is just what a man’s den needs as a final touch.

Chubasco: Iconic pattern in an iconic palette – that’s what this black and white checked fabric can boast about.

Miran: For those who love a bit of adventure and exotic styles in home designing, this embroidered fabric can be a sensory treat.

Apple Blossom: The most traditional and oh, so refreshing red-white gingham drapes are our offering for your kitchens and cozy breakfast nooks. 

Checks, ginghams and plaid curtains are rather easy to dress windows with because of their easy blendability. Whether you envision your curtains as a supporting element of your interior or the main star, you’ll find what you’re looking for within Spiffy Spools checker/gingham/plaid collection. So, go ahead and enjoy browsing our collections and shopping with us for your favorite plaid drapes.