Custom Blue Curtains & Navy Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Blue is the hue of the skies and the seas, and the top favorite of hues for most people according to surveys. Blue curtains and navy drapes that fair right with your color palette are a great decor addition to any home. When used wisely in home décor, they can convey a welcoming feel, coolness, and tranquility.

Thoughtfully chosen blue drapes and navy curtains can go with many spaces and décor styles – nautical, bohemian, rustic chic, industrial, minimal, contemporary, or Scandinavian.  Put a navy blue on sumptuous velvet curtains, and you’ve got yourself a stunning backdrop for your dining room. Or put a mellow hue on a lazy linen drape, and you’re all set for your farmhouse kitchen.


From pastel baby blue to iridescent sapphire, from cool aquamarine to warm teal, blue comes in a range of hues, each with its own personality and aesthetic character. Lighter blues evoke airiness, light, and summer. Deeper blues have been associated with royalty.

GO LIGHT FOR A COOLING EFFECT: From powder blue to aqua blue, the lighter you go with blue, the more cooling it is to the eye. The famous and common allusion of blue with serenity and calmness is mostly mentioned in relation with the light blue color which is found in the clear sky and the peaceful oceans. Since colors evoke feelings in association with past memories, it can be easily seen why light blue is used to denote stability and composure. If color psychology is to be believed, the lighter shades of blue inspire positivity, stimulate clear thought, and aid concentration.  Pick blue curtains in any light hue of this color  to bank on its comforting vibe and positive energy.

GO DARK FOR A DRAMATIC EFFECT: As is the case with most colors, the darker shades pack drama to a space. Not as intimidating as stark black, Oxford blue, indigo & navy blue curtains can be fantastic backdrops for cane and white furniture, and provide high contrast to light-hued walls and pale wooden floors. Darker shades of blue are sometimes associated with emotional pain and melancholy. Hence, carefully balancing out its effect by packing cheery hues in other elements is highly recommended. When used in plush velvet and lustrous silk drapes, dark blue shades pronounce pure opulence while in sheers, that solemn graveness gives way to frolicsome bliss in the blink of an eye.


For a classic color scheme that never goes out of style, you can’t go wrong with blue and white. Known more famously for chinoiserie pottery, the blue-white combo does not just offer brilliant contrast but also coolness to the space with its subtle allusion to water sources. Although white is a neutral color, when paired with blue, it doubles the coolness of blue.  A pair of navy blue curtains set against white walls is all you need to bring serenity and calm feeling to any room in your house.

For a nautical vibe, so much the better if you have a coastal design, bring the surge of the waves to your ears by pairing sandy beige and blue. A sea blue drapery set trimmed with lush white pompoms wriggling with the passing winds against a soft beige textured wall will effortlessly evoke memories of a splishy-splashy time spent at the beach washed by the pendulating waves. And if you’re one who can never tire of watching the sea, this drapery set is going to take your gaze forever.


For a high-energy, striking look, we love a saturated hue like cobalt blue paired with a vibrant orange. They work well together because when blue and orange are combined in a room, the intense drama of the orange is offset by the calming feeling of the blue. Treat your windows with a set of color-blocked curtains in these hues, or pair lighter tone orange roman shades with deeper navy blue drapes in front. Ideas ideas…

Whether you want your drapes to set the mood of the room or to excel as beautifying elements of stylish decor, blue curtains that come with varied personalities offer you a range of effects to choose from. The shade you choose should hinge entirely on your style of decor, your personality, and the aura you wish to etch out with your decor. Our collection offers you options galore in terms of shades, fabrics, prints, weaves, textures and patterns. So go on, find your something blue today!