Custom Floral Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Flowers are the most universal symbols of life, love, and the resurgence of nature after the end of winter. There’s an endless variety of flowers, each beautiful in its own way and rich with unique connotations and symbolism.

It’s no surprise that flowers have been inspiring artists and creatives for as long as humankind has existed; share in this artistic tradition by incorporating floral curtains into your interior design. Floral print curtains and drapes are endlessly versatile, with every imaginable combination of patterns and colors at your fingertips.

Styling your Home with Floral Curtains

Some of the best use of floral prints isn’t in glamor or minimalism but in an old-fashioned, nostalgic design. Patterns with large flowers of differing designs and colors serve as a simple, wholesome callback to more innocent times and make any place seem more like home. With this goal in mind, let our stylists take you through some designing tips to dress your windows with floral curtains.

Tone-on-Tone with Subtle Impact

Love the look of floral designs but want to reduce their impact due to minimalistic theme in the rest of the decor? Choose floral designs in self-patterned or embossed style that play with shapes and textures, and avoid highly contrasting hues. A deep gaze and you’ll spot the floral in shining embroidered threads or subtle woven motifs. See Verbania and Irtyu from our collection to identify such tone-on-tone options for your home.

Overall Flow or Island Prints

Watercolor blush flowers have forever been on the coverpages of fairytales and photo albums. Bring that dreamy romantic look to your bedrooms with floral prints in blush colors. Go for edge-to-edge flow like our Dragon Fruit which will look fantastic when paired with pink solid panels. Or go for blocked prints of small posies which draw greater attention to the details of the flowers by anchoring them in a contrasting backdrop as in Lobelia. Find the same difference in the layout of the motifs in other kinds of floral drapes too such as Veruchio  and Jantar Mantar.

Go Monochrome

In an interestingly opposing style as of the colorful nature of flowers, go black and white to make a pronounced impact. Floral fabrics with monochrome palettes are a clever way to imbibe this old-fashioned motif into modern settings. Botanical Bliss and Moresco are excellent examples of large-scaled floral designs in an impressive high-contrast palette that can give a facelift and a feminine touch to modern designs. 

Sheers with a Feminine Touch

Plain white sheer curtains are quite at home with designs that crave for white in every element. But giving your billowing white sheer drapes a floral touch can bring a graceful break to that monotonous reign which can easily make the room look too clinical or sterile. So, make use of white sheers with tastefully embroidered floral designs. Refer Gold Mist to see the beauty of imbibing the traditional ditsies to your modern white sheer drapes.

Color Block your Florals

If you’d love to include floral drapes into your design and are still apprehensive about their blendability with the rest of your decor, go for a restrained use by color-blocking the drapes. For example, take navy blue velvet drapes like Wishing Well and introduce just a narrow band of Navy Spray at the top or bottom of the drapery panels. This a highly reticent leap into floral motifs actually results in a fantastically customized set of attractive drapes for your home.

Nature Themes for Kids

Designs that don’t restrict themselves to flowers and lean into other elements of nature, such as birds in trees or resting on bushes, are particularly suited to fostering a sense of homeliness. Check out Spring Lark and Amalfi for inspiration. These designs have just the right amount of kitschy charm and unabashed sincerity to be perfect for kids’ rooms. Peacocks, butterflies, and little perky birds are never going to get enough of their curiosity and innocent love for nature’s finest elements.

Scale with Caution

In the quest to imbibe a modern approach to floral designs, clients often prefer to go for large scaled motifs. While the idea is very effective, the size of the room and the particular window in question should not be overlooked in the process. Grand sized patterns can overwhelm small closed-off areas while too tiny ones can get lost in wider spaces. So scale the patterns wisely.

Flowers are always going to be close to our hearts. We need them to express our deepest feelings, whether of intense passionate love or teary goodbyes. No matter how melancholic or hard a day we’ve had at our workplaces and daily household chores, our eyes fall on a vase with fresh blooms and we get refreshed instantly. Tap that effervescent energy in your home by introducing floral draperies to your doors and windows. Shop your favorite floral drapes at Spiffy Spools today.