Custom Floral Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

From understated, ditzy prints in your grandma’s kitchen to oversized bold patterns in a modern living room, florals have bloomed – and how! As much as we – and many of our clients – still love the 60s-style vintage floral prints, our collection of floral roman shades goes beyond the feminine, delicate picks of the 60s, and also offers you the fearless drama of contemporary floral prints. Spiffy Spools’ collection of floral window blinds brims with a variety of flowers and feels for you to choose from; each unique, each beautiful. 

As a decor element, floral patterns continue to be prominently associated with wallpapers. But the idea of committing entire walls to your floral fantasy can be daunting, and here’s where our floral roman shades come in handy. For those who are still on the fence about florals’ place in a modern home, you’ll find a conveniently balanced and stylish option in our collection of ever-elegant floral roman shades. Start with a window or two, see how your love for these blooms, and then carry forth as you please. 


Spiffy Spools floral fabrics are a curated collection that can meet the demands of varied design styles and aesthetic visions. So, we feature the classic, diminutive and feminine florals like Williwaw and Silver Blueberry if you are in search of some vintage vibe and nostalgic charm for your home. Find also those meeting the present-day inclination for the big, bold blossoms in fabrics like Verbania and Nice – a simple way to bring a classic pattern into a contemporary home, while making a statement of it. 

Our expert stylists suggest some great tips to blend your floral roman shades to your room’s aesthetic characteristics.

Define the style: In general, bolder patterns are modish as compared to tiny all-over-the-place ones. Depending on whether your design style is involving more traditional or modern elements, decide the scale you want to pick for the florals. Check out our ‘Botanical Bliss’ roman blinds, for example. This contemporary print features oversized, stencil-style blooms in neutral tones, crafted for a modern home. However, if you’d rather have your florals stay demure, our flowers and vines in small-scale patterns will meet your wish in fabrics like Gregale

Be wise with the scale: Prints with smaller flowers, vines, or block-motif led patterns are a perfect way to infuse your space with understated charm without letting the patterns overwhelm the room or upstage other patterns already in it. Take our ‘Beaune’ roman shades for example. This embroidered fabric is an expanse of pure white with an all-over floral vine pattern done in silvery grays – sophisticated with just a hint of sumptuousness. Oversized patterns, on the other hand, command attention and can take your design overboard if your room is already featuring other bold patterns or if the window is too small. So let the scale go in tandem with the overall decor.

Mixing of patterns: The new-age, contemporary floral decor is all about having fun with prints, mix-matched patterns, and quirky, unexpected colors to bring in a lot more floral drama. Our stylists recommend mixing your florals with stripes, checks, polka dots, and ikat to visually balance the curves and corners. Imagine your floral roman shades paired with a set of striped curtains from our collection….simply stunning! 

Continue the theme: Another of our stylists’ favorite tips is a mix-match of floral patterns in a room and some actual botanical beauties from the garden. Incorporating both real and faux flowers and plants promises to bring the outdoorsy vibe right into your homes, adding elements you may seek out in hiking or camping in nature to live on with your nature-inspired theme. Our floral roman shades will offer your room a visual treat, while the real flowers and plants will fill your room with freshness and soulfulness.

The aptness of style: Bold patterns are best showcased on uninterrupted surfaces as in the back-slatted roman shades. The slats are stitched to the lining and therefore, their hems don’t show a sign on the frontage. Small-scaled patterns don’t make much of these visual breaks and can be high on style even with the front-slatted shades. For a visibly casual and soft approach, our curve-bottomed European relaxed style is well-fitting for a feminine theme and rich aesthetics. Depending on the scale of the pattern and the purpose of the shade, browse our roman shades style guide and choose the right style for your home.

Big, bold blossoms or delicate, intricate flowers – there is no denying that our floral roman blinds continue to be a tried and tested choice to bring charm and energy to any room. So go on, set the tone of your blooming house with Spiffy Spools’ collection of floral roman shades and window blinds.

Happy browsing!