Custom Ombre Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

As in hairstyling, ombre with its centuries-old history in textile dyeing has never relinquished its top fave position in drapery. Interchangeably called ‘gradients’, ombre refers to a progressive color scheme of one color graduating into another, exhibiting the entire spectrum of intermediate hues. In a stricter, more original sense, it is blending various shades of the same color, but in more broadened understanding as of today, the shades can be very divergent. Used as window treatments in the form of our ever-popular ombre curtains, this delightful technique offers a uniquely versatile option with endless possibilities for styling.

Our ombre curtains collection comes in two-toned and three-toned varieties with a wide range of colors – all diffused into the ever-enigmatic neutral white. They give you the perfect balance of tang and bland – making them equally interesting for both the color-obsessed and the color-phobic. For an all-white or neutral room, all the fabrics in our ombre catalog qualify as an exquisite choice to break the monotony with sobriety.

Making the Most of Ombre Curtains

Just in case you are wondering how beautiful this high-spirited collection is but how one of these can blend with your decor, our expert stylists have these styling tips for you:

Out-of-the-box and unique: Ombre is a welcome escape from simple plains as ornate patterns. It’s plain, but color-fusion; it’s a pattern without repetition; non-conformist like abstracts but restrained by a momentum. The colors are neither sectioned nor number-bound as in color-blocked drapes and monochrome plain curtains. In a room characterized by pattern overload, especially on walls and floors, the next best alternative to plains is a set of ombre curtains

Blend with the decor: To make your ombre curtains cohesively blend with your decor, employ this easy tip. Let the most intense hue match the accent color of your room or match the adjacent wall or complement it. For example, our Sapphire Glow can go with colors ranging from pristine white to ivory beige as well as fog gray to prussian blue. The wide spectrum of colors assures more leverage with the color palette for styling your home because you can pick any hue to continue the theme. For a monochromatic decor, two-tone ombre drapes can efficiently tie up all the various shades of the dominant color scattered across the room.

Bring home a slice of nature: Ombre’s commingling of hues resembles nature’s way with colors like the golden yellows gushing into fiery reds in an evening sky or like the peachy pink fading into soft whites in the rose petal. This offers a therapeutic effect on the mind and can add vibrance even to a neutral room with a touch of sophistication. Sumptuously stitched ombre drapes bouncing and billowing with the tickling breezes enhance the casual appeal of the relaxed color-gradational flow. Watch our Maria’s sea-inspired medley lift your spirits on a low day.

Define the mood of the room: The soft blending of colors with its power to evoke romance, as seen in our Rosebowl drapes, puddled at your bedside window is a must-have for your dreamy sleep-dens. And our Soft Gold curtains in Euro pleats are just what is needed to face-lift a formal living room gone sterile with overbearing neutralism. For a playful mood in the kids’ room, decorate the window with Bali Hai to let that electric blue inject vibrance, and layer them with Cloud White sheers for added light-blocking and the aesthetic benefit of a pleasing subtle contrast.

Be wise with the dimensions: There are some considerations to bear in mind so that you don’t lose the profits of the deal. The window and panel size should ideally be long enough to show off the entire gradient span. Too short and you may not be doing justice to this color-fused aesthetic. Also, check the room layout and fixtures – will a couch block the bottom view of the drape hiding all the color? Ombre drapes work their magic best on free-standing windows with unobstructed views.

Make use of the momentum: Just as vertical stripes make the eyes to navigate the height of the room, ombre, with its momentum of gradational flow serves to visually elongate the room. If you have a low ceiling or looking for window treatments for a small room, try this idea to fool the mind with a make-believe sense of space. If you can run the drapes from ceiling to floor, the result will be optimal.

A relatively youthful and flamboyant style, ombre never goes out of fashion and in most probability, never ever will be. Perhaps it’s because of its delicate artistry or the sheer vibrance or the inherent versatility – regardless, you’re in for a showstopper. Can we ever grow weary of gazing at a rainbow? Ombre drapes with their gradational color surge will keep your home brimming with a vibrant energy all through the year. This immensely versatile drapery set is just what you need to make your house a feel-good home. So, why wait? Browse and shop today!