Custom Patterned / Printed Roman Shades & Window Blinds

From pretty paisleys, iconic ikats and delightful damasks – to – feminine florals, classy checks and playful polkas, Spiffy Spools’ patterned/ printed roman shades cater to a wide range of décor themes, be it a minimalistic Scandi sanctuary or a home with a riot of bold personality. 

But then, with a sea full of patterns and prints, it might get difficult for you to choose your right fit – we understand. Hence, below listed are the top five tips from our stylists at Spiffy Spools to help you dress your windows with our patterned and printed roman shades.

Balance your patterns with plains: If your room seems to be filled with solid elements – from monochrome painted walls to solid fabric upholstery – our patterned roman shades are ideal for you. Patterns have the effortlessly elegant ability to break the monotony of monochrome and bring a sense of vibrance to any space. For instance, if your walls sport neutral tones like solid beige or white, our ‘Ameraldo’ semi-sheer roman shades are ideal to retain neutrality while lending an element of interest to your décor. Or if your dark wood kitchen cabinets need some cheerful company, a fabric like Country Cottage’ might just end your search for the perfect window dressing! 

Layer your windows: Another way of balancing out patterns in your windows is by simply layering your patterned roman shades with solid curtains at the front. Choose your solid color for curtains in contrast or complementing tones with the palette of your patterned shades. Or you can even opt for sheer drapes at front for a lighter, airy look.  

Pair your patterns: When you choose patterned roman shades, do take into consideration other patterned elements in your space because not all patterns are matches made in heaven. That said, our stylists are huge fans of mixing three (astutely picked!) patterns in a room for a true, put-together designer look. For instance, the design trinity of florals, stripes and polka dots is a statement mix, as is the trio of herringbone, stripes and paisley. You can also pick two different-sized plaids and pair them with a floral. Pro tip: Choose the scale of your motifs wisely; one large, one medium and one small, or choose one large pattern and let it be complemented by two medium-sized motifs. 

Accessorize your patterned roman shades:  To add further visual appeal and tactile quality to your patterned roman shades, lean on our delightful trimmings to do the job! Imagine your all-over paisley patterned roman shades, like ‘Caserta’ from our collection, sporting a complementary solid ribbon trim. Or the ‘Magic Beans’ shades in your little girl’s room, finished with our whimsical pom pom trim in gold – an instant delight, isn’t it? We offer hundreds of options of delicate trimmings – including ribbons, tapes, tassels and pom poms, so do give them a look

Styling your patterned roman shades: To bring the best out of your patterned fabric, it is important to choose the style of your blinds wisely. While all three styles we offer work well on small scale, intricate patterned shades, we find that flat fold style with slats at the back offers the best look and functional benefits on a fabric with a large-scale motif.  Since the slats are stitched into lining at the back – and therefore not visible at front – this style offers the most seamless look with zero visual breaks in frontage, allowing you to show off your pattern in a way it is worthy. If the shades are primarily intended for decorative purposes and will be stationary for most part, relaxed style is another great choice. 

Last but not the least, remember that with Spiffy Spools’ customizable options, you can also feature your favorite patterns on a range of other décor elements like our handcrafted custom cushion covers, bed runners, dining placemats and more. 

So go on, get started and browse through our extensive collection of printed/ patterned roman shades. Find the style and patterns that resonate with you!