Custom Damask Roman Shades & Window Blinds

Not many will correct you if you identify damask as a pattern. While in the modern décor vocabulary, damask has come to be recognized as a type of pattern, originally, it referred to reversible silks wherein ornate motifs are woven into the fabric, instead of printed on it. But thanks to the 18th-century discovery of jacquard loom and 21st-century patterning and printing techniques, the ornate scroll motifs and patterns – instead of the weaving technique – have ‘become’ damask, featuring in several rich decor furnishings, particularly as damask roman shades.

Having derived its name from the Syrian city of Damascus over a thousand years ago, damask was brought to the East by the 14th-century European crusaders, who just couldn’t resist the richness and luster of opulent silks. To this date, one genuine damask article demands an intensive test of craftsman’s patience and perseverance. Hence they were niche, catering only to the rich and the royals.

However, with our collection of damask roman shades, damask-inspired fabrics are made not only affordable and accessible, but you can also be very sure of retaining this rich motif’s luxurious charm. Let Spiffy Spools show you how!

  • Traditional traits: Hands down, our classic damask roman shades are ideal if your home decor embodies a traditional aesthetic and style. They truly sit proudest in a room filled with dark antique furniture, delicate chandeliers, gilded frames and ornate rugs. And for such a classic or transitional home, we especially recommend monochromatic damask fabrics featuring a single hue. Like ‘Trani’ from our collection – a shade perfect for a palace! This Victorian-look fabric in soft beige and champagne gold has an elegant damask weave, classic foliage pattern, geometric placement and an eye-catching emboss effect. The mild sheen and the textured effect of ‘Trani’ promise to fill your decor with an aristocratic aura. Now, it can’t get any more classic, can it? 
  • Modern twists: If traditional ain’t your forte, contrast is the name of the game to effortlessly modernize the vintage essence of your damask roman shades. Steer away from overly-ornate, intricate damasks with intense colors. Instead, opt for lighter base fabrics with modern, stencil-style motifs in a contrasting color. A case in point is our fabric Biyaha. It has an off-white base patterned with an oversized and stylized botanical motif in a delightful hue of brown. The texturally rich base and the raised pattern look good together; as does the simple no-fuss color combination.
  • All-over versus ‘floating island’ style: There’s a damask for you to make a high-end statement, and there’s also a damask to sit demurely amongst the rest of your decor. All-over patterned damasks that go big and bold on an intense color base, like our fabric ‘Navy Regal’, will stand out in your decor like an accent art piece in itself. This jacquard woven fabric in lustrous hues of beige, brown and navy blue will redefine magnificence with its vintage ambiance and velvet pile feels. However, if you are looking to cater to a modern, minimalistic vibe, we recommend going soft with something less optically busy like our ‘Dijon’ patterned roman blinds. This smooth-looking fabric has an off-white base embroidered with a ‘floating island’ style damask motif; soft, soothing, and completely on-trend. 
  • Pattern play: Coordinate your damask roman shades with other complementary patterns in the room. Our stylists especially love pairing damasks with stripes – or even checks & plaids – to balance out the curves and corners in a room. The playful polka dots patterns running in your kids’ rooms also go surprisingly well with the intricacy and beauty of damask window blinds, while making the room ready to grow with your child. 
  • Pick your shade style thoughtfully: Any of the three roman shade styles on offer will look stunning if your chosen pattern is intricate and detailed. However, if your chosen damask features an oversized pattern and shapes, we highly recommend opting for flat panel shades with back slats. Since the slats are stitched into the lining at back, this style offers the most seamless look with zero visual breaks in frontage, allowing you to show off the pattern in a way it is worthy. So please do browse our roman shade style guide for further details and images so you can pick the perfect one for your shades. 

Well then, go on, recreate the magic of damask in your homes with our collection of damask roman shades. Happy browsing!