Custom Abstract Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Think out of the box – we hear often. Well, that’s what abstracts really do. Non-conformists by nature, no shape or norm can keep them bound. And gladly, therefore, we have this wonderful collection of abstract curtains that defy every traditional view of design and present immense scope for experimentation.

Introducing our Collection of Abstract Curtains

Belonging to the modern era of printed fabrics and the age of abstract expression in art, our abstract drapes fit more perfectly in contemporary and transitional homes. If you embrace a vibrant color palette, they can also enrich your boho or eclectic design with a new flavor.

Plaids, But Not Quite

Fabrics like our Villa Leandre and La Mariee represent a family of designs that have an intentionally messy, raw grid design meant to evoke scratched ceramics or the flawed authenticity of a painting. From a color composition perspective, they offer a similar appeal as checker patterns but deliberately reject the clean, organized lines that characterize them.

Abstracts with a Difference

On the other hand, machine-like precision and intricacy characterize some of our other abstract designs. Black and white geo-print curtains as in Zuri offer high contrast, visually interesting addition to an interior, fitting fairly well within any decor style. No matter how your room looks, this set of drapes will infuse a kind of eclectic, anti-conformist energy into it.

Some Tribal Inspiration

Part of our collection also draws inspiration from indigenous peoples and designs that, themselves, found inspiration from the natural world. Take Amber Ledge for example, which makes quite a delightful mix of kilim motifs and abstract styles of art. This set of our abstract curtains with a totemic print defy design norms and dares to be something more than a simple collection of colors. Such visually rich, interesting designs can tie a room together by drawing the focus and emphasis of visitors upon one point.

Watercolor Effect

Drapes in these fabrics which sport a watercolor effect are a glad break from solid ones. Not having to conform to known shapes, either nature-inspired or geometrically perfect or even otherwise, is the peculiar character of these abstract forms. It’s a play of colors – carefree, uninhibited, and purely instinctive or left to the winds. See our Hellenica in deep red and pink abstract designs in a dimout fabric that can help to darken the room for a good night’s sleep.

Ombre Effect

Our collection also includes ombre drapes in two-toned and three-toned varieties with a wide range of colors – all diffused into the ever-enigmatic neutral white. They give you the perfect balance of tang and bland – making them equally interesting for both the color-obsessed and the color-phobic. For an all-white or neutral room, all the fabrics in our ombre catalog qualify as an exquisite choice to break the monotony with sobriety.

Style your Home with Abstract Curtains

With over a dozen types of drapery heading styles on offer and the possibility to stitch in any size, our custom abstract drapes should be your best find for home decor, we’re sure. Whether you want to decorate your home in a unique way or you want a brilliant statement piece, our abstract drapes collection will definitely be able to satisfy your requirement.

Let There be Light

Are you thinking of adding a layer of sheer drapes to your existing drapes/shades for more privacy? Why not try our collection of abstract sheer drapes? While plain white sheers are the top favorite of most clients, white sheers with just a touch of sophistication and color are also quite loved by our clients. The gentle abstract patterns helps these drapes to blend well with both patterned as well as plain fabrics. Check out Puro with gold metallic accents on white sheers or Aklamak with black accents for a more modern take.

Blackout Abstract Drapes

Introduce abstract drapes to your bedroom by choosing one of the blackout fabrics. Not only do these prints look chic, but they also come in soft hues suitable for bedroom decor. Check out Morocco in a sky blue-white abstract print that brings the serenity of the skies to your sleep zone. Blackouts help to better insulate the room and for room-darkening. Beat the excess heat and cold and also the unwanted light and noise. Ensure sleep-friendly ambiance in the bedroom with blackout abstract drapes.

Blend with Contrast

There are countless different ways to use the unique colors, styles, and designs that abstract style curtains offer. A splash of patterned black or white can accentuate the colors of your room and tie the space together. In contrast, exotic or modernistic patterned curtains make perfect centerpieces for your interiors.

Mix & Match

If your windows are wide enough to hang more than two panels, try mixing different kinds of drapery panels. Frame your abstract drapes with plain drapes in matching or complementing color tones. Or make them the framing panels keeping your plains in the middle. 

Heading Style

The right heading style, besides the choice of prints and colors, can contribute to establish the modern look of your drapes. Since abstracts are modish, choose heading styles that match that level of newness. So, you’ll do well by avoiding pinch pleat drapes. Grommets, flat panels, and ripplefolds are a few of the relatively modern styles which can go in tandem with the type of print.

Our abstract print category is too rich, diverse, and full of interest to fit into a simple summary. There’s a world of influences and styles waiting for you, and all that’s left is exploring them and finding the unique, custom-made curtains and drapes you’re looking for. So, get browsing and shop your favorite abstract drapes with Spiffy Spools today.