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How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Decorating a Studio Apartment

Congratulations, you finally have an apartment you can call your own! You may have spent the last few years living with roommates or this might be your first time living on your own after leaving your childhood home, but either way you are now in full control of your living space and can design it however you want. The possibilities are endless! Well, almost endless. A studio apartment can feel like a mansion if you have never had a place to yourself, but it will quickly become a cluttered and uncomfortable mess if you fail to carefully design and decorate your new space. For studio apartments, the key factor in your design and decoration process should be maximizing the use of the space around you, and today we will run through some tips that you can use to decorate your studio apartment.

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First, Take Stock of Your Space

Your initial task when you find your new apartment should be to assess its unique advantages or disadvantages. No two apartments are the same, and even spaces with the same square footage and cost can end up feeling vastly different because of very minute factors. Does your new space have built-in shelving anywhere? Is it carpeted or hardwood? How many windows are there and how to design curtains for these small windows? More so than other apartments, studios only function successfully when their decorations have been carefully planned to suit the space itself.

Consider Partitioning

Separating your space between a “bedroom” and “living room” is a common desire for studio apartment dwellers, and for good reason. The psychological impact of a physical partition can dramatically change the way you experience your living space. There are a few options you have for installing a partition that can divide your space.

Blackout Curtains For Living Room

Blackout Curtains For Studio Apartment

One option for partitioning is to purchase a folding room divider. This is a simple and effective solution for creating a mental separation between your bedspace and your living space, and it can be easily removed or relocated. You could also install a more permanent divider between your spaces to essentially create two separate “rooms” without an intervening door.

Another option to consider is using a curtain to create a private space for your bed. If you have the right materials, like sheer curtains or linen curtains, you can create a private space that still allows natural light. Or if you prefer full control over the light in your “bedroom,” you can also put up blackout curtains and create a cozy personal alcove untouched by the outside world.

Try Out Space Saving Furniture

Living in a studio apartment requires making trade-offs. A bigger couch might mean a smaller bed, a dining table might not be reasonable if you already have a coffee table, and in general, any portion of the space designated as a certain section will necessarily reduce the available space for other sections. Luckily, furniture exists that can convert between different functions: couches that convert into beds, dining tables that can be stored efficiently or converted into a coffee table, and other furniture designed to save space.

Use Rugs to Partition Space

A simple but effective way to break your studio space into separate functional areas is to make strategic use of area rugs to effectively designate specific areas for work, leisure, and sleep. An area rug can tie together a couch, television, and coffee table to quickly create a leisure space, for example.

Think Creatively with Storage Space

With a studio apartment, every square inch counts and storage space should be a primary concern as you begin to construct your home. Make use of storage solutions that take advantage of your available wall space, like hanging utensils and kitchenware, utilizing preexisting shelving or installing new shelving throughout the apartment, and mounting items like your television and stereo system if possible. Saving valuable floor space for bulky items will help maintain an open vibe in the apartment and hopefully keep it from feeling overstuffed and cluttered.

Use a Consistent Color Scheme Throughout the Apartment

While you may want to try to create diversity throughout your apartment with different wall colors or designs, this can quickly create a confusing and off-putting jumble of visual elements that creates more clutter than it should. A consistent color scheme throughout the apartment will help create visual harmony and, somewhat counterintuitively, will help the space feel larger.

To accomplish this kind of color scheme, you may want to acquire matching curtains, area rugs, and pillow covers. For instance, you may want to have cream, white, or another neutral color for your walls and then offset that neutral tone with a bolder color for your trim, curtains, and fabrics like a deep blue or warmer red.

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We hope these tips on how to decorate a studio apartment help you create the most welcoming and comfortable space possible.

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