Custom Pink Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Pink is the most playful and energetic of colors; if you want to make a room feel happy and upbeat, pink curtains are the surest way to go. The feminine, youthful tones of pink can add a new level of aesthetic cheerfulness and life to your home.

Belonging to the color family of red, this warm hue can also lift many a decor with a spirit of calmness and serenity. Bringing to mind the fragrant blooms from fresh gardens, pink drapes can bring the perfect mix of energy and style to any interiors.

From blush pink to magenta and fuscia to hot pink, pink ranges from the soft dreamy skyline hues to the rich stately purplish shades – all refreshing, refined, and revitalising.

Dressing your Windows with Pink Curtains

While pink is popular among children, it’s never just for kids. In one style or another, pink is always trendy and fashionable. Want to go for a lively bubblegum look with pink-on-pink, or join the popular hygge design trend? Pink is perfect for you. While pink and white balance each other and create a smooth, balanced look, you can also pair pink curtains into a striking contrast with other vibrant colors.

Let’s take you through some of the styling tips from our expert home decorators. Whether you wish to stitch your pink curtains in the modern grommets or flat panel style or the traditional’s pride – the pinch pleats, our expert craftsman assure you a flawless work. In sizes you specify with customised features to suit your personal taste, these pink curtains are certainly going to be conversation starters in your home.

Mix Pastels: Pastel pink is always popular and pairs wonderfully with other pastel colors. This is especially common in minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired interior design, but that’s not the only application of a pastel-centric interior. A mixture of pastel pink, red, purple, and other bolder pastel colors can make for a delightful maximalist interior.

Color-block your drapes: Indulge in the mixing of colors and designs by making use of the color-block facility provided by Spiffy Spools. For example, choose a plain pink fabric such as Yamini Shamwari and choose a band of a patterned striped fabric such as Yamini Meru at the top or bottom of the drape. The result will be a stunner.

Layer with sheers: Choose a set of curtains with pink accents and layer them with pink sheers to add a romantic flair to the window treatment. Take Jaipur Pink which features large-scale pink water lilies on a white backdrop. Back them with self-patterned striped sheers such as Coral Kiss stitched in 3x fullness for a rich gather. You’ll be incredibly proud of this attractive combination treatment for your patio doors.

Try a Happy-Go-Lucky Pink-on-Pink Look: Pink is a beautiful color that you can never have too much of; if you have pink walls, double down with pink curtains. While sticking to the same shade is an option, you might enjoy the visual richness that comes with blending different shades. A rich, vibrant shade of pink curtains will make for a fun, happy look. On the other hand, a subtler shade can tone down and balance the feel of the room.

Pair solids: A fantastic way to make pink have a deep impact is to use solid pink drapes. For wide windows, pair them with solid ivory drapes or patterned drapes with pink accents. This striking combination of contrasting hues making a bold statement together can make any room design to instantly light up with elegance.

Explore feminine power: Pink effortlessly brings to mind fresh blooms and feminine energy. Not that floral designs and pink hues are to be confined to the feminine realm, but that the combination of both is a clearcut feminine expression. Bring pink floral curtains to the living room or dining area or bedroom and watch the space softening gracefully and taking on a lively spirit.

Accessorize: To make your pink drapes even more spunky and to tell aloud about its made-to-order trait, accessorize your pink drapes with zingy ribbons trims, pompoms or tassels. Explore our wide range of curtain trims and choose the one that befits your personal taste and decor style.



Cinderella: With caricatures of trees, houses and flowers, this pink drapery will be the pride of your nursery and kids’ room.

Gardenia: Never has plaids been found softer than in these pink-checked fabric that could look just perfect for kitchen windows overlooking a lush private garden.

Wild Rose: This romantic pink velvet drapery is perfect for a stylish bedroom or a formal living room.

Artichoke: With bold damask motif printed in mauve-pink from end to end with blue and yellow accents, this classic drapery can give a facelift to any traditionally designed space.

Azalea: An energetic pink joins hands with apple green and eggshell white in stylish modern stripes to decorate any room with its spunkiness.

Here at Spiffy Spools, you’ll find hundreds of options for pink drapes in a variety of fabrics – linens, silks, cottons, velvets, polyester and blends – and also in choices of patterns, weaves, prints, solids, and textures. Stitched to perfection in any of the dozen curtain heading styles of your choice, pink drapery can bring both style and energy to your home with one stroke.

So go on, browse through our playful pinks to refurnish your windows in beautiful style!