Custom Cream / Ivory Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

A minimalist’s dream, cream is the color of eggshells, ivory tusks and old lace. It’s also the color of serene interiors that have the ability to relax and impress at the same time. White – but not quite – cream gives a warm, calm and welcoming vibe. No wonder it’s one of our most popular colors for custom curtains.

Where dark or bright colors can overwhelm a window in a small space, cream curtains evoke a sense of light and spaciousness. Cream curtains are also the perfect serene coordinate for patterned wallpapers, furniture pieces with quirky plaids, and walls with bold artwork.

Hiding brown or yellow undertones within, cream is a truly versatile neutral tone that does not run the risk of going sterile by over-usage. With a well-planned design, it can proffer a sophisticated look to any room. The brilliance of this understated hue is best displayed in rich textured fabrics that unravel in one breath the subtle whites and beiges hidden in the warp and weft of the fabric.

Highly capable of backdropping aesthetically rich and intricately designed elements of traditional decor as well as of taking on the mantle of the lead hue in modern decor, cream curtains are at home with most design styles that you can think of – Scandinavian, farmhouse, modern, contemporary, coastal, French country, Japandi….on and on. So, if you’re likely to change the style of your decor later, rest easy about your curtains because in all probability they’re going to be at home with the next one too.


White: Yes, that’s right. You might think white and cream don’t go together, but we promise you they do! Shades of cream will warm up the whites in your space while keeping it light and bright. The secret here – our stylists and many designers will tell you – is mixing textures and materials. Pair your cream curtains with crisp white linen sheets, plush wool rugs, marble coffee tables & velvet dining chairs. And finish the space with neutral accessories like sun-bleached driftwood or macrame wall hangings to keep color to a minimum — and the creaminess to a maximum.

Brown: Highly recommended for kitchens and dining rooms, this appetizing combination of cream and brown – that reminds of chocolate caramel cakes and almond butterscotch desserts – is a no-fail recipe for home decor too. Both neutrals energize each other and make for a warm interior that is pleasant and cozy. Add a few burnished oranges and amber yellow accents to flush the room with the dreamy charm of the sunset’s panoramic glaze.


Sky Blue: There are some who never want to lift their gaze off the sea when at the beach. And they would understandably love to add a flair of the sea to their decor. There’s something undeniably appealing about a classic, seaside-inspired palette. Nothing makes us instantly happy as a window draped with airy, ivory curtains against muted blue walls in a room dotted with charming nautical elements. If you’re a thalassophile too, try this trick with your ivory curtains. 


Whether you choose the iridescent silks or velvets that allude to the nacreous pearls or the rich-textured cottons and linens that feel like a rattan weave to the touch, cream curtains are sure to steal the show and yet, with a shy demeanor, sink gently into the background. If your walls are painted in bold colors, cream curtains can offer color balance with a soothing effect. And the chemistry of cream with the royal metallic gold long celebrated by the fashion industry is a stunner no less in opulent drapery too.

We highly recommend the pinch pleats style for plain cream curtains to showcase their purest beauty most elegantly. For a modern or transitional decor style, consider its pared-down version of euro pleat drapes. Floral, geometric, or damask, patterns that woo the eye dramatically or sync in style with simplicity – all look great in any of the casual styles such as grommets or tab tops, or flat panels.

From being a cozier option to the clinical white to being the chic element of a luxe decor, cream curtains have a rather vast span of design potential. Paired with suitably complementing or contrasting hues, they never fail to relay a homely vibe. At Spiffy Spools, we have a rich collection of cream drapes in a variety of fabrics, weaves, prints, and textures to match your décor vision. So go on, and pick the cream of your dreams!