Custom White Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

White roman shades are perhaps the epitomy of what minimalism could get translated to in window treatments. The unpigmented fabric and the simplistic construction of a roman shade, together, give a sophisticated interior its perfect finishing touch. 

Much like the gap between the beats of a song, it’s the blank space that makes everything around it richer and more meaningful. If you want to intensify a feeling or draw attention to a design choice, the best way to do that is often by setting it against a white backdrop.


Perfect backdrop: The unique ability of white to make surrounding colors pop is what makes white such a valuable color for interior designers. Whether your room emphasizes light, airy colors such as sky blue or features bolder ones like red or purple, adding white roman shades is a sure way to enhance the energy and style quotient of any space. Solid white roman shades can let your leafy green wallpaper or your ivory-gold feature wall stand out more than it would otherwise.

Statement piece: White doesn’t only exist to improve the rest of the room; white window blinds are a statement in themselves. They pronounce purity, simplicity, sophistication, light-heartedness and serenity – all in one breath. Trimmed with simple ribbons or ornate tassels, they redefine luxury. Framed by decorative silk drapes, they recontextualize the entire design. The greater the contrast between your shades and the rest of your room, the more your resplendent white roman shades command attention. And that’s what a white roman shade that appears too simple can do to your interior design.

Make it cozy: It’s not as if only stark contrasts can let white perform its magic. Slow and soft, subtle contrasts make white beam with a homely vibe. Think cream, ivory, tan, sandy beige, or pastel pink – all of these bring simple sweetness to the home when paired with white. Even the sterile, clinical white will take on a warmer appearance in the presence of these cozy hues. That warmth can form the basis of your entire interior design philosophy. Minimalist interior design makes great use of white, pastels, and a bit of black or other, sharper colors to draw upon the innate power of white as an element of design.

Solid or patterned: At the outset of your shopping spree, determine whether you want to go for solids or patterned fabrics. Both have unique impact on the overall aesthetic of the home. If the decor already features several patterned elements, use plain roman shades to offset their visual energy. Conversely, if solid colored elements dominate the room, patterned shades can give a generous serving of a delightful contrast. Further, you can choose sparsely arranged designs or end-to-end continuously flowing designs in minuscule or bold scales. While large-scaled geometric designs are at home with modern decor, ornate patterns like damask and paisley reign in traditional decor. Depending on your decor style and the impact you wish to cast, decide on the type of shades you wish to purchase.

Choose the style with forethought: For solid white shades, we highly recommend the flat fold with front slats style of stitching the roman shade. Here, the slats’ hemlines can serve as a pattern on the plain surface. While bold patterns need a clean frontage as of a back-slatted flat fold shade to display their intricacies and energy to the fullest. The tiny patterns can look great in any of the styles. A third possibility that is great for all solids, as well as patterned fabrics, is the European relaxed style with scalloped bottoms. The only minus point of this style is that the folds often need manual setting.  So, it suits well and indeed, does a marvelous job as a decorative shade.


Pure and spotless Marble: This pure white unblemished fabric brings you the goodness of both natural materials – cotton and linen. It’s not just nature-friendly but is also a treat to the eye with its mildly textured finish.

Self-patterned Thistle Seed: A quatrefoil motif with projected outlines filled from end to end of this silk-blend fabric makes a visual treat with a tactile quality.

Embroidered Butter Cream: Welcome the heat and light of a delightful summer morning to your home with this tastefully designed sheer fabric featuring tiny beige flowers.

Go leafy with Pacific Rim: Featuring bold-sized birch leaves in a bluish-grey, this white shade is sure to complement a plain wall with the right hues and an attractive theme.

Sleep sound with Bialy: A solid white fabric that can block out light from your room substantially because it is blackout material is a sure blessing for a bedroom that needs a bright and airy color scheme.

No matter what design ideas are guiding your decor, white roman shades can make it better. A bright, summery room benefits from the light of white shades, while darker designs gain power and depth from the contrast. Our line of roman shades can elevate your interior design in ways you haven’t imagined. And so, don’t spend one more minute obliging the scepticism. Just enter the shopping spree and have fun dressing your windows with Spiffy Spools’ white roman shades!