Custom Black Curtains & Window Drapes

Want your space to look dramatically chic? Try dressing the windows with black curtains.

Black is a statement color. It intrigues the viewer, visually dominates over other colors. It also conveys strength, seriousness, authority and power. Black is also sophisticated…remember the formalness of black tie and the glamour of the little black dress? No wonder, black drapery continues to be ‘trendright’ for formal living room, grand dining rooms and home theatres.

Not instantly ideal for small spaces or dark walls, black drapes are best used in large spaces with high ceiling height. Think double height living rooms, formal dining rooms and spacious bedrooms. Black drapes also work well in open plan residences where spaces have to be demarcated as per usage. Black drapes make excellent space anchors in neutral rooms.

With black curtains, we recommend keeping the walls light colored like white, cream, pale beige, pale gray, sage green or smoky blue. Black itself has several sub-shades like onyx, charcoal, ebony and soot that you can choose from.

If you find black too stark to use alone, break the view with floral or geometric curtains between solid black drapery. Or choose a multi-colored weave or print that has black in its palette.

You can also opt for black sheers that go well with industrial, minimal and contemporary spaces. Another idea is to use the two-layer approach that pairs black curtains with white sheers. Black will give you privacy and insulation. White, ventilation and light.

So go on, browse through our black drapery range to endow enviable style to your interiors!