Custom Purple Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

As the most seductive blend of the calming blue and the passionate red, purple rarely fails to earn the gazes that few others get. From rich berry purples to somber mauves, purples enrich the decor world in mild tranquil style or in a sensuous irresistible manner. And if you’ve found us today on a hunt for purple roman shades and window blinds to enrich your home, be assured that you will find your favorite hue in our collection.

We invite you to explore our stunning range of fabrics in this color that has always awoken a sense of splendor and majesty. Monarchs and emperors have often adorned themselves in this color, but it also holds a more subdued, intellectual side. It’s not the most common color in the world around us, but it’s this rarity that gives purple in all of its shades the power that it possesses.

Dressing your Windows with Purple Roman Shades

Purple roman shades are a bold interior design choice, but there are many cases where it will pay off and bring an energy to your interiors that nothing else can match. Here are just a few of the ways you might use purple to add a touch of refinement to your home.

Pile on the Contrast

A distinctive, imposing color such as purple works extremely well when employed in contrast. If your room already uses colors that oppose purple on the color wheel, such as yellow and green, then you can make an always-fashionable statement with purple window blinds. Or choose solid dark purple shades and trim their bottoms with bright yellow pompoms. The serious demeanor of purple will be set off by the light-heartedness of the yellow, and softened further with a playful note by the squishy trinkets.

Foster a Sense of Luxury & Extravagance

Purple is equally at home in a royal castle as in a corporate meeting hall. These sorts of formal spaces demand serious, intelligent interior design; purple has fulfilled this role since the days of Athens and Sparta. If you want to make a powerful impression on casual and formal guests alike, purple roman shades are the perfect complement to a motif of refinement and class such as damask or paisley.

Subtle, Intellectual Use of Purple

The spectrum of purple includes seductive violet and regal amethyst, but shades like mauve embody reserved intellectualism. Writers, researchers, creatives, and anyone with a love of peaceful contemplation should incorporate this color into their rooms or studies. Combine with black and charcoal accents to create a sombre space that suits right for serious business.

Decide Fold Style with Forethought

Whether you choose plain or patterned fabrics makes a huge difference to the selection of the fold style of the shade. Bold patterns are at a bit of a disadvantage in the front-slatted shades because of the visibility of the hemlines on the frontage. But the same trait is a blessing for plain fabrics that need an element to evoke visual interest on its clean frontage. If you like a more unconstructed casual appeal, the European relaxed roman shades with scalloped bottoms offer a pleasing option. Or if you only want a decorative shade without a functional element, you can choose our faux roman shade that hangs more or less like a valance with no possibility to draw them close or open.

Mix & Match Solids with Patterns

To make the most of the awe-inspiring purple, employ it in a way that enriches its appeal. Layer your shades with curtains so that you get an opportunity to introduce solids in one layer and patterns in the other. You also get to make use of the better insulation to reduce your power bills bu saving energy on artificial heating and cooling. Or paint the wall in a textured plastering work in pastel blue or ivory and use geometric patterned purple roman shades. Reverse the combination with bold printed wallpapers backdropping solid purple shades and you still have an interesting decor for the room.

Inspiration Corner

  • Sleep in style with Batemans Bay: Featuring serene lavendars and exuberant purples in a smudgy fashion, this dimout fabric spells sheer oomph and helps to keep excess light and sound out of the bedroom to ensure sleep-friendly ambiance.
  • Spell opulence with Iris Impact: Royal purple in an opulent velvet fabric – can a roman shade get classier! Welcome elegance exemplar with this deep-hued shade pitched against cream walls with gold-accented crown moldings to complete the high-end look.
  • A touch of purple with Gregale: Long gray slender panicles with tiny purple and lilac flowers set on an off-white backdrop offer a touch of the vivacious hue in a crisp manner. 
  • Loud and clear with Artichoke: Bold damask motif featured in reddish purple with a random tinge of green and yellow is ideal for huge windows of a dressed-up room. Accessorize them with purple tassel trims and they complete the regality in style.
  • Go modern with Amani: With diamonds in purple and pink shades arranged in a tesselated motif, this modern geometric print shade is perfect for homes designed in contemporary and modern styles.

Wisdom, ambition, and mystery or royalty, seduction, and pain – no matter which of these you associate purple with, one thing assured is that this hue never settles for a subtle touch – it always leaves you enamored. So, let your wildest imaginations of a dreamy, whimsical home come true with purple roman shades at your windows. Browse our curated collections and shop your favorite purple roman shades today.