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Scandinavian Window Treatments: Minimal Looks, Maximal Feels

Scandinavian Window Treatments


The Danish philosophy of ‘hygge’  – encapsulating three core principles of comfort, contentment, and connection – is the mainspring of muted colors, decluttered spaces, natural lighting, soft fabrics, and wooden accents characteristic of the Scandinavian design style. Now, as a purist Scandi fan – and safely presumed lover of minimalism and natural light – you may want to leave your windows bare. But oftentimes, the need for privacy and light control – especially in bedrooms and nurseries – comes into play, and you may find yourself shopping for Scandinavian window treatments that can meet your practical needs without compromising on your light-soaked vision of Scandi warmth, comfort and coziness.

Well, find yourself in the good hands of Spiffy Spools’ stylists who are here to guide you with the best tips and suggestions for Scandinavian window treatments to infuse your space with sensible functionality and pleasing aesthetics.

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Let There Be Light


White Sheer Scandinavian Curtains


Maximizing natural light is a core guiding principle behind Scandinavian interior design. Since window treatments are expected to be minimalistic and softly lightly filtering, we often advise sheer curtains or sheer roman shades in white as our go-to pieces for this style. On a bright airy day, the gently filtering sunlight coming from your sheer white curtains can instantly lift the calm aesthetics of your room, while giving you privacy.  Below are our stylists’ top-3 choice of Spiffy Spools’ sheer and semi-sheer fabrics for custom curtains and window blinds:

  • ‘Cloud White’ Linen White Sheer Curtains: The utterly simple yet high-end look of curtains in Cloud White reflects complete class and select taste. 
  • ‘Leh Almost White’ Drapes: Easily our most popular semi-sheer white lin
    en. Simple and minimalistic. From shabby chic kitchens to scandi living rooms, we’ve seen this one transform every room it has ever been hung in.
  • ‘Whipped Cream’ White Semi-Sheer Roman Shades: If your decor sensibilities believe ‘pristinely plain is truly beautiful’, here is the window dressing to capture your vision. These white semi-sheer roman shades have been crafted in pure linen for that truly luxurious minimalist feel. The classic translucent look lets in diffused natural light for a peaceful effect. Simple and simply stunning!


Clean Lines are a Must


Scandinavian patterns for window treatments


Scandinavian decor thrives on clean lines. Hence, ornate, traditional or excessively detailed patterns – like florals, paisleys and damasks – are a big no no. If you would like a bit of pattern play for visual interest, or simply something to complement the neat lines of your furniture, our stylists recommend introducing curtains or roman shades in clean, minimalist stripes, checks or houndstooth. Use vertical stripes in rooms with low ceilings to draw the eye upwards and give an illusion of space and height. The classic black and white stripe – though bold for this style of décor – is often picked for the modern palette that fits so well in a Scandi setting. 


Earthy Tones


Scandinavian bedroom curtains


Earthy warm tones are colonizing minimal landscapes this year. They’ve become the favored palette especially for the ‘modern’ Scandiphiles since these trendy tones – from light camel to dark chocolate – are a natural fit for a style that is heavily characterized by the use of pale woods. Therefore, accompanied by a sharp retreat by greys – this year we have seen rising demand for window treatments in warm earthy hues like caramel and wheat beige for modern Scandi interiors. The lighter tones throw a warm and friendly essence over the room, while dark earthy tones can help bring hygge and intimacy.


Fabric Choice


Linen Curtains Scandinavian Decor


Linen – to no one’s surprise – remains the primary choice of fabric for Scandinavian window treatments. Aside from the simple yet obvious elegance that linen offers, it is also durable, airy, insulation friendly, and gives any space a natural feel. However, linen does wrinkle easily and the casual, slightly worn appearance that is loved by many, is a concern for a few. In such cases, cotton should be your alternative choice of fabric. Tough, clean and crisp – cotton curtains work beautifully for an earthy and fresh feel – and offers a neater, structured alternative to linen.


Add Textural Depth


Textured Fabrics


If your windows need something more substantial than sheers for insulation, privacy or light control reasons, we suggest opting for texturally-rich fabrics that add to the warmth and coziness of the room. Layering of fabrics and textures – from chunky knit throws to sheepskin rugs – is a hallmark of Scandinavian style. Your window treatments can be another rich note adding to this harmony of textiles and soft furnishings. Fabrics like Regan Grey and Yamini Madagascar from our collection are highly desirable due to their minimalistic palettes but maximalist textures.


Accessorize your Scandinavian Window Treatments


Curtain Trims


If you’re looking for a way to dress up your minimalist Scandinavian window treatments – be it curtains or shades – we recommend considering our ribbon trims for added visual charm. Imagine your white semi-sheer curtains complemented by black or gray colored ribbon trims. When considering trimmings, we do recommend avoiding tassels as they tend to be ornate and out of step with the clean lines of a Scandinavian-style space.


Styling your Curtains and Roman Shades


Scandinavian Window Decor


If you have small windows, we recommend opting for roman shades over curtains. Full curtains can overwhelm a small space and also do not offer the clean, structured look that a roman shade can. Also because roman shades, when styled as flat-fold with slats at the back, stay true to the essence of Scandinavian decor by staying minimal. When shopping for curtains, we recommend avoiding pinch pleat heading styles as they read traditional and are a bit too tailored against the roll-out-of-bed easy looks of a Scandi room. Instead, go for something like a flat-panel top to show off the effortless elegance of your linen or cotton drapes.


Order Custom Scandinavian Window Treatments from Spiffy Spools

Go on then, get your Scandi on! Dress your windows in a way that elevates your soul and warms your heart, all while maintaining an uncluttered sense of simplicity in your Nordic decor. Explore our collection of 3000+ fabrics and get the perfect window treatments to dress your space in Scandinavian style. Peace!



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