Custom Striped Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Good color coordination can often make for a beautiful room, but sometimes you find there’s a need for a certain je nais se quois, just a touch of extra excitement. In these cases, our family of striped curtains and drapes is exactly what you need to add a bit more flair to a space that’s almost perfect.

Whether you stay neutral with the classic black and cream striped drapes or bring in a pop of color with turquoise and beige striped curtains, striped drapery is a great way to get a “decorator” look. Stripes mix beautifully with solids, florals, and other patterns, meaning they can be used in just about any space, room and decor setting.

Decorating your Home with Striped Curtains 

Stripes have never ceased to be a favorite choice of home stylists and homeowners alike. Perhaps because of their matter-of-fact appeal or because they can easily blend with other patterns, this minimalistic pattern comes in several types – some narrow, some wide – each bearing a different personality.

While dressing your home with striped curtains, in order to make the most of them, bear in mind these highly useful tips from our expert stylists.

Vertical or Horizontal?: While vertical stripes are the traditionally popular way to go, we find horizontal stripes to be a little edgier and modern than vertical stripes. Where vertical striped curtains help create the illusion of height thus making ceilings appear higher, horizontal striped drapes make rooms feel wider and can elongate spaces. Therefore, our stylists recommend vertical striped curtains for rooms with low ceilings and horizontals for narrow, smaller spaces. For optimal results, let your striped drapery hang from ceiling to floor.

Pick Color Palette Thoughtfully: Since stripes are often graphic and bold on their own, we recommend avoiding colors that clash. Instead, consider hues that either contrast such as Chelsea Pirate in a blue-white pairing or those that come from the same color family, as in the red-burgundy pairing of Yamini Medina. Pair a bold color with a neutral like white or beige as in Pink Mirage, or pick the classic black and white curtains such as in Juodas. If the room is small, consider stripes with subtle contrast such as Yamini Areza in a white-beige combo or Yamini Asmara in a beige-brown combo.

Factors that Affect Colors: Color saturation of the stripes has great impact on the overall power of its hues. Bold hues shed their power substantially in less saturated finishes. See Southern Shadow making a bold statement with its well-saturated high contrast finish where Barefoot Beach bearing the same color combo and same sized pattern sheds its power effortlessly due to less saturation.  Similarly, blurred lines diminish the power of a hue where clean lines accentuate it. Despite bearing the same color combination, Brick Medley’s clear lines make the hues to stand out while Cobnut’s blurred lines diminishes the effect of the hues..

Balance the Visual Energy: Stripes are simplistic, no doubt, but you can underestimate their visual energy very easily. The bolder and wider, the more the impact. Therefore, our stylists recommend counteracting stripes with slightly plainer elements. Striped curtains look best on solid-colored walls. Also, look for more excuses to bring in elements such as dainty floral throw pillows, area rugs, or furniture. Or use the power of curvy florals or damasks or polka dots to offset the straight lines of the stripes, interpolating them with solid elements as well. The effect is cohesive, but it also gives your eyes a place to rest.

Be Wise with the Size: The size of any pattern looks bold or miniature in relation to the size of the window as well as the expanse of the room. So, you might love the pinstripes but consider how easily they are lost in a luxuriously spaced room. Or, consider how the awning stripes can hit in the eye literally in a small claustrophobic room. Wider stripes play well in a larger room, where thin stripes can look too cluttered and/or get lost.


Country Roads: Neither too narrow, nor too wide, the stripes in beige, burgundy and navy blue look great for a home that has plenty of wood accents.

Summer Gold: This orange-yellow striped curtain with turquoise blue accents can bring any boring setting back to cheerfulness with its energetic hues.

Crisp Lettuce: Featuring thin stripes in white and apple green, these drapes will look perfectly right in living rooms that can profit from vibrant color combinations.

Crayon: Yet another spirited drapery in turquoise blue, apple green and a tad bit of beige and white, Crayon is a combination of wide and thin stripes. Hence, it looks great in small rooms as much as in the spacious ones.

Yamini Kumasi: Red, olive green and orange – colors from the same family camp together in vertically stripes in this softly tactile fabric.

In modern minimalist settings, striped curtains serve to echo the basic theme of clean lines while in traditionally embellished homes, they provide contrast of shape to the highly ornate patterned elements. Striped curtains are truly versatile decor elements that can give a fresh break to any room and any style of decor. So, go ahead and shop carefree from our wide range of striped drapes. Happy shopping with Spiffy Spools!