Custom Grey Curtains & Window Drapes

Looking to bring a cool and neutral vibe to your interiors? We recommend draping your windows with gray curtains.

Gorgeous and versatile, gray is the color with fifty shades – silver to smoky, ash to charcoal, cloud to fog, steel to slate, and many more. Gray is also adaptable enough to go with multiple color palettes and décor styles.

Carefully chosen gray curtains with geometric or textured look can give a calming and sobering feel to interiors. An excellent choice for offices and manly dens with steel and chrome accents. Floral grays can add feminine finesse to an interior dominated by bold colors. If there is an accent piece in your room with a bold color like turquoise or magenta, try gray drapery with similar color details to make it stand out. If you like black but find it a bit too dark for drapes, charcoal gray could be your preferred option.

We offer a wide range of grays – from plain to patterns, from monochrome to combined with other colors – to give you the widest possible choice. Our fabric range is equally vast with cottons, linens, velvets, silks and blends to match your style and budget. You can also choose amongst sheer, semi-sheer or denser fabrics to go with your décor theme and privacy needs.

Go on, browse through our grays to refurnish your windows in groovy style.