Custom Grey Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Add a touch of subtle energy to your interiors by draping your windows in gray curtains from Spiffy Spools. From plains to patterns, from monochromes to multicolors, cozy cottons to dreamy silks, we have gray drapes to match every style and budget. And a dozen drapery heading styles – ranging from the highly tailored pinch pleats to the modern casual grommet tops – should leave you with an abundant choice galore to shop for your favorite window treatments.

Bring Home the Power of Gray

While gray can bring softness and freshness to the home, it can also go to the other extreme of melancholy, wistfulness, and drama. This versatile hue becomes regal in silver-gray, a mood-setter in charcoal gray, calming in abalone gray and minimalistic in sleek, modernistic steel gray; each shade of gray brings with it a unique vibe to offer. Given this level of versatility, gray poses umpteen styling opportunities. Let our expert stylists offer you their top tips to decorate your home with gray curtains. 

Balance Energetic Hues

If you have highly vibrant hues like red, orange, turquoise blue or yellow in generous measures in a room, gray curtains can help to bring a fair share of sobriety that such interiors beg for. For example, for wide doorways and windows, use Bright Fire checkered drapes in a bright yellow and frame them with Silky Touch velvet curtains in a charcoal grey. One lends sparkle and dynamism while the other lends sobriety and balance to bring the goodness of both in a perfect measure to the home design.

Hone the Masculine Vibe

For interior design styles that revere straight lines and darker color palettes, gray curtains are an obvious choice. The darker shades of gray lend themselves well to a more reserved, sober and serious appeal. In particular, these qualities pair well with geometric patterns with straight lines as in our plaid curtains like Rocky River or textured curtains like Shoreline to add depth and an industrial vibe. Gray drapes with sharp patterns and deep textures are perfectly suited for a man’s den, private study, or the office.

Go Soft for Feminine Appeal

Although grays are associated with masculinity by default, you can imbibe a feminine spirit by choosing curvy motifs and soft pastels or bright hues to pair it with. Floral designs, polka dots, and ornate paisleys and damasks can add feminine finesse to any interior. Bring blush pink or turquoise blue or lavender into the picture alongwith softer tones of gray such as abalone and cloud gray. See Dark Bay pairing mild soothing grays with bright turquoise blue in smudgy stripes and Lagoon Grey giving a strong feminine touch with blush florals in yellows and grays.

Blackout Gray Drapery

If you want to create a secluded, peaceful feeling for a private space, our blackout grey curtains are an excellent choice. Blackout curtains cut down noise and light substantially leaving you with a quiet space to read a book with focus or sleep peacefully to the heart’s desire. But just because they are grey and blackout, doesn’t have to mean they are drab. Take a look at Hampton Manor in a geometric pattern or Flic Flac in amazingly heart-winning lavender blooms on a steel grey backdrop or cozy-looking Furling Fossil in a warm grey and believe it for yourself.

For the Love of Plains

A no-fail recipe for a contemporary or modern style design is the pairing of solid panels in complementary or contrasting hues. Pair Wild Yellow and Szar in a seductive combination of charcoal grey and bright yellow. One, very serious and dark, and the other buoyant, bright and energetic – a fantastic contrast with a magical effect. But if you wish to bring the same type of contrast to each panel, opt for patterned drapes that have employed the same technique as in our Amarela.

Bring Textural Variety

Grey is moody, contemplative and soulful. It is interesting to see how this hue takes on a cozy vibe when pitched in rich textures. See one of our cotton drapery Knotted that employs a twirl theme in black, white, and several shades of grey. Coquina brings the top fave herringbone weave with a rich texture in a classy style.

Inspiration Corner

Blooming beauty of Shiny Penny: Bring soft florals and the sophisticated grays together in  in this embroidered drapery. Small gray and white sprays set on a white backdrop make it the perfect pick for rooms that need abundant light.

Give a Scandi touch with Granito: For interior designs that uphold gentle and muted color palettes and natural materials, this beige-gray pure cotton drapery is a top recommendation.

Fake spaciousness with Dreamy Night: This pin-striped drapery will enable you to create an illusive sense of higher ceiling space by guiding the eye to grasp the vertical dimension of the room. Hang at ceiling to floor length for best results.

Opulence with a ‘twist’ in Celik: Combine the glamor of silk with the moody vibe of dark grey and you get a trend-right drapery that wants to downplay its opulence.

Welcome modernity with Kapa: Use abstract designs with modern color palettes to suit modern decor heavily laden with wood accents, exposed concrete walls, straight lines, and minimal details.


Gray drapery has the potential to revitalize all sorts of interiors and transform the energy of a space. If the color has piqued your interest, browse through our catalog and refurnish your windows in groovy style. Shop with Spiffy Spools today and find the gray curtains that win your heart.