Modern Abstract Roman Shades & Window Blinds

Modern Window Blinds with Abstract Flair

If your mind is one wanderer, our abstract modern roman shades in their free-flowing patterns will take you all the way! Contemporary abstract patterns are after all known to push the boundaries of the world’s imagery, setting one free and flying.

For Kandinsky – one of the pioneers of abstract art in the early 19th century – the free-flowing patterns of his abstract paintings had lent him a pathway to spiritual reality.

When you think of abstract, you might imagine a variety of patterns and designs sans any uniformity. But make no mistake, these patterns – seemingly so distant from any visual ‘reality’ – are in fact an amalgamation of eras, cultures, and looks. They do interpret the world, but from a different angle, taking you to a different dimension altogether.

Spiffy Spools’ abstract print modern window blinds, lovingly handstitched by expert seamstresses promise to bring this other dimension, this free-flowing essence of abstract art into any space, indulging the more adventurous of our clients.

Our family of abstract contemporary print roman blinds is rich with all sorts of interesting designs – bold & bright, black & white, subtle & light; just the way you like! What’s more? You can get them stitched in any size and style to fit your unique aesthetic and color palette.

Such is the aesthetic of abstract roman shades, they offer you a limitless inspiration to experiment. This art isn’t just for connoisseurs, but for anyone in search of a bit of adventure, playfulness and fun. Perhaps that’s the reason so many interior designers favor our abstract roman shades for a kids bedroom.

Check out Spiffy Spools’ ‘Arrow Distraction’ blinds for example – so perfect to give wings to your little one’s imagination. This flat weave fabric features a chic, contemporary arrow-like pattern in black against a backdrop of milky white for a versatile color styling. Or have a look at our ‘Rustic Plat’ shades, with their black and khaki combination that promises to instantly lift any decor style.

Although completely on trend, our modern roman shades unexpectedly also draw inspiration from indigenous peoples and designs that, themselves, found inspiration from the natural world. Reminiscent of totemic imagery and tribal art, many of the prints in this collection defy design norms and dare to be about something rather than being a simple collection of colors. Custom roman shades featuring such visually rich, interesting designs can tie a room together by drawing the focus and emphasis of visitors upon one point.

The energy associated with abstract patterns majorly reflects a bold, eye-catching tone. They are ideal as roman blinds especially if you are looking for a statement piece to your neutral interior. Take for instance our ‘Whispering Forest’ roman shades. Its color palette highlights antique golds against a backdrop of neutral, easy-to-pair hues. In shades of red, gold and brown, its ornate pattern never fails to make an impact, regardless of their environs.

Roman shades in this collection will blend with your interior in unimaginable, unexpected ways. After all, abstract in many ways is meant to be unexpected.

So, what are you waiting for? Time’s now to change your home into an art-filled haven, a Picasso-inspired paradise.