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Finding the Best White Bedroom Curtains to Suit Your Style

When it comes to bedroom curtains, you can’t get much more elegant or more classic than white. No matter what your interior design layout might be, you can find the perfect white bedroom curtains to complement your space and make your bedroom feel as cozy and comfortable as it should.

Order custom curtains from Spiffy Spools online in any size. We have over 1,000 fabrics and patterns to choose from, so you can design them exactly to your liking.

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Why White Bedroom Curtains? 

Besides their ability to seamlessly blend in with any interior design layout, and acing their versatile roles as Scandinavian curtains or modern curtains, white curtains are also great for supporting natural light within a space. The amount of natural light you receive in your bedroom can make a huge difference in how the room is perceived and how comfortable you feel spending time in it.

Though some prefer to control the light sources in their bedroom artificially, natural light tends to be the most desirable light source when creating an inviting space where you enjoy spending time. Let’s explore some of the best Spiffy Spools options for white curtains that come in various shades, patterns, and textures to best suit your needs. 

Delicate and Sheer 

If natural light in your bedroom is a priority for you, you’ll love our ‘Cloud White’ Linen White Sheer Curtains at your bedroom window. These sheer curtains allow for optimal light while still protecting your space from excessive sun exposure. Plus, the delicate woven pattern can add a pleasing sense of texture surrounding your bedroom’s view of the outdoors.

We recommend our ‘Morning Moon’ Cotton Rich Semi Sheer Curtains for those who want some natural light in their bedroom but don’t want an entirely sheer curtain. This option still provides some connection to outside light while maintaining a sense of privacy and separation for your space. 



Blackout Curtains 

Despite their title, blackout curtains can come in a variety of colors—even white! If you prefer to control the light environment in your bedroom throughout the day or simply want to have the option to close off your bedroom from natural light, you might prefer our ‘Shwet’ White Blackout Curtains. The elegant ivory color of these curtains complements any color scheme while providing full blackout capabilities based on your light preferences. 

Bright and Enticing Patterns 

Just because you desire a white curtain for your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of an eye-catching pattern at your window. Spiffy Spools offers a wide variety of patterned white bedroom curtains, including our ‘Oymak’ Geometric Patterned Curtains, which feature delicate gray and beige geometric images atop a cream-colored base.

For a splash of color on top of elegant white curtains, we suggest our ‘Basma’ Floral Embroidery Curtains. With ornate red and pink flowers surrounded by artistically woven gray and beige branches, these curtains feature a pattern so lovely that you can pair it with just about any color scheme or dĂ©cor style. 

Subtle and Delicate Textures 

Sometimes, the most subtle pattern on white bedroom curtains can create a distinct texture that adds to the space’s overall look and feel in a small yet effective way. That’s how we think about our ‘White Pepper’ Custom Cotton Window Curtains, which feature a lightly ribbed texture as well as 100% cotton fabric that’s soft to the touch perfect for a scandi decor.

Are you interested in mixing up the color scheme of your white bedroom curtains just enough to create a sense of intrigue in your interior dĂ©cor? Our ‘Kot’ Bespoke Curtain Panels combine a delicate mixture of white and flint gray with other subtle colors popping out of the texture, as well, such as blue and gold. These curtains create the same sense of elegance and simplicity as a plain white curtain while still offering an interesting texture to experience when looked at closely.   

Create Your Perfect Custom White Bedroom Curtains with Spiffy Spools 

Hopefully, some of our recommendations for white bedroom curtains gave you the inspiration and ideas you need to get started creating custom curtains to suit your bedroom perfectly. Luckily, designing custom curtains is easy with Spiffy Spools. Contact us to get started today! We’ll help you each step of the way as you determine your window dimensions, pattern and texture preferences, and more.


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