Custom Green Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Green is one colour that has inspired countless poems and tranquil trips to the woods. A look outside your window will reveal why. It’s the colour of life and symbolises nature, rebirth, and a connection to the world around us. You shouldn’t be surprised that interior designers prize green for the lush, vibrant feeling that it can bring to any room. For that matter, the vibrance that green curtains offer makes them a fixture among many of our clients’ homes.


NATURE-INSPIRED COLORS: The world around us is the original source of interior design inspiration, and you can take a glance outdoors to see how green combines beautifully with so many other colours. Shades of pine and grass can fit perfectly along with subtle browns and greys, making for alluring curtains for your windows. A touch of blue or yellow in your decor, accessories, or furniture can pull the look together.

PAIR WITH WHITE SHEERS: Think of white chrysanthemums and roses, and you’ll be convinced about the ataraxic combination of white and green. If your walls are painted cream or pale yellow, combine plain green curtains with plain white sheers.  If you want some more eye-engaging prints, choose botanical or floral patterned curtains with green accents. It brings the feel of a lush garden to mind. While the green drapes provide privacy during the night, sheers ensure privacy during the day.

ADD TO A BLUE ROOM: Green and blue are a natural pairing; just look at a treeline set against the backdrop of the sky, or the mixing greens and blues of the ocean. Rooms with a pale, lighter blue colour are the perfect complement to a set of rich, olive green curtains. Or paint the walls in teal blue and use mint green curtains to complete the wall decor.

MAKE IT SEDUCTIVE: You can pair green drapes with more unorthodox colours to create a seductive fusion of styles. For instance, a rich shade of purple or burgundy walls that you’ve paired with a vivid green will each make the other colour pop. On the other hand, consider using a neutral wall colour and pair green curtains with fuchsia accessories to create a deep, compelling visual experience.

CHOOSE A SUITABLE HEADING STYLE: Heading styles are the game-changers in window drapery. They air the formal or casual appeal of the decor aptly. If your home is teeming with ornate details, pinch pleats alone can do justice to the drapery. And if your interiors are characterized by minimalism, choose flat panels or ripplefolds

CUSTOMIZE FOR A UNIQUE LOOK: Custom drapery has a unique proposition in that there is none other like it in the world. But ensuring the customized look for the drapery is a challenge. Make use of the colour-blocking feature to let your drapes don that one-of-its-kind look that any homeowner could be proud of.  Choose Dancing Green and Zen Mist drapery fabrics, for example, and colour-block them in packed style or any one of the four styles available. Not only that it will render a unique look but also give a highly tailored appeal with the perfect sense of contrast of solids and patterns.


TRULY GREEN ORMAN: This juniper green pure cotton drapery is straight out of nature’s laps. Embrace the green revolution by opting for this eco-friendly natural fabric. The solid green textured finish of the drapery makes it a perfect fit for rooms with light-hued walls.

FRESH BEGINNINGS WITH ERLENSEE SPRING: With a botanical pattern that reminds us of fresh green leaves budding and inaugurating the grand Spring fest, this drapery is sure to help the decor with zest and energy.

OPULENCE IN SMOKY OLIVE: Velvet drapes gather with sumptuousness and fall like a dream. Stitch these olive green drapes in double pinch pleats and leave them to puddle on the floor for luxurious stylish home decor.

SLEEP IN A FOREST WITH FITZROY: Sea green, mint green and emerald hues mingled in a nebulae pattern make this drapery a showstopper. Add to that its ability to keep out unwanted sound and light and you get the best green curtains for a sleepy bedroom.

WELCOME LIGHT WITH AULAKH: Hang white curtains with green accents and pair them with these lovely green sheers to welcome light and air to your home all through the day.

Green drapes help to make your home truly connected with the beauty and vibrance of nature. Line your hallways, patios, and decks with plants rich in green foliage to complete the theme of green. Whichever way you decide to go with this earthy hue, from florals to plains, from casual linens to lush velvets, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your wallets and palettes in our collection! So, get your favorite green curtains from Spiffy Spools to your home today.