Custom White Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

It’s no coincidence that every great masterpiece started out as a white canvas. White represents a realm of pure possibility, and negative space has a great role to play in many artworks.

A wide range of fabrics, various shades of this enigmatic hue, a dozen stitching styles to choose from, and the possibility to customize as per personal taste – what more do you need to finally get the white curtains of your dreams? 

Bring Home the Sophisticated Beauty of White

White is the color that helps all the others shine. Adding a splash of white accentuates all of the colors around it and magnifies the existing charm and feel of your room. No matter what your interior design looks like now, it’s a safe bet that adding white curtains can only make it better. 

A Soothing, Impressive Centerpiece: White doesn’t only play as a helper to other colors; white itself can be the star, as it makes a room feel brighter and warmer. Heavy usage of white and other neutral, subtle colors can create a space that’s inviting, yet refined. This sense of light and airiness can also amplify other interior design choices, such as artwork and furniture arrangements. In the same way that the pause between musical notes gives them power and changes their meaning, a bit of white amplifies your other design decisions.

If you’re not sure which color drapery to buy, then choosing white is a safe bet. That said, there are a few combinations where white truly shines.

Ultra-Chic High Contrast Design: Black and white are the ultimate, original high-contrast pair. It’s one pairing that’s never out of fashion, with the combination of light and darkness serving to enchant people since time immemorial. Houndstooth Jamboree with the ever-enigmatic houndstooth motif, Ambroise with a stylish cursive script, and Greek Key Escapade in its namesake pattern are all examples of this high-contrast combo. If the existing color balance of your interiors is a bit more dark and subdued, then a splash of smoke white is the right mix of complement and contrast.

Subdued, Minimalistic Interiors: White drapery is also well-suited to Scandinavian-style design, as it naturally enhances the warmth and energy of pastels and minimalistic spaces. If you’re a Scandi fan, check out Leh Pure in a pristine white and Dazzle Me in a self-patterned sheer material with warm undertones. While plain white curtains add light and draw attention to the rest of the room, you can also use a patterned white to make a statement all its own. For instance, mixing blush pink walls with a black and white checkerboard curtain like our Carousal and Svartur is a great way to bring neutrality to a feminine room.  Similarly, blackout fabric Desert mottled with yellows, whites, and greys strewn in marble-like pattern, and Abhaneri in a neat floral setting offers a textured white which does not hit the eye with a flash-like brightness.

White Blackout Curtains: When you want room darkening, extra privacy and a sense of seclusion in a room, it makes sense to have blackout drapes. However, many clients think blackout can only mean dark, dull and drab. Not so!  Casablanca’s serene white should leave you wondering whether it’s really blackout, but purge all those doubts. For a break from the pure white, you can consider the creamy Warm Snow or the marble-like Marine Sabz which sports blue accents and stray streaks of yellow.

Accessorize the Solid Whites: Just because you signed in for solid whites, you don’t have to settle for the plain industrial look. You can zhuzh them up and customize them as per your personal tastes. At Spiffy Spools, you have tons of opportunities in terms of ribbons, tassels, fringes, and pompom trims to accessorise your plain white drapes tastefully. That little addition can make a world of difference to the entire look of the home. Add gilded elements and you get an aristocratic look, add tassels and you get a rustic feel, add pompoms and you define the playful mood of the place, and so on and so forth. Whatever be your personality, the purpose of the room, and the style of your decor – echo them in your trims. But the best part of the deal is that you get the customized look that makes your drapery unique and different from all the mass-produced white drapes. Need more inspiration?

  • Classical Touch with Ribbon Trims: Ribbons on the lead borders or in the inset position are a great way to bring textural and tonal variety to your white drapery. Ruya can look fantastic with classic geometric patterns like greek keys and trellis as in our geometric trims available in a wide range of colors. Velvet tapes or grosgrain ribbons can offer textural interest to a simple linen blend fabric. If you want to introduce a slightly more ornate option than a plain ribbon, opt for the pretty gimp braid trims.
  • Get Casual with Pom-Pom Trims: Heavrth from our linen white drapery collection can get further casual with a jumbo pom-pom trim. If you wish to feature your more multiple accent hues in your white drapery, you have a wide choice available the two-tone pom-poms and three-tone trims.
  • Ornate Hand-Made Tassels: Arpino drapes with the classic damask pattern can air its sophisticated theme perfectly with the Milan tassel trims. You have a wide range of tassel trims to choose from, every one of them being truly marvelous hand-crafted ornamental additions to jazz up your white drapes.
  • Whimsical Fringe Trims: Cotton Crystal drapes in a multi-textured finish with blue and green accents are already a treat to the eye, but can get better with a whimsical touch of a cotton brush fringe on both sides. Similarly, white silk drapes can only get more resplendent and opulent with one of our viscose fringes

Whether your taste leans toward the posh velvets or silks or the homey cottons and linens, we’re proud to offer a brilliant selection of custom white drapery in different patterns and styles, which we tailor-make to your exact needs. If you want to enjoy the versatility and warmth that white has to offer, then you’re sure to love our Spiffy Spools custom-made white curtains and drapes. And don’t forget to add those dainty details that make such a huge impact. Shop now and take home a piece of pure serenity!