Custom Silk Curtains & Window Drapes


Luxurious, glamorous, opulent—and now, affordable!

From pure dupioni silk to silk blends and faux silks, our custom silk drapery collection offers a color and texture for every budget and palette.

Synonymous with grandeur for ages, silk drapery looks elegant, falls like a dream, and spells sheer opulence. No wonder silk gets us sighing with lusty appreciation every time.

Pure silk is a rare find, making us rather proud of our collection – all straight from the laps of nature bringing you its goodness and unmatched exuberance. If your decor style can flourish on an iridescent scheme, there’s no way you can turn your back on pure silks. Easily a statement decor piece, silk drapery is a luxury exemplar and the farthest you could go with splurging for your most beloved home. But if dry-washing them is a concern for you, consider the faux silk category which is easy to maintain and mimics the finishes of silk with utmost perfection.

If you love the sheen and yet crave a textured finish rather than a smooth glossed one, our dupioni collection should fit your taste perfectly. Their irregular ridges which give a slubby finish, makes them more tactile to the touch, robbing thereby nothing of its classy and royal appeal. Shantung silk, on the other hand, is for clients who want less prominent slub without missing out on any of the resplendent qualities of a silk. 


Silk curtains are among the finest additions you can make to your interiors, and they deserve to be used with forethought and deliberation. If you want to make the most of such glamorous drapery, here are some spiffy tips that will help you in that goal.

PERFECT FOR FORMAL SPACES. Just as linen rules casual spaces, silk reigns supreme in formal decors and spaces at home or in businesses. From dimly lit, cozy dining rooms to elegant reception rooms, silk is the perfect backdrop for traditional/classic interiors. In a formal yet personal, intimate setting such as a dining room or bedroom, the sensual tones of Russian Violet and other deep purples in silk are a match made in heaven. On the other hand, business-oriented spaces benefit from the elegant, somber feeling of muted hues such as ash grey or ecru beige.

PINCHED TO ELEGANCE. A beautiful fusion of old-worth craftsmanship and precision, pinch pleat tops are the ideal design for silk curtains. The stitched-in pleats work a pattern’s intricacy on this lustrous fabric and ensure a rich gather to bring sumptuousness to the drapery. The folds of the pleats heighten the drama of the kaleidoscopic adventure of light on the glossy finishes of the drapery.  If your aesthetic is modern, we recommend one of the euro pinch pleats.  

PUDDLED IN LUXURY. Luxury, at its height, shows itself in puddled drapery which is the perfect way to complete the design of a high-end formal space.  Measure curtains that are flush with the ground for a more reserved look, or lean into the dramatic flair of silk by going for a puddled look. Add between 6 to 16 inches to the length of your curtain, which will allow it to pool at the bottom and evoke the image of flowing, regal fabrics. Read our blog post on styling tips for puddling your luscious silk drapery.

FLOWING BEAUTY. If you have a dislike for fabrics that need to go under the hot iron to regain their lost glory, silk might be the right option for you. The slightly worn look as your sumptuous drapery ages and the soft wrinkles form silk’s very character and charm. With heavy lining behind your drapes, you can get into sumptuous rounded pleats without any aid or training the moment you draw the drapes open. 

Since silk can fade in strong sunlight, the lining also goes a long way in protecting drapes from being weathered by the sun, extending their life. If you’re looking for room darkening, line your silk curtains with our blackout lining. This will help you keep out unwelcome light and noise while elongating the life of your custom drapes.

WEAR WITH WORTHY HARDWARE. Silk deserves hardware that lives up to its grace and drama. We love ornate tie-backs and on-trend metallic poles to go with this resplendent fabric. For more subdued interiors, consider traditional wooden poles to match your furniture’s tone. Shiny silk drapes hung on ornate golden or silver poles gliding softly downward and piling gracefully on the carpeted floors is a statement piece of a luxe decor.

Spiffy Tip: Avoid silk window treatments in humid spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Silk does not like water and may retain water spots permanently.

Think high-end decor and silks come to mind instantly. Silk drapes bring drama and style to any formal room and complete the decor on an opulent note. Glowing softly and falling lightly – there’s nothing that can parallel a sightly pair of silk drapes, but it’s important to get the right color and style for your interior. So go on, explore our collection and find the perfect custom silk drapes today!