Custom Red Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Looking to bring an upbeat vibe to your interiors? We recommend draping your windows with red curtains.

Red is primal, bold and beautiful. You can light up even the dullest of rooms with a decent dose of red. And when bright reds meet the hands of a dexterous stylist, a bold statement piece is born.

From bright red vermillion to deep burgundy, seductive scarlet to rich crimson, softer coral red to fiery chili red, luscious cherry to blush red, and many hues in between, reds are an abundant galore of choices that can make a subtle impact or a glaring one.

Whether choosing a contrasting palette of red and green curtains, or a more monochromatic palette such as red and orange curtains, the exact hue of red has to be chosen carefully as it stands out overpowering the senses.


Red is seen as the easiest pick for a kids’ room considering its energising and attractive appeal for little minds. But red easily blends into many other rooms which can make the most of this charming hue. Let’s take you around –

Bedrooms oozing romance. Red is passionate. The color of love and cheerful hearts, softly bringing by elating memories of the erstwhile amorous red rose proposal, seldom can red drapes fail to evoke those goosebumps again. Used wisely with other complementary colors and in the right proportions, red is great to set up a romantic ambiance. Our Toco curtains with their watercolor-styled red blossoms set in a beige backdrop is a great choice for bedrooms. Its room-darkening and sound-resistant feature can aid in a sleep-inducing space whereas the red florals can perfectly echo the mood of the time.

Living rooms teeming with energy. Given its liveliness, red drapes are recommended for living rooms where active socialization and robust conversations crave energy-inspiring decor. Bright red curtains like our Lupien Bayberry go best with backdrops in pale and neutral hues. Red drapery also pairs well with neutral furniture with one or two red accents. If plain red is too bold for you, we suggest interspersing red drapes with complementary prints or weaves in more toned-down colors.

Appetizing dining rooms. Another place for warm family interactions and energetic activity is the dining room. Not just nourishing and mouth-watering delectables, but also a cheery decor goes into making an appetizing dining area. And red’s ability to get the heart to a merry mood is beyond competence. See if Grenadine does not prove this true. Should we say something of red’s inviting appeal so well proved by the crimson noir cherries and strawberries or the richly flavored red sauces that can get even anorexics onto the table? Red’s appetizing skills are nature-inspired and a pair of red drapes at the dining room window is going to match perfectly with the color tones of most of your dishes effortlessly.


We offer a wide range of reds – solids, textured, woven, florals, checks, chevrons, in monochrome as well as part of other color palettes – to give you the widest possible choice. Our fabric range includes cottons, linens, velvets, polyesters and blends to match your style, needs and budget. You can also choose among red sheer, semi-sheer, or denser red blackout curtains to go with your décor theme and privacy needs. Between our patterned drapes, you’ll find red paired with other colors such as jewel tone green and purples, to more muted pastel orange and neutrals. To make the most of red drapes, these are the small tips you can bear in mind:

Less is more: Red stands out effortlessly. No matter how little is used, it will stand out. So, the lesser the red, the more soothing the decor will be to the eye. But you can be more lenient with subtler or darker shades that are easy on the eye, yet attractive in their own way.

Contrast is the name of the game: In order to bring the best look of the red drapes to your room, employ the skill of contrast in the panels themselves or in the elements that are in their proximity. Say, a white couch or ivory walls can help the plain red drapes to shed their bright spirits into the room.

Textures have a say: Iridescent fabrics like silk and flat-surfaced fabrics like some polyesters tend to make the red brighter to the vision. Rich textured or slubby fabrics like linens or velvets tend to tone down their effect. Consider the role of texture when designing a space with red drapes.

So, have you now got the confidence to style your home with your favorite color? Indeed, red drapes are a great choice for a vibrant decor and if you want your home to beam with a buoyant spirit, your choice is going to take you to your goal for sure. Go on, and browse through our reds to refurnish your windows in ravishing style.