Custom Velvet Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

For an irresistibly beautiful decor element, our velvet roman shades have done their job for as long as we can remember. Not just for a sophisticated style but also for unparalleled efficiency, our custom velvet shades are a winning solution for your window. Homemakers, interior designers, stagers – all truly appreciate the plush feel and rich, sensational hues of velvet. Put that luxurious touch to a roman shade and you can sit back and watch the magic.

Our velvet roman shades and blinds come in a wide range of colors for every taste. Whether you prefer daring hues such as emerald green and sapphire blue or our muted greys and browns to add a touch of refinement and beauty to your interiors, you’ll find your soulmate color within the velvety shades that Spiffy Spools offers.

From classic lush solids to regal soulful jacquards, our velvet fabrics collection spells unapologetic extravaganza. The key to dressing your windows with velvet roman shades is to let their splendor sync with the ritziness of the room. We can talk about oriental rugs, exotic furniture, and velvet shades in the same breath. And yet, at Spiffy Spools, you don’t have to fear breaking the bank.

Perfect for formal spaces. While linen rules casual spaces, all formal events and spaces are the domain of velvet. Whether you’re adding a touch of class to cozy dining rooms or decorating elegant reception rooms, velvet is the ultimate backdrop for classical decor. The dense structure of the fabric ensures plush folds when the shade is drawn up. What’s it but sheer opulence!

Insulating properties. Velvet isn’t just stunning but is also a terrific insulator. Its heavier composition makes it the perfect choice for regions that face extreme climates. In winters, it traps heat and helps to keep the home warm, in summers, it absorbs the heat from outside and blocks it from entering the room. With cooler summers and warmer winters, you’re sure in for lower energy bills with your super-efficient velvet custom roman shades.

Iridescent beauty. Just as we love to feel our hands on the smooth soft squishy velvets, light loves to narrate a color story with rich varied tones on its lustrous surface. A color gets vivified in shades ranging from the lightest to the darkest, weaving as it were the poetry of many moods on a single note. Glam and luster make a perfect fusion and yet do not grab the eye fiendishly. It is but a soft sophisticated glory that gently makes a statement of itself!

Highly sound-absorbent. Equipping an office, private study, or home theater with velvet roman shades and blinds makes for an area that’s greater in both beauty and functionality. Dense materials absorb more sound. Velvet’s thick weave enables it to dampen sound, block out light, and thereby provide you with a more peaceful environment.

Style with forethought.  If you’re choosing plain velvets, the most popular of choices, the flat folds with front slats style are ideal. The visibility of the slats’ hems at regular intervals can serve as a pattern on the solid shade. However, if you are choosing one of our exquisite jacquards, a plain frontage with no visual breaks suits right as in our flat folds with back slats, you get the benefit of easy folding as well as a clear frontage. If your shade seldom needs an operation and you want a curvy feature to create a mood, then opt for the scalloped bottom European relaxed roman shades which have no slats.

Layered and customized. A pair of stylish drapes framing the velvet shade would be an ideal way to fine-finish the window decor. Layering serves to lend dimension to the room and tops up the insulative capacity of the shade. It is also an opportunity to bring in contrast of hues and to balance off the solids with patterns for a visually pleasing decor. Trimming the bottom hems with tassels, fringes, or pompoms or the borders with classic ribbons would not only be the cherry on the top but also your opportunity to express your personality and aesthetic vision.

All in all, velvet roman shades are synonymous with glamor and opulence. And that prestigious opulence does not come at the cost of functionality. For a home designed lovingly with carefully curated bespoke goods and art pieces, a custom velvet roman shade can serve to carry on with the theme. Take home a piece of opulence. Shop your most craved velvet roman shade with us today!