Custom Blackout Curtains & Window Drapes


Who says blackout curtains have to be dark, drab, stiff, and static-ky? Say hello to spiffier, room-darkening blackout curtains. Bedrooms, nurseries, or media rooms – wherever you need to block out the outer world’s light and hubbub, blackout curtains and drapes from Spiffy Spools will do the job smartly and stylishly.

Choose from our range of blackout drapes or if your heart’s set on a non-blackout fabric, simply add blackout lining behind your custom curtains to get the same benefits. By the way, that gives you over 2000+ options to block out unwanted light in style!

BLOCK LIGHT. Bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and nurseries need room darkening curtains for the simple reason that a darker room means sounder sleep which in turn means more energy the next day. If you have trouble falling asleep or if your tiny tots and tweens are ‘why-should-I-sleep-when-it- is-still-light-outside’ arguers, blackout curtains can be a boon. If you work in odd-hour shifts or live in longer days-shorter nights parts of the world, room darkening curtains can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep, and hence the quality of life. Not just in sleeping and studying areas, your media room experience also gets enhanced with blackout curtains.

CUT THE NOISE. Not just light, Spiffy Spools’ blackout window treatments can help limit the entry of outside noises too. The thick, textured, and close-knit weave of these drapes refracts the sound waves and results in sound deadening. It helps to muffle echoes and to soften shrill sounds – all quite common in houses with wooden floors and naughty kids. This incredible offering is a blessing for those who need a quiet environment to focus on work during the day or for night-hustlers and little ones who take afternoon naps.

FOOLPROOF PRIVACY. Blackout curtains were originally used for fully guaranteed privacy during wars as they do not allow light to penetrate in the least. Putting on the light in your room does not light up your drapery when viewed from outside. So, an outsider can never guess which room is lit once the blackout curtains are closed. Not even a shadow of you can be seen from outside and that’s a smart way to deal with prying eyes!

GETTING SPIFFY WITH THE WEATHER. Summers are getting warmer and winter chiller. Ensure better insulation for your doors and windows therefore with blackout drapes. We treat ours with thermal coatings that keep sunlight out in summers and trap room heat in winters. There’s no greater boon for those who are too sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

SAVE ENERGY. Do you know that windows are responsible for 10-25% thermal energy loss in a room? Our room darkening curtains and drapes can help limit this loss and save you energy costs by as much as 25%. That’s lower utility bill payments for you. For green-living believers, it also means lesser greenhouse gases going out into the environment!

PROTECT THE FURNISHINGS. Ultraviolet rays of the sun have an aging effect not just on your precious skin but also on your pricey room furnishings. Wooden and fabric pieces that are close to the windows are prone to warp, crack and fade with regular exposure to sunlight. Prolong the life and looks of your furniture and rugs by putting up room darkening drapery. These reduce in-streaming sunlight to limit the sun’s color-fading and fabric-fraying effects.

WHITE BLACKOUT TREATMENTS ARE POSSIBLE (NO PARADOX HERE). Gone are the days when blackout curtains were necessarily pitch-dark. The term ‘blackout’ can be a bit misleading but we assure you, light-blockers and blackout curtains needn’t always be dark or heavy. You can get them to match your decor, no matter what color scheme you are working on, and rest assured that they help to ‘black out’ the room for sure.  In fact, you will find several color options within our collection, including bright white blackout curtains.

If privacy and light control are the most important factors you are looking for in drapes, you have every reason to purchase blackout window treatments. But the best part is that all this functionality does not come at the cost of elegance. Imagine any color, fabric, or design of your choice and you can have blackout drapes stitched out of them. So, why wait, shop blackout curtains with Spiffy Spools today!