Custom Blackout Curtains & Window Drapes


Everyone deserves to be wrapped in a cocoon-like cozy bedroom for a sound sleep after a tiring day. And anyone who wants to watch a movie deserves a dark quiet cave to enjoy it to the hilt. And so, if your heart is set on blackout curtains for their ability to block all unwanted light – whether it be for your tiny tot’s nursery or your immersive home theater – know that you have made the right decision. 

Blackout fabrics are chemically-treated, thick textured fabrics with interwoven layers that act as an impenetrable barrier to light. Add to that the volume of fabric that comes to play in long drapes, and you get a highly-efficient light-blocking window treatment. Rocking a baby to sleep or catching peaceful zzz’s after a long night shift – all become easier with blackout curtains at your windows.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking of blackout drapes as the dark and drab curtains of old, for our wide collection of blackout curtains will shake you off this myth. And if you happen to fall for one of our non-blackout fabrics, worry not. Simply add blackout lining behind your panels, and reap all the benefits of blackout drapery regardless.


Bedrooms, kids’ rooms and nurseries need room darkening curtains for the simple reason that a darker room means sounder sleep which in turn means more energy the next day. If you have trouble falling asleep or if your tiny tots and tweens are ‘why-should-I-sleep-when-it- is-still-light-outside’ arguers, blackout curtains can be a boon. If you work in odd-hour shifts or live in longer days-shorter nights parts of the world, room darkening curtains can make a huge difference to the quality of sleep, and hence the quality of life. Not just in sleeping and studying areas, your media room experience also gets enhanced with blackout curtains.

Some fabrics block light out substantially, not totally; you can discern the contours of the furniture lightly. Others create a black starless sky by blocking almost 99% of incoming light. Read our blog on Dimout vs. Blackout Options to understand their nuances, and make your decision based on your desired level of room darkening. 


Sometimes, it’s not the light that plays spoilsport, but the noise. And blackout drapes have got you covered there too. Their thick, textured, and inter-woven layers render them special acoustic capacities. With blackout drapes, external noises are blocked substantially, and indoor sounds get largely muffled and stripped of their shrillness.

If the ruckus of a neighborhood party or busy street infringes on your sleep time or movie night, trust blackout curtains to save the day. Squealing little kids and creaking wooden floors also become less bothersome with these textile accessories accomplishing the sound-absorption feat at the highest possible degree. So go blackout if you like a quiet oasis at the drawing of a curtain.


While we eulogize blackout drapes for their ability to block light and sound, let’s not forget that they were originally invented for uncompromised privacy. During wars, civilians were given blackout curtains for covering their windows at night so fighter jets would fail to spot inhabited regions. That explains two aspects of these life-savers – that they do not allow light to penetrate and for shadows to be cast on them. Is there a better way to deal with those prying neighbors?


Blackout drapes act as an effective insulative layer between the external and internal environment so that the temperatures maintained in the house are least affected by the weather conditions outside. They help to make your winters warmer and summers cooler. And with this clever decision, you will also increase the longevity of your heating and cooling system. It’s a total win-win situation.


Windows and glazed doors are highly culpable for loss of thermal energy during winter. Similarly, during summer, they trap in heat, challenging even the most efficient cooling system to keep up. By draping your glazed sliding doors and large windows with insulative blackout curtains, you can maintain the room temperature and save almost 25% on your energy costs. This is great news not just for your finances but also for the environment. So if you’re looking for a way to cut your bills while reducing your carbon footprint, blackout curtains are a reliable first step.


Ultraviolet rays of the sun have an aging effect not just on your skin but also on your room furnishings. Wooden furniture and textile elements that are close to the windows are prone to warp, crack and fade with regular exposure to sunlight. Prolong the life and looks of your furniture, rugs and other soft furnishings by putting up room darkening drapery that greatly limits the sun’s color-fading and fabric-fraying effects. And, if you’re using a blackout lining, expect extended life of the drapery too that enjoys that same protection.


Some might wonder how they can reconcile their love for bright airy spaces with dark heavy blackout drapes. Well, you just need to take a peek into our collection to know that the two are not mutually exclusive. Blackout curtains can be pristine white or jet black or any hue in between. And, you don’t have to get confined to solid or textured finishes either because our blackout fabrics come in a wide variety of patterns and prints. But, should you struggle to find a blackout drapery that meets your taste, you have a wide gamut of non-blackouts to leave you spoilt for choice. Simply order your drapes with blackout lining and avail all the benefits outlined above!


If privacy and light control are the most important factors you are looking for in drapes, you have every reason to purchase blackout window treatments. But the best part is that all this functionality does not come at the cost of elegance. Imagine any color, fabric, or design of your choice and you can have blackout drapes handstitched by Spiffy Spools. So, why wait, shop blackout curtains with Spiffy Spools today!