Custom Red Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Looking to buy red roman shades & window blinds?

We invite you to explore our range of fabrics in this bold and dramatic primary hue. From bright red vermillion to deep burgundy, seductive scarlet to rich crimson, softer coral red to fiery chili red, luscious cherry to blush red, and many hues in between, reds are an abundant galore of choices that can make a subtle impact or a glaring one.

Being such a loud color, red typically serves as an accent rather than the core motif of a room. It naturally lends itself to bold design ideas, and red roman shades are a perfect means of enhancing this. Red knows how to stand out in a crowd. Set out on a kaleidoscopic palette and see how red wins attention effortlessly. No wonder why you see it a lot on sign boards! Even a splash of red is enough to add an invigorating element of color in more subtle rooms.

Decorating your Home with Red Roman Shades 

Red is primal, bold and beautiful. The sight of this hue makes your senses alert and this innate energy makes it a potent interior design choice, especially for window treatments. You can light up even the dullest of rooms with a decent dose of red. And when bright reds meet the hands of an accomplished stylist, a bold statement piece is born.  Used wisely, it serves to anchor the decor on a cheery note and makes a warm welcoming space. Here are some styling tips for red roman shades from our team of home-decorators:

LESS IS MORE: Red stands out effortlessly, no matter how little it is used. So, the lesser the red, the more soothing the decor will be to the eye. But you can be more lenient with subtler or darker shades that are easy on the eye, yet attractive in their own way. If your room’s design is already involving lot of red elements, then select fabrics that feature red patterns in a mild backdrop. Or if you choose red solids, then downscale it to mere accents in the rest of the decor.

LET TEXTURES SPEAK: Iridescent fabrics like silk tend to make the red brighter to the vision. Rich textured or slubby fabrics like linens or velvets tend to tone down their effect. Besides having to fit the decor style, materials bring with them an inherent style with colors that must be given due attention. Consider the role of texture when designing a space with red roman shades.

CHOOSE THE STYLE WISELY: We offer roman shades in three popular styles. Flat folds render a tailored look with stitched-in slats giving them a sturdy finish. The front-slatted ones show their hemlines in the frontage and thus, are our strong recommendation for plain fabrics that might profit from such a patternless pattern. Whereas, the back-slats model suits right for bold motifs like damask or ikat that need an uninterrupted surface to show their energy. The scalloped bottoms of the European relaxed roman shade shades offer a more casual vibe and are suitable for decorative shades. Choose the style depending on your need and your taste.

EXPLOSIVE TOUCH TO MINIMAL INTERIOR: Cozy rooms with a neutral-heavy palettes of beige, cream, brown, and other warm and quiet colors are increasingly common. You might not think to add a louder color to the mix, but the sharp contrast between minimalistic design and red window blinds can make for a good combination. Check out our Roja which can elevate a soft-spoken design with a splash of coral red, and still stay true to the minimalist scheme with its slubby linen weave.

BRING REFINEMENT: Red is a common fixture in the lobbies of hotels, meeting rooms, and any space meant for entertaining guests. The quality design of roman blinds and shades plays into the authoritative, confident energy of the color red, making them a perfect fit for formal or guest-oriented spaces. Check out the matter-of-fact style Salt River and Paprica suitable for formal setups and the chic Charisma for slightly casual spaces.

SET THE MOOD: Colors are reliable mood setters. Get some blush red floral prints as in our Cedros to your bedroom windows for they spell sheer romance. Or get a more delicate play of various shades of red like in our Coffs Harbour to make an appetizing decor for your dining room. Augusta can bring fluttering butterflies to your little girl’s imagination and Skuqem can make a formal guest room more inviting.

EMBRACE BOLD: If you’re not one for minimalism and have a more present, forceful design philosophy, then red is an ideal color. Accentuate red walls and indulgent room accessories by matching them with a dark, rich hue of red roman shades such as scarlet or crimson. Crystal Cavern with its striking oriental motif is ideal for a rustic decor and Trisifal Glades is a great choice for a statement piece.

EMPLOY DEEP CONTRASTS: Allow red to shed its power and passion on a light backdrop. Solid red roman shades like our silk Belgaum or cotton Scarlet Sun have a stage kept ready in white, cream or such other light and bright-hued walls. Red patterns make a striking impression when placed in high-contrast backgrounds. Subtle contrasts made by blush pink or tan can tone down the impact of red.

When featured in the right materials and the right amount, red roman shades can give a facelift to any kind of decor, even those which lean heavily on white and pastel color palettes. Casting the jubilance of red wine to even the most bland of setups, red never fails to scatter cheerfulness and positive energy. So, go with your choice and get the right type of red roman shade to your home today!