Custom Damask Curtains & Window Drapes

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

If you want to add a touch of grandeur to your room, then reach for the same choice as Victorian royalty: damask curtains. This exotic style has been around for better than half a millennia and has never been out of fashion. With a distinctive double-weave and reversible design, the quality of authentic damask shines through and enriches formal spaces. The bold among us can even incorporate the pattern of palaces into our own homes.

Damask inspired curtains are inherently riveting and eye-catching, with a powerful luxurious presence. Traditionally, people only used shades of white for the base fabric and the pattern, and allowed the design quality to do the work. Even today, many people follow this design philosophy, though our collection goes beyond, offering you many choices to suit your palette and style.

One Pattern, Three Styles

Regal White-on-White

White on white damask curtains have adorned many palaces, and they’ll fit in well among your interiors. They offer the same regal air today that they always have, but they’re such powerful presences that there’s a risk of feeling out of place in some interiors. This sort of curtain belongs in a beautiful dining room or lovingly adorned, formal living room.

Neutral Damask Patterns

Neutral palettes have always remained popular and damask is no exception to this rule. Beige, brown, and other warm neutral colored damask drapes, in particular, are well suited to home decor. The cozy, humble color profile balances the innate luxury of the damask and makes for a perfect bit of visual interest to a classically styled home. 

Radiant Centerpieces

We often hear about minimalism; what about maximalism? That’s exactly what rich, colorful damask curtains can bring to your interiors. Bold hues double down on the opulent vibe of damask curtains and exude indulgent, seductive energy that’s suited to any room wanting a dose of old-world charm. 

Dressing your Home with Damask Curtains

Treating your home with this palatial theme might seem like an overwhelming task in the beginning. But with the expert guidance of our experienced stylists, you’re sure to find it easier and the results mindblowing. Here, we get you to the basics of dressing your windows with damask curtains.

Solid backdrop: Whether you choose a bold color palette or a neutral one, ensure that your damask curtains have a solid backdrop where they can shed their mojo. Such bold themes need a plain background to air themselves without restraint. Avoid damask drapes if you have used wallpapers with distinctly clear patterns because they will overwhelm the eye instead of making it visually interesting.

‘All over’ or ‘aloof’: Featuring thick weave and shiny embroidery in satin weave, damask fabrics are usually covered with patterns from end to end. Olivetone depicts the brilliant design in green and purple hues covering the entire fabric without gaps. But if you don’t want such an approach to the design, you can go for sparser arrangements of the same motif. Fabrics like Cluny and Ruwa feature small and large versions respectively of the damask motif used in island-like fashion. 

Bring damask to small spaces: If you owe a serious level of appreciation for the damask pattern and want to introduce them even in small spaces, the self-patterned style of fabrics is highly recommended. Check out our blackout damask drapes that are self-patterned and therefore, not as eye-catchy as bold high-contrast color schemes are. Maruna is a maroon-colored drape from this collection of damasks with subtle impact, making them suitable even for small rooms. Besides, they block out unwanted light and noise substantially allowing for better sleep and daytime naps, making them especially fitting for bedrooms.

Blend with other patterns: Just because damask is an attention-demanding pattern does not mean that other patterns should not find a suitable place in the home decor. In fact, it is the inclusion of other patterns that can offer a counter-effect to the overbearing damask. Introduce stripes and florals to the space, bearing keen loyalty to the color palette of the room. The curved details of the damask are set off by the straight lines of the stripes, with this contrast of shapes making for a visually interesting recipe.

Decorative heading style: A drapery heading style that stays true to the ornate details of the damask motif is expected to grace damask drapery. The stitched-in pleats variety of drapes is our sole recommendation for a truly dressed-up look that damask is worthy of. Choose the goblet style for the most classical style of pinch pleats which looks best with the opulent heavyweight drapery. Or choose the triple pinch pleats that confer a luxurious and sumptuous look for the drapery. If you want pared down versions, choose the double pinch pleats or go with the slightly modern Euro pleat drapery. The pinched and puddled look is the ideal look that damask drapes can and should imbibe for the best results.

Consider length: Since damask motif occupies a larger optical space, it is important to make sure that you use them for long and wide curtain panels. Ensure floor-length curtains, and prefer the puddled look wherever possible even if the length of the window is not spanning up to the floor. Avoid damask drapes for too narrow windows which can get overwhelmed by this grand motif.


Damask drapes are the dream look of anyone who wants the opulence of a palace. If your idea of decor resounds with the traditional maximalism, damask drapes are just what you need to nail the look. Browse through our curated collections and shop your favorite damask drapes today. With the excellent styling tips given above, you will be able to design your home into a marvellous chateau in no time.