Custom Ikat Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Whether you are looking for a bold window treatment to serve as a statement piece to your otherwise minimalistic interior – or – an eye-catching addition to live up to a maximalist vibe, Spiffy Spools’ ikat roman shades collection will see you there. 

Our ikat roman blinds are inspired by a legacy that dates back to the 19th century; the times when the masterful craftsmanship of the Netherland Indies [present-day Indonesia] caught the attention of Dutch scholars to hit the zenith of a textile renaissance in Central Asia. Simply put, the term ikat refers to the resist-dyeing technique used to create designs in the yarn before they are woven into the cloth. The craftsmanship involved in this technique demands a high level of precision, patience, and intensive labor, and the result is a beautiful fabric singing songs of elegance and culture.  

Textile enthusiasts have always loved the impeccable visual feel of ikat patterned roman shades, but it’s more topical than ever. When it seems like everything is mass-produced, the authenticity and craftsmanship of ikat brings a feeling of discerning taste into the spaces it adorns. 

Traditional ikat was played majorly around three colors – red, yellow and blue. But not anymore; any interior designer will tell you today. Modern ikat brims with a multitude of colors and stunning patterns that are bound to bring exuberance to your home.

Most ikat-patterned fabrics feature fairly simple patterns, but you can find intricately detailed, impressively sharp patterns as well. Choose whatever you may, the depth of visual interest our ikat roman shades offer is as good as a dreamy melody. 


  • Ikat is ideal if you want to introduce a hint of tradition into your contemporary home. The stunning motifs of ikat prints are especially well suited to complement spacious interiors. Our ‘Fresno’ ikat print roman blinds, for instance, with their brilliant patterning and color palette promise to adorn large-sized, modern, or traditional open-plan rooms beautifully.  
  • Lean towards a fabric with more intricate patterns if you are looking for a stronger, more eye-catching presence in your room. Point in case, Spiffy Spools’ ‘Valle Central’ window blinds in earthy shades that brim with attention-getting flair and complement a wide range of decorative schemes.
  • For a sense of movement and depth in your fabric, nothing truly comes close to an ikat. All our roman shades serve a heightened level of detail to highlight the blur effect that the patterns offer. Check out the bold and gracious ‘Charta’ window blinds featuring an all-over diamond pattern complemented by a stunning color palette – a timeless elegance.
  • If your interior happens to be a blend of neutral tones, and you are looking to infuse a hint of excitement into your decor, then we recommend our ‘Honeyed Fig’ window blinds in shades of antique gold and rust orange lending an autumnal charm to your windows.

Spiffy Spools’ diverse collection of ikat roman shades resonates with many home styles. We hold expertise in customizing the ideal roman blinds to match your decor – always keeping your taste at the forefront. 

So go on and browse our collection. Bring home the good vibe, bring home your ikat!