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Boho Curtain Ideas: Free-Spirited with a Purpose

Boho Curtains


Of the many stunning traits for which bohemian aesthetic gets a full round of applause, one that merits special mention is that it’s an incredibly personalized decor style. Curated furniture from the latest big-box stores, lacy linen from grandma’s collections, and art pieces shopped during travels across the globe adorn a space like a family that’s evolved together. Besides celebrating its eclectic origins, the style thrives on a zesty mix of colors, patterns and textures. If you’re looking for boho curtain ideas that can further the ‘unity-in-diversity’ theme and proudly wear a touch of your own personality, be assured that you’ll find everything in this blog post from Spiffy Spools

Bohemian aesthetic is all about a freestyle combination of decor accessories from diverse eras, geographies, cultures and artistic expressions. It’s a carefree mix doubtless, but that doesn’t mean that there are no roadmaps to this destination. In this blog, we will elucidate the core principles of creating a boho style look for your home and our top boho curtains ideas to get the right set of boho curtains for your home.


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Boho Curtains: Ideas & Tips for Free Spirited Beauties


Boho drapes and curtains


Being a design style that emerged on the fringes of Paris when young, vagabond French artists and writers mingled with unconventional cultural elements, admiration of foreign design elements is at the core of boho. Textile accessories imbibe materials, weaves, colors, patterns and textures that originally belong to foreign regions, cultures, philosophies and religions. When shopping boho curtains, the prime concern should be about attaining such norm-defying globally informed orientations. Coming ahead is expert advice and boho curtain ideas from our stylists to make this happen.


Define the Color Palette


Boho window curtains


Originally, boho is characterized by a color explosion, but a tighter palette is seen in ‘urban boho’, an adaptation of the original. The color palette in both styles is usually warm with generous helpings of red, orange, brown, yellow, beige and cream. Cold colors like white and sometimes green, blue, and pale gray serve as backgrounds where warm accents pop with a deep visual impact. Before you start shopping for boho curtains, it is advisable to browse through pictures related to both decor styles and choose one that suits your taste. 

If you love the straight-up boho style, go for curtains with bold, bright and highly saturated colors as in our cotton drapery Yamini Suhum or blackout Coffs Harbour. No amount of color is too much for this style, however, if you get anxiety pangs in a flamboyant space, square down on a skinny palette and let your curtains commit to that. Say, a fabric like Galta that features the iconic paisley in a restricted palette of red and orange. Use negative space wisely to rest the eye amidst the color vibrance. 

Another way to celebrate color without going overboard is the good old ombre of which we have two-toned and three-toned collections. White graduating softly through all the possible tints before it engulfs into a saturated color as in Rosebowl can express boho’s fixation with color albeit with sufficient restraint. 

The other way to go boho which is more sophisticated entails neutral colors like cream, brown, or beige against white walls where the bohemian drive is exhibited through textures, materials, and embellishments rather than colors. Our thick-woven Ardosia’s dense naps woo the eye despite the neutral coloration. Going neutral works better if you want to add a lot of colorful furniture and decor pieces to the room.


Embrace Textures & Patterns


Patterned boho curtains


Whether you go color-driven or color-neutral, boho’s obsession with textures and patterns should reflect in the window treatments. Special types of weaves and chunky yarns ensure a rich-textured finish for the draperies. 

Multi-layering of various textures is one of the special traits of boho. So, make friends with draperies that are pleasurable to the touch and/or multi-dimensional to the sight such as slubby linens and self-patterned cottons featuring weaves such as herringbone, knot, basketweave, twill, and so on. Embroidered details add a special personalized touch, and are highly characteristic of boho-styled curtains. Akba’s magical houndstooth weave and Motivo’s ornamental needlework can be the pride of boho decor. 

Boho is perhaps the only decor style that juxtaposes patterns with patterns in abundance, in several layers, and not necessarily confined to a palette. So, you’re allowed to be as adventurous as you want. 

Incorporate one of the traditional motifs such as lattice, paisley, trellis, ikat, kilim, or tribal influence in the curtains. The curvy and intricate detailing of the patterns as well as their multi-geographic origins contribute to upholding bohemian philosophy evidently. Imagine how curtains like Crystal Cavern can transport you to erstwhile Persia with its rich kilim pattern. Or go for color-exploding abstract curtains whose non-conforming shapes very well voice the essence of the style. Or go for floral or botanical print curtains that suitably team up with the jungle of indoor plants so typical of boho decor. And load up the room with color-bursting floral bouquets to match the botanicals of your drapes. Do read our tips on the seven essential elements of floral design to achieve this.

Be assured that overuse of patterns will render a busy look to your room, so if you’re instead looking for solid curtains to rest the eye, fabrics like Light Amber or Yamini Mombasa are perfectly suited to counterbalance a bold printed wallpaper for a boho chic look.




Tasteful Embellishments 


Boho curtains with trim


Boho curtains are incomplete without trims such as tassels, fringes or pompoms. These playful knick-knacks add abundant character to the space and reflect the signal ‘gypsy’ touch that’s at the heart of boho decor. Trims take away the austerity of the flat lead edges and become instrumental in loading the drapes with another layer of color and texture. 

The hand-woven braids and baubles of the trims beautifully echo the craftsmanship of the rattan chairs, macrame pot hangers and beaded dream catchers that adorn a boho space. Besides, their informal appeal and bespoke character assist in airing the casual and personalized nature of the decor style ever more distinctly.

One might wonder what a little delicate detail can do to the interior design of the room, but ‘small things matter most’ and a design style essentially rests not on the bulk but on the details. Take an example of classic black and white drapery that can seamlessly blend with any decor style but when given a kaleidoscopic touch with a multi-colored pompom trim at its bottom, it gets the ‘boho awakening’.

From Victorian-styled tassels and rustic multi-colored fringes to delicately embroidered gimp braids and playful jumbo pompom trims, our collections shouldn’t leave you with any dearth of choice.



Marked Casualness 


Casual boho curtains


Breaking free from all norms and conventional practices is at the center of the boho style. Hence, a boho room looks like it’s lived-in and a happy place for carefree socializing, not like a neatly tucked away, formally arranged, spick and span austere museum. The casual appeal of the style should be suitably aired in the heading style of the drapery and in its hardware.

In keeping with boho’s fixation with wood in its organic form, antler drapery poles and driftwood curtain rods that make the rawness an adornment are highly recommended. Whereas, intricately carved wooden finials that imply labor of love and an eye for details help to anchor the space in boho’s appreciation for handmade goods.  

Curtain styles that expose these lovely feature poles and share the rawness of the hardware make a complementary pair. Tie tops and tab tops that hang on fabric loops expose the pole partially and go hand in hand with boho’s macrame decor pieces. 

Another style that gives off a boho vibe is the rod pockets. The unstructured, natural frills formed by the bunching of the fabric, especially in the case of rod pockets with header frills,  keep up the boho aesthetic as also the casual flair.

A modern heading style that can keep up the relaxed bohemian decor style is grommet tops. With wooden eyeholes, they can help to relay the informal and nature-themed garnishing style of boho.


Winding Up Our Boho Curtain Ideas

Custom curtains give you an immense opportunity to dress your windows with a stamp of your own personality; that carefree creative sensibility is the soul of boho decor. Here, at Spiffy Spools, you have a world of choices in terms of color, texture, and pattern, and stylish ways of customizing your drapes with suitable trims. So, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate your true self as you shop your boho curtains at Spiffy Spools today.



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