Custom Polka Dots / Circles Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

When Bryan Hyland released in the ‘60s his iconic album, ‘Itsy-Bitsy Teenie-Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini’, a generation of fashion and decor icons developed a newfound love for polka dots.

Now with Spiffy Spools’ collection of polka dots roman shades, the ‘itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie’ aura of this pattern has gotten a refreshing and modern twist. Brimming with interesting spin-offs of the basic polka dot motifs, our polka dot roman blinds collection features more depth, more playfulness, and is all the more accommodative of your desired decor theme.

Never to deny that polka dots have, and will always remain favorites for any kids’ room or nurseries, given the classic design’s playful energy. But the perception that they are childish and not suited for more grown-up spaces is far from the truth.

Our stylists at Spiffy Spools have tapped into the versatility of polka dots, presenting you their top tips on how to choose your ideal polka dots window shades and introduce them in your ‘all grown up’ homes.

Go classic with black and white. When it comes to polka dots, there’s nothing more classic than a signature black and white palette. The idea is to steer away from vibrant primary colors in order to tone down the heightened playful feel of polka dots, and bring home a paired back sophistication.

Surround your dots with grown-up patterns. Consider layering your polka dots roman shades with other ‘grown up’ patterns – like stripes – in a room. Stripes, in particular, can complement your curvilinear polka dots like no other to offer a sophisticated vibe. So let your polka dots become a piece of a bigger design puzzle in a room with plenty of different textures and patterns, However, in case you have a hard time striking the right balance, bringing in some solids in-between for a breather will just do the trick.

Go messy. Ditch the symmetrical dots and go for a more messy, more abstract look! Non-circular dots placed unevenly can make a huge difference in toning down the playful vibe and giving a more mature look to your decor. For example, ‘Fiorella’ from our collection is a dreamy fabric featuring ‘imperfect’ polka dots in a palette of burgundy red, deep yellow, and gray; sometimes, dreams are woven in polka dots!

Go small scale. Because the smaller the scale of your pattern, the more textural look it will offer from the distance. Small-scale polka dots, when placed close together with minimal negative space don’t read as polka dots at first glance, giving an illusion of texture with subtle movement. Point in case our ‘Oh Crumbs’ polka dots roman shades, featuring an abstract pattern reminiscent of paint splatters on a fresh canvas.

With polka dots, less is more! Stylists recommend its usage with restraint and in small doses so as to not overwhelm other decor elements in your home. Thus, here’s when roman shades come in handy. Set against a solid painted wall, our polka dots roman shades offer just the right amount of pattern and energy your room may require.

So go on, browse through our custom collection and pick your ideal piece of polka dots today!