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Top Five Kitchen Window Treatments Ideas

Kitchen Window Treatments - Roman Shades


Whether you’re designing your kitchen afresh or revamping it for an updated look, dressing the windows is a wonderful way to add character and chic. With the right window dressing, you can make a statement that’s equally beautiful as it is functional. To get started on this exciting design project, we invite you to explore our top five kitchen window treatments ideas for inspiration!

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Roman Shades


 Roman Shades for Kitchen Window Treatments


Roman shades offer the aesthetic appeal of drapes while working with the efficiency of blinds. 

When closed, roman shades completely cover the window. This blocks light while showcasing the fabric to bring another design element to the room. When open, they stack neatly at the top of the window, letting in natural light while resting in clean lines. 

If your window is close to the sink or hob, you can rest easy that this sill-length treatment will stay out of the spatters and splashes as best as it can, being the perfect choice for your kitchen window treatments in such a case.

Available in three popular styles at Spiffy Spools, roman shades can be as architectural or as informal as you wish. 

  • The flat fold shades with front slats have their slats attached to the face fabric casting their silhouettes on the frontage, thereby making them suitable for solid-colored fabric shades that lack an eye-catching element otherwise. 
  • The flat fold shades with back slats, on the other hand, have their slats inserted into the lining, thereby showing no signs of them on the frontage. This style is recommended for patterned shades to avoid the slat silhouettes from conflicting with the shapes of the patterns on the fabric. 
  • European/relaxed shades are the least structured of the three, merging the decor aesthetic of elegant swags with the functionality of roman shades. Stitched without the support of slats, they feature gently curved folds which exude a casual vibe. These relaxed shades are better suited to be used as stationary shades for rarely used kitchen windows that are far from the sink and hob.

We recommend the flat fold shades for kitchens near hobs and sinks as they can easily evade accidental splashes while the scalloped bottoms are vulnerable to these. 

Whatever style you favor, prefer natural fabrics like cotton and linen as they allow air passage and distill kitchen odors thereby. 

Lightweight fabrics and sheer fabrics are good picks for roman shades that are going to be used as kitchen window treatments to help bring in sufficient light even when the shades are closed.




Spotlight on:  Amabel

Amabel Kitchen Roman Shades

Our Amabel fabric is a fantastic option for rustic kitchen roman shades. Printed with kitchenware graphics in a warm beige, brown, and black color palette, it offers a customized look that says it was meant for your kitchen window treatments. This style sports a unique and chic design that brings a dynamic element to the kitchen space.


Faux Roman Shades


Faux Roman Shade for Kitchen Window Treatments


If you don’t need the full-on functionality of operational roman shades for your kitchen window treatments, our faux roman shades are a good option. 

These look like roman shades, but they remain in a stationary position and are purely decorative. Like valances, they cover the top of the window but appear like fully functional shades that have been drawn up.

Since kitchens look nice and function better when inundated with natural light, faux shades are a strong alternative for they offer a garnishment that neither goes over the top nor blocks light and air. They’re also quite affordable, providing you with a simple, cost-effective, and striking new piece for your kitchen. 

You can mount faux roman shades either within the window frame using a tension spring rod or outside of the window frame on a decorative pole.


Spotlight On: Spiffy Spools Faux Roman Shades

Custom Faux Roman Shade for Kitchen

Our faux roman shades are an excellent decor addition to your kitchen space. It is a low-maintenance and cost-effective window treatment that you can experiment with in bolder colors and fabric patterns, giving just the touch of beauty that you need to your space.


Café Curtains


Cafe Curtains for Kitchen Window Treatments


Hung at half the height of the window, cafe curtains do a smart job of giving access to light as well as adequate privacy. Either as one sweeping panel or as a pair, they cover the lower half of the window. 

As the name suggests, café curtains are a great choice for kitchens especially if you’re looking for fabric accessories to soften the space and not a rigorous measure against exposure to the outdoors. They also provide you with a means to add color, pattern, and texture to the kitchen – a space mostly dominated by utilitarian items. 

Unlike other types of drapery, the short length of cafe curtains warrants sparse pleats and moderate fullness. Simple flat panel tops, rod pockets, or tie tops look dapper, but if you prefer a more dressy look, Euro double or double pinch pleats are ideally the farthest you should go. Styles that require more yardage can be overwhelming for the extent of the area to be covered. 

The minimal requirement of drapery fabric comes with multiple advantages. Firstly, the curtain is lightweight, enabling it to glide easily on the drapery pole, making the chore of clearing the window for fresh air while cooking effortless. Secondly, it is a cost-effective decor accessory that perks up the space with little investment.   

Since cafe curtains traditionally belong to a country setting – think short red kitchen curtains sporting a frilly gingham check – we recommend opting for cottons or linens to enliven the kitchen space with a healthy, homely vibe. Choose lightweight fabrics so that they may dry faster after those accidental splashes that risk them getting moldy.




Spotlight On: Butter Cream


Butter Cream Fabric Spiffy Spools

If you like florals but would rather not have a multicolor medley on your kitchen window treatments, Butter Cream is the perfect window dressing for your kitchen. These pure linen semi-sheer curtains are embroidered all over with small beige flowers. Very soothing to the eyes, these drapes are just what you need for an understated and sophisticated statement decor. Their airy feel and ability to filter through diffused sunlight will add a touch of serenity to the hubbub of your kitchen space.




Valances for Kitchen Window Treatments


Valances are curtains that cover up to the top fourth of the window. They may be pole-mounted like draperies or board-mounted like cornices. Available in various styles from flat bottoms to scalloped swags, from pleated gathers to flat fronts, valances can appease both the maximalists and minimalists on their design preferences.

Similar to faux roman shades, valances are a form of drapery that are purely decorative. If you want to bring a catchy pattern or color to the kitchen, the low optical space the valance engages provides the excuse without letting it go over the top. This also makes it your top candidate if you are trying to add a pop of color to an all-white kitchen.

Since kitchens need to be bright and airy, valances work well as stand-alone kitchen window treatments. Especially, in open-plan homes, leaving kitchen windows bare can make them look too cold and forgotten. Ring in cohesiveness by introducing kitchen valances featuring the same fabric as the window treatments in other rooms.

Valances and cafe curtains have long been celebrated kitchen window treatment pairing in country homes

In a kitchen with large windows or exposure to severe noon sun, a more functional treatment might be required. For larger windows, you can layer your kitchen window treatments and add floor-length functional drapes and conceal their hardware with the decorative topping lent by the valance.

In modern settings, kitchen valances can work as decorative accompaniments to blinds to enjoy the best of both worlds—the functionality of blinds and the stylish look of modern valances, creating the perfect set of kitchen window treatments. Besides, this is a smart way to conceal the not-so-fashimoonable look of the cassette of the blinds and cancel its industrial vibe. 




Spotlight On: Summer LarkSummer Lark Fabric Spiffy Spools

Featuring bright oranges, yellows, and beige, Summer Lark will bring a lively feel to your kitchen. This fabric features a pattern with quaint lark birds, serene foliage, and flowers, offering a delicate, airy look that’s perfect for kitchen window treatments.




Woven Wood Shades


Woven Wood Shade for Kitchen Windows


For kitchens with an earthy, natural feel – in a modern farmhouse for example – woven wood shades will likely match your space flawlessly. These window treatments are created with natural materials that can introduce a welcome textural counterpoint to your space.

Woven wood shades are often made from sturdy woods such as bamboo, oak, or maple. This means that they’re equipped to handle the wear and tear of daily kitchen activities. Plus, they’re also very customizable; in many cases, you can even select the level of sheerness you would like. Whether you want to enjoy filtered light or no light at all when the shades are closed, you can find a variety of selections with woven wood shades.


Order Custom Window Treatments for Kitchen from Spiffy Spools


We hope these top five kitchen window treatments ideas have helped you find the perfect inspiration for your home. If you’re ready to shop for gorgeous fabric treatments, order custom curtains and custom roman shades from Spiffy Spools. 

We make it easy to customize the treatments to your exact specifications and design style- whether it be rustic farmhouse window treatments, simple Scandinavian, or embellished maximalist style. Explore our site to find the perfect options for your kitchen window treatments, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!



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