Custom Green Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Looking to buy green roman shades and window blinds? We welcome you to explore our carefully-curated range of fabrics in this versatile hue that works well in interiors as varied as an ultra-modern, minimalist apartment as in a traditional colonial house.

The family of greens contains a vast collection of hues, each embodying and representing different aspects of the world around us. This versatility lends the color well to interior design, and green roman shades are a good fit for many different interiors.

Color Combinations for Green Roman Shades

To find the best pairings for green window blinds, look to nature itself for inspiration. The cool, inviting pairing of cedar brown and pine green characterizes many forests around the world. In the same sense, pine green roman blinds are deeply complementary to quality wooden fixtures such as bookshelves and coffee tables. The authentic, natural sense that such an interior evokes is a perfect fit for private studies and peaceful places.

If you’re a real plant lover, consider the naturalistic hues of shamrock or even seaweed. Both of these colors complement houseplant-heavy interiors, but shamrock is a gentler, quieter green. Seaweed green roman shades can work well in similar interiors, but risk overpowering rooms that you’ve decorated with more neutral colors.

You can also incorporate green into a modern, minimalistic interior. Consider contrasting a Scandinavian-style interior with the luxurious hue of emerald green roman shades, which can make for a magnificent centerpiece. Another option is to embrace a lower-contrast approach to adding green to such interiors.

Lime and chartreuse are bright, energetic hues within the family of greens that can add a sense of warmth and coziness to any interior.

Styling your Home with Green Roman Shades

Don’t stop at the shade: It can never be stressed enough that layered window treatments have such wonderful benefits to account like better insulation and lower energy bills that you mustn’t skip this tip. Layer your roman shades with suitable drapes that contrast with color and designs for a veritable attractive feature in your decor. Keep one in solids and the other in patterns and this window will not be satisfied without attracting enough attention.

Be wise with the fold style: After putting your thought process to good use for selecting the fabric, the next decision that follows is regarding the fold style of your roman shade. If you have chosen plain fabrics, consider opting for front-slatted shades whose hemlines can serve as a pattern on the patternless frontage. But if you choose a patterned fabric, back-slatted shades are a better choice since a distortionless frontage is necessary to show the designs in the best light. If you like a less structured, more casual finish, opt for the European/ relaxed roman shade style whose scalloped bottom proffers a casual appeal. Or do you want to add a roman shade as a decor element only but don’t quite need its functionality? Then, order our faux roman shade valance which not only allows for a shade-like look but is also much more economical. 

Add tasteful garnishments: If you want your roman blinds to feature a truly customized look, consider trimming them with ribbons or pompoms, or go outright on the decorative spree with brush fringes, tassels, and gimp braids. Add textural variety and colorful contrast with these dainty features. While pompoms lend a casual vibe, ornate gilded trims offer a truly dressed-up look. For example, choose a sage green and white striped roman shade and trim it with white pompom trims for a lovely addition to your kids’ room.

Inspiration Corner

Embrace sophisticated style in Folyo: This cotton-blend sage green fabric featuring the meaning-laden honeycomb pattern in shiny accents can make for a stylish window treatment for any room of your home.

Keep it airy with Iced Celery: Get your roman shades in this self-patterned sheer fabric to let light and air seep into the house even when the shades are closed. Additionally, benefit from their ability to provide privacy during the day.

Go bright with Spring Break: A nice tangy blend of the smooth and lustrous silk and the textured and slubby linen, this bright green shade is brimming with cheerful tones. Bring them to your foyers and patios to enjoy the delight of Spring all through the year.

Stylishly green with Pickle: Featuring a rich herringbone pattern, this pickle green shade stitched in front-slatted flat fold style will look serene with white sheer drapes framing it.

Welcome opulence with Indore: Pure dupioni silk in this serene sea green hue can bring glamour and enthusiasm in one stroke to any formal room.

Green is the color of life and synonymous with vitality. When you glance out of a window and into the wider world, green is always waiting for you on the horizon. From rolling pastures or the mysterious green-blue hues of the ocean to the raw, untouched energy of the deep rainforest, green is everywhere around us. If there’s a color that symbolizes birth and rebirth with the passage of the seasons, this is it.

As you ensure that your windows are dressed up in this high-spirited hue, be assured that the home will be brimming with energy and freshness. Therefore, shop your favorite green roman shades with us today!