Custom Sheer Roman Shades & Window Blinds


If you are looking for window treatments for your home or office, sheer roman shades are easy to install and add rich beauty without blocking the view. Whether you live in a modest ranch-style home or a stately chateau, you can never really go wrong with sheer roman shades. Enjoy softly diffusing light, watch the birds in your backyard while ensuring privacy through the diaphanous fabric of sheer roman shades.

You can use sheer roman shades as the sole window treatment in rooms that require plenty of light and air. In humid and hot locales, this translucent material proves a real blessing because it does not trap moisture and dries speedily. For rooms that need privacy during night, layer your sheer shades with opaque drapes in front for optimal control over privacy and light inflow. 


Layered window treatments lend a sense of dimension and visual depth to the room. While one layer takes up a decorative role, the other can meet the function or do both! 

Privacy during day: Never to be used as stand-alones in rooms that need privacy during night but perfect to blur the indoor view to outsiders during day, sheer roman shades are great for picture windows and glass walls overlooking scenic views and busy lanes.

Fresh and airy room: Softly filtering in fresh air and letting free passage to trapped indoor air even when drawn close, sheer roman shades will help you to keep your room fresh and free of odors.

Visually appealing combo: Sheer shades framed by drapes offer opportunity for integrating patterns and solids or etching a contrast of hues which can consequently serve to tie up the dominating hue and accents of the decor in a neat construct. Because they are lightweight and easy on the eyes, sheers allow you to spruce up your drapery without looking over the top.

Undisturbed view: To ensure privacy, you may close the opaque window treatments but lose the splendid view as well. Layering with sheers lets you have an undisturbed view of the outdoor.

Protection from harmful UV rays: Sheers filter and soften the harsh sun rays and thereby protect your pricey furnitures and textile elements from early warping and fading. Of course, any window treatment would do the same, provided you are able to leave them open, but sheers do the job while closed and without compromising the view, the light and the air.


Since you’ve found us today on your hunt for the perfect set of sheer roman shades, let us take you through some style notes from our spiffy stylists in the design department.

Layer your sheer shades. Sheer roman shades are a highly versatile option to layer a window for visual interest. Use sheer roman shades behind drapery panels for a perfect balance of privacy and light filtration. Or install them outside the window recess and use inset solar shades for a higher control over the harsh sunlight.

Expect hardware to show. Given the transparent nature of sheer fabrics, expect lift lines and slats behind your roman shades to peek through. Most clients do not find these aesthetically compromising but it’s worth knowing so you’re surprised later on. 

Back-slatted shades are not an option. Lining is necessary to construct back slatted roman shades. Since most clients choose to keep sheers unlined lest the purpose of using sheer fabrics be undermined, back slat style is often not a viable option. See our roman shades styles guide for more info. 

Bold patterns are perfect for sheer roman shades. Don’t be afraid to choose geometric patterns in bold colors. Remember, the sheer quality of the linen mutes and downplays patterns. So, fill your room with subtle light and enjoy bold patterns that excite the eyes without blinding them.

Plain whites for a sophisticated touch. Soft white roman shades with slat hems serving as a self-pattern lends a very architectural finish to the roman shade. As they fade gently into the white walls with light softly drifting through, they spell clean minimalistic style.

Sheers are an elegant and versatile fabric that suits right for any style of decor. From soothing Scandinavian to airy coastal to the ultra-chic modern luxury, any design style can benefit from the gracefulness of transparent window treatments. From plain whites to stark blacks, from self-patterned weaves to embroidered florals, from geometric patterns to hazy abstracts, our vast variety of designs offer a fabric for every taste and every palette.

Sheer roman shades are a sleek window treatment that can bring the delicacy and softness of fabrics without overpowering the design. So, even rooms that don’t need privacy or light control can benefit aesthetically from sheer shades. So, go right ahead with your decision and shop sheer roman shades with Spiffy Spools today!