Custom Narrow Curtains & Window Drapes

Being able to get curtains to fit right for the window is just one of the many advantages that custom drapes offer above store-bought drapes. But size is a big deal for homes where windows do not meet the standard measurements and designing them is a challenge. If it is narrow curtains that you’re looking for, let your foraging end right here, at Spiffy Spools.


Less than 48 inches in width, our narrow curtains are not just solutions for awkward window widths but also great decor elements. Here’s the skinny on narrow curtains. They are easy on the budget and perfect to ‘frame’ a large window for decorative purposes or cover a tricky sidelight. Read on for all our spiffy tips and factors to consider when ordering narrow-width panels for your home.

Sidelight Windows. Sidelight windows flanking front doors or larger windows tend to be tall and narrow. Most homeowners may like to leave them bare but if these are not strategically positioned, they may be letting in more light than can be dealt with. It’s a great idea to get them draped but it is often difficult to find curtains to suit their dimensions in stores. Shopping with Spiffy Spools, you can choose from over 2,000 fabrics and get drapery stitched in extra narrow specifications to get the perfect look and fit for sidelight windows.

A Decorative Touch. Do you have glass walls that offer a great sight-seeing adventure right from the comfort of your home? For windows that picture scenic green spaces or render a bird’s eye view of the citylights, it may be desirable to avoid window treatments or be minimalised at least. Narrow curtains are great to frame such windows because they can instantly bring softness and style to the space without taking much away from the picturesque view. Only ensure that privacy is not a priority if you’re using narrow curtains as stand-alones. If you have frosted glass panels that provide privacy as well as plenty of light and don’t want to introduce any light-blocking treatments, narrow curtains can be a great way to render a touch of color and softness without compromising with the inflow of light.

Layering: Narrow panels are great for a layered treatment of the windows. They add a layer without overwhelming the design by their size or the drapery rod by the weight. Our stylists recommend layering stationary side panels with sheer curtains to bring in textural variety to the window treatments. Narrow curtains framing roman shades render a luxurious look to the space and also control the light leaks from the edges of the shade. Narrow-width panels are perfect as aesthetic frames while sheers and shades offer privacy.

Affordable Style. Sometimes, a designing project can get too heavy on the budget and the focus might narrow down temporarily to purchase functional elements at the cost of decorative ones. One way to ensure great drapery at a highly controlled cost is to buy narrow curtains. Less material means less cost. It’s that simple. Improve the look of any room or window without a heavy impact on your budget!

Subtle Impact. For a room that has gone dull with too many solid elements, narrow patterned curtains are a great way to introduce a play of shapes and colors in the vertical space. You can safely choose bold patterns since the risk of creating an overwhelming impact is negated by the size. Similarly, a room gone sterile with overuse of neutral hues can be given a makeover with bold or bright hued narrow drapery panels. Either use them to frame the existing drapery or use the existing panels and the narrow panels in alternating fashion. Narrow curtains can be a great remedy for bringing in a splash of bold color or pattern without overwhelming the entire window space. 

Top up the width. Sometimes, clients purchase readymade drapes for extra-wide windows. When kept open, they look alright, but when closed, they look off-beat because they lack sumptuousness. There isn’t enough fabric to form well-rounded pleats but the deficit is not big enough to add another panel. So, here’s the solution. Hang narrow custom drapes that complement or contrast with the existing drapes on both sides and increase the total width of the curtains. 

From being a solution to an awkward window size to being an exciting color element or decorative addition, there are many ways in which narrow curtains can enrich your home decor. You don’t need to look far and wide for narrow curtains. We have tons of great options for drapes in widths less than 48 inches. Order your custom curtains from Spiffy Spools today and enjoy free shipping!