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Admit it, these cushy little devils had you at hello.

Been paying quite a bit extra for that little bit of extra, eh?

Extra-wide bedroom windows, narrow sidelights, long basement windows, French doors, and all the odd sized windows in between…it takes a little bit extra effort to drape them, isn’t it? Finding non-standard-sized curtain panels is hard enough, then there is the matter of finding a fabric that suits your palette, decor and sense of personal style. Many homemakers put this innocent wishlist together, drive to their local drapery studio – only to be left speechless by the price tag on custom curtains and shades these days.  

Enter Us.

A humble little store that started on Etsy in 2016 with a grand agenda of making custom curtains affordable. Three years past, we have a collection of over 1000+ curated fabrics and a team of handpicked tailors who can’t wait to handstitch those extra long, extra wide curtains at a price you can finally afford. 


Measurement Guide

In matters of custom drapery, size does matter. We hope our handy little guide will help you take accurate size specifications for your new curtains. If you have any questions about sizing, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@spiffyspools.com.

Headings Style Guide

The heading on your curtains speaks volumes about your style — sometimes more than the fabric itself. So we hope you will take a few minutes to read about various drapery heading styles and order the ones that best suit your individual style.


Dear Spiffy Spools: What Grommet Sizes and Finishes do you Offer?

Our default grommets are stainless silver. Clients can however request dark finish bronze grommets if they prefer. In terms of sizes, the default grommets have 1.5 inch diameter. On request, we can also use 2 inch grommets if needed.  There is no extra charge for these sizes/finishes. You simply have...

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Why choose roman shades? One, they are perfect for small spaces and narrow windows where full length drapes can be space eaters. Two, three, four and five, shades are modern, unfussy, economical, and available in a wide range of styles to match your décor. So go on, check which one works best for your room.

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Dear Spiffy Spools: I'm Looking to Cover a Sidelight. Can You Stitch Drapery with Pockets on Top and Bottom?

Yes. If you have a sidelight window and need drapery with two rod pockets for tension rods, please buy standard rod pocket style on our site and send us an email requesting two pockets instead of one. Please note your order number in email and send to info@spiffyspools.com. We do...

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