Never Overpay for Custom Window Treatments Again


Spiffy Spools started as a humble little store on Etsy with the grand agenda of making custom window treatments affordable. Today, we offer over 1000 carefully curated fabrics, ready to be handcrafted into drapes and shades for homes anywhere in the world. All in a few clicks, minus the hefty price tag.

We believe that every curtain, every shade we stitch tells a story—a story of uncompromised quality and craftsmanship. Our tailors combine flawless techniques with premium fabrics, bearing one purpose in mind: stunning window treatments for your home at a fair price.

Shipping for our products is free anywhere in the world, as are consultations with our talented stylists. So, do get in touch if you have any questions. In the meantime, we hope you have fun shopping your window treatments with us!

Featured Collections

Blackout Curtains

Bedrooms, nurseries or media rooms—wherever you need to block out the outer world’s light and hubbub, our blackout curtains will do the job smartly and stylishly.

Sheer Curtains

Filter in soft light while maintaining privacy with these timeless fabrics. Our sheer curtains are perfect for layering with other fabrics or as stand-alone window dressings.

Linen Curtains

Linens are a great option for windows that need a light and casual vibe. Think soft washes of fabric puddling on the floor, sunlight flickering through threads and the cozy warmth of a tucked-up room.

Velvet Curtains

In hues ranging from daring to subtle, our velvets can bring any color story to life. A fusion of radiance and elegance, velvets drape beautifully and perfectly complement formal settings.


how to measure for curtains and roman shades

Measurement Guide

In matters of custom drapery, size does matter. We hope our handy little guide will help you take accurate size specifications for your new curtains. If you have any questions about sizing, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@spiffyspools.com.

how to choose curtain heading pleating top style

Headings Style Guide

The heading on your curtains speaks volumes about your style — sometimes more than the fabric itself. So we hope you will take a few minutes to read about various drapery heading styles and order the ones that best suit your individual style.


Extra-wide bedroom windows, narrow sidelights, long basement windows, French doors, and all the odd sized windows in between… it takes a little bit extra effort to drape them, doesn’t it? Finding non-standard-sized curtain panels is hard enough; then there’s the matter of finding a fabric that suits your palette, decor and sense of personal style. Many homemakers put this wish list together and drive to their local drapery store only to be left speechless by the price tag on custom window treatments these days.

Well, not anymore.


Here are just a few reasons to choose Spiffy Spools for all of your drapery needs:

Wide Selection. Choose from over 1000 curated fabrics, featuring a range of colors, textures and patterns!

Custom Sizes. Order your window treatments in any length and width you need.

Custom Styling: From classic pinch pleats and modern ripplefolds to minimalist roman shades and tasseled drapes, choose a style in sync with your décor, palette and preference.

Flawless Craftsmanship: Each piece is carefully handcrafted by tailors and seamstresses with decades of experience.

Free Shipping. Shipping is free for all of our products!

Rave Reviews. See what our customers are saying about us here.


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Look Book

Monday Mood: Inspired by 'Alafia'

Monday Mood: Inspired by 'Alafia'

Monday Mood: Inspired by 'Alafia'.  Featuring a cool color palette and vertical herringbone design, its grey base is patterned with columns of herringbone zigzags in pink, brown and charcoal grey. SHOP ALAFIA

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Get the Look: Spotlight on 'Bambus'

Get the Look: Spotlight on 'Bambus'

Hello sunshine! Shop this look with custom curtains in our resplendent 100% pure dupioni silk 'Bambus' stitched in an easy flat panel top.  SHOP BAMBUS

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Monday Mood: Inspired by 'Akba'

Monday Mood: Inspired by 'Akba'

Monday Mood: Inspired by 'Akba'. Featuring traditional weaves in a contemporary color scheme, this pure cotton fabric has houndstooth checks woven in vibrant colors of ultramarine blue, sea green, lime green and pure white. SHOP AKBA

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extra long wide size length curtains roman shades