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Featuring clean lines and classic tailoring, fabric roman shades are a popular choice for windows in any home. Our custom fabric roman shades combine the beauty of a fabric drape with the easy practicality of a blind, making them one of the most versatile window treatments you will find. And, because we can stitch them in any of the 1000+ fabrics in our collection—from classic flat fold to casual relaxed roman shades —it’s easy to find a look that complements your taste and space.

Fabric roman window shades come in numerous styles, each with its own unique nuances of form and function. Below is a quick recap of the three most popular styles. Go on, check which one works best for your room.


These shades are just the right bit of casual. Constructed to appear “unconstructed”, the smooth front of relaxed roman shades is tailored to fall into a gentle curve at the bottom.

Special feature: Most ‘unstructured’ roman shade style. Luxurious curved folds when shades are raised.

Works for: Narrow and low use windows where raising and lowering of shades is kept a minimum. Looks gorgeous with soft, slightly feminine décor styles like shabby chic and Scandinavian. Our stylists recommend combining relaxed style blinds with drapery to get the best of functional ease and roll-out-of-bed good looks.

Pros: Softer, relaxed and elegant look. Excellent for lightweight and sheer fabrics. Especially suitable for plain fabrics as the gently stacking curve at bottom lends an element of aesthetic interest in absence of pattern.

Cons: Not highly functional for everyday use. Used primarily as stationary shades as folds do not stack as neatly as other structured styles. Not recommended in high-use and/or extra narrow windows. Not as effective at preventing ‘light leakage’ from side gaps as the other two styles.


This is the most minimalist (and hands down our most popular) style on the block. With horizontal slats stitched into lining at back and stacking folds at bottom, these are clean, modern and highly functional for frequent use.

Special feature: No seams in front. Structured construction for clean lines and folds.

Works for: All fabrics except sheers. Equally good in formal and informal spaces, and high and low use windows. Goes with most décor styles.

Pros: Offers seamless look with sleek contours and zero visual breaks in frontage. Looks great with floral and continuous print fabrics to show off the pattern.

Cons: Can’t be constructed with sheers or fabrics without lining.


This is our most popular style for fabric roman shades in plain/solid fabrics. With horizontal slats at the front and stacking folds at the bottom, these are clean, modern and highly functional for frequent use.

Special feature: Visible slat seams/pockets in front.

Works for: All fabrics and high use windows. Goes with most decor styles though more popular with casual/semi-formal spaces.

Pros: Sturdiness, structured look with solid construction. Looks good in both narrow and wide spaces. Especially well-suited for solid/textured fabrics as the visible slats bring an element of architectural interest to an otherwise plain fabric roman shade.

Cons: Seams/slats add visual breaks which in rare cases may not show off prints in the best light.