Custom Cotton Curtains & Window Drapes

For Your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Add instant chic to your space with our custom cotton curtains and window drapes. Available in any size, our cotton drapery looks smart and gives a clean, crisp vibe. From softly tactile to pleasantly coarse, our cotton fabrics come in umpteen weaves to add textural interest to any space. If you’re looking for window treatments with a fresh, airy, and earthy feel, these lovelies from Spiffy Spools will see you there.


PERFECT ANY TIME OF YEAR. Just as in garments, so in drapery too, cotton is much appreciated for being soft, absorbent, and breathable. It filters in light and air through its weave, unlike synthetic fiber. Bringing home the goodness of nature, cotton curtains are terrific insulators, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Stylist tip: Order floor length long drapes and factor in ‘return’ in your width specification to ensure you’re insulating the entire area around your windows. Use our all-time favorite hook and eye hack to plug any light leaks from the edges. All you need is a hook and eye installed on the sides of the curtain wall underneath your drapery rod/pole. It should be screwed in where the last pleat hook is. Handy reference images are available on this blog post here.

VERSATILITY IN EVERY FIBER. A timeless favorite in wardrobes for its versatility, cotton offers the same breadth of choices when it comes to window treatments. No matter what your room’s aesthetic, cotton has you covered. Sew it in a casual tie top and it’s perfect for a lazy lounge. Stitch it in a pinch pleat and see it transform into a stunning backdrop for a formal room.

HYPOALLERGENIC. Natural and non-synthetic, this earthy fabric is not only soft and comfortable but also unlikely to cause allergic reactions, making it an easy choice for clients with sensitive skin and allergy concerns. In dry weather conditions, you don’t have to worry about contracting static shocks when you touch your cotton curtains as you have to with synthetic ones.100% cotton means 100% skin-friendly. 

ECO-FRIENDLY. Purely organic and recyclable, cotton drapes should be the safest option for those who keep an environment-friendly approach in all their decisions, including home designing. Pure natural fabrics like cotton enjoy the spotlight reserved for bio-degradable and sustainable products for all the good reasons. Leaving a smaller carbon print on the ecology, the cotton yarn and weave industry deserve all encouragement and applause.

DRAPES LIKE A DREAM. Cotton curtains in our collection are high-quality “drape weight” fabrics, which means they drape really well, fall into straight pleats quickly and hold their shape much better than lighter weight, low-quality fabric. For an even more crisp, beautiful finish, we recommend ironing your cotton drapes and training the drapes for a few days before hanging them. 

EASY UPKEEP. Maintenance of cotton drapes is easy since most can be machine-washed and machine-dried easily at home. There is no need to run to the dry-cleaning center. 

IDEAL FOR KITCHENS. Soft and breathable, cotton drapes and shades are great for use in kitchens because they don’t trap odors as polyesters do. Cotton is also strong, less flammable than polyesters, and resists dirt and stains better than most fabrics.

HIGHLY DURABLE. If used with linings, cotton curtains are most likely a lifetime’s investment. They don’t wear off easily even with rough usage. Over a long span of time, weathering due to extreme sunlight exposure is a foreseeable risk, but the remedy is already at hand. We highly recommend lining cotton drapery. Without lining, bright colors on cotton can fade a bit under strong, direct sun. Double the goodness of your cotton drapery by including lining, while getting double insulation from the heat during summers and from the cold during winters. They also increase the sound-absorbent capabilities of the drapery, curbing unwanted noise more efficiently than unlined drapes.

PERFECT FOR KIDS’ ROOMS. Given the sturdiness, non-allergenic properties, and ease of upkeep, cotton curtains are highly recommended for nurseries and kids’ rooms. Since children, especially babies, have extremely sensitive skin, you can rest easy with drapes stitched from natural fabrics like cotton. Frequent wash-dry cycles are nothing to worry about because of the solid weave.

Natural, tactile, and cozy, cotton drapes with their refined pleats fine-finish the design of any home on a tasteful note. Efficient insulating capacity and skin-friendliness are the crowd-puller features of cotton drapes. A home brimming with the goodness of nature is complete with a set of cotton drapes. Whether for the relaxed lounges and kids’ rooms or the formal living areas and offices, cotton drapes make an understated decor for any space. So go on, shop now with Spiffy Spools for your very own cotton curtains today!