Custom Silk Roman Shades & Window Blinds


Luxurious, glamorous, opulent—and now, affordable!

Spiffy Spools strives to make the beauty and luxury of silk accessible for all of our clients. From pure dupioni silk to silk blends and faux silks, our custom silk roman shades collection offers a color and texture for every budget and palette. Silk blinds look enchanting, unfold like a dream and embody pure luxury.

A Word on our Collections

If your decor style can flourish on an iridescent scheme, there’s no way you can turn your back on silks. Easily a statement decor piece, silk roman shades are a luxury exemplar and the farthest you could go with splurging for your most beloved home. 

Pure silk is a rare find, making us rather proud of our collection – all straight from the lap of nature bringing goodness and unmatched exuberance to your home.

DUPIONI SILK: If you love the silken sheen and yet crave a textured finish rather than a smooth glossed one, our dupioni silk fabrics should fit your taste perfectly. Their irregular ridges which give a slubby finish, make them more tactile to the touch, robbing nothing of the classy and royal appeal of a silk. 

SHANTUNG SILK: Shantung silk also offers a slubby finish but the irregular ridges are less prominent than that of dupioni.  Considered to be the gold standard of silk fabrics, Shantung is the most admired and most preferred, especially in high-end settings. 

FAUX SILK: Synthetic fabrics that imitate the look of pure silk with utmost perfection fall in this category. Owing to their ease of maintenance and budget-friendliness, customers who love to use silk but find its maintenance difficult, opt for faux silk roman shades.

Styling your Home with Silk Roman Shades

Classical elegance: While no one’s stopping you from using silk for casual spaces, there’s no doubt that that’s not most clients’ first pick. Rather, silk represents the pinnacle of luxury with its unique, indulgent look and rich texture, making it the top-line candidate for formal spaces. Whether you intend to host a dinner party or decorate a living room, silk roman shades foster an immaculate atmosphere in any formal setting.

Wrinkled charm: Known for its crinkled appearance, silk’s unique look delivers an opulent ambiance to any space. While silk does wrinkle more than other fabrics, for many, that’s part of its charm. In fact, it’s particularly this authentic, distinctive look that draws many of our clients to decide that silk roman blinds are for them.

Use a protective lining: The gentle, delicate nature of silk doesn’t end at its appearance. In fact, it can be quite sensitive to environmental factors such as direct sunlight. Strong sunlight may cause the colors of your silk roman shades to fade and shorten their useful life. For this reason, we recommend investing in a suitable liner that will protect your blinds and help you get the most value from them. Make use of the blackout lining and you get the benefits of room-darkening and sound-insulation to create a sleep-friendly ambiance in bedrooms.

Maintenance: Avoid silk window treatments in humid spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Silk does not like water and may retain permanent water spots. While silk is a gorgeous material, it’s a rather delicate one and belongs in places that are relatively dry and clean. Therefore, pure silk will have to go for dry-clean only. Faux silks can typically be hand-washed.

Stitching style: If you like a formal and tailored look for your shades, we suggest the flat folds which are constructed with slats that make the folding process easier. The front-slatted ones show the hemlines on the frontage and render a pattern-like effect on solid fabrics. The back-slatted ones offer a clean frontage with no visual breaks. The less structured European relaxed roman shades can be used as an ornamental decor element and when in the opulent silk, can air the high-end look of the home with perfection.


Pure beauty Deniz: Pure Shuntung silk in the glossy finish is most people’s definition of silk. This resplendent fabric bolt in a soft sage green spells purity and sheer opulence for clients who don’t want to compromise on the real palatial feel.

Shantung Yakut: Representing the best quality silk, Yakut, in burgundy red is pure magic. The vibrance of the hue and the sumptuousness of the fabric together make a fantastic combination for luxurious decor.

Dupioni Varanasi: A shining teal blue fabric with a nubby texture in pure Dupioni silk offers your home an oriental luxury straight from India. Treat your beautiful home with this exotic roman shade.

Linen-like Chalk White: Those who want an understated elegance and the goodness of silk can opt for this silk blend fabric in white. It has the slubby finish of linen and the delicate sheen of silk – combining the best of both.

Patterned Soft Fauna: Featuring a flower-like pattern in beige on a white backdrop, roman blinds in this silk blend fabric will look great in modern home designs.

Self-patterned blend Cool Morning: This pastel blue fabric features a quatrefoil motif in a self-patterned style. Give a miraculous facelift to the blandest of room designs with this marvelous addition that spells ethereal bliss.

Formal and luxe, silk roman shades are for your home if you’re getting inspired by these choice picks. Treat your home with these splendid window treatments without a frown about the cost because Spiffy Spools makes them remarkably affordable for the slimmest of budgets. Whatever you may choose, the formal flat-folds or the casual European style shades, the pure silks or the faux, understated neutrals or the rich-hued jewel tones – we guarantee you a stunner regardless. Browse our collections and shop your favorite silk roman shade today!