Custom Blue Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

Blue is one of the most resonant colors for the mind, a hue that all at once conveys wistfulness, mystery, serenity and an infinite realm of possibility. We’re sure you harbor favoritism toward at least one shade of blue because well, who doesn’t? For the love of this lovely color, if you’re looking to buy blue roman shades and window blinds, we assure you that you will find one that suits your taste in our collection today.

Bring Home the Magic of Blue

From baby blue to iridescent sapphire, from cool aquamarine to warm teal, blue comes in a range of hues, each with its own personality and aesthetic character. Blue roman shades are a perfect blend of the infinity-symbolic hue and the minimalistic theme of the window treatment. Let our stylists walk you through some great ideas to decorate your home with blue roman shades.

Borrow the Vibe of the Rolling Seas

The mere mention of blue brings to mind the vast seas and white foam lapping at the shores. Ensure tan, beige, and white in the decor to go with baby blue or sea blue shades for a beach-inspired color palette. This refreshing color combination is most commonly used for coastal interior designs. But you can always make a sea-themed room, especially if you’re a thalassophile, and bring the nostalgic vibe of the rolling seas right into your urban home by choosing the right blue shades.

Substitute Black

Want a dramatic twist to your decor? Introduce pitch black. But if you lack the confidence to make such a point-blank statement, use dark purplish-blue instead. The darker shades of blue like midnight blue with glossy overtones serve as a less risky alternative for black-lovers who are not confident enough to dive into such a dark and moody hue yet. In fact, the blue undertones serve to add a sense of mystery imbued with glamor which perhaps the pure black would have missed. Backdropped by light-hued walls, these roman shades can promise to be face-lifters of the interior design besides providing excellent control over the inflow of light.

Bring Blue to the Kids’ Room

The lighter shades of blue are remarkably soothing and refreshing. Adding a splash of light cheery blue is a great way to make a room feel more light-hearted. Roman shades in turquoise blue, aquamarine or robin egg blue can have the room brim with liveliness. Decorate them with playful pompom trims and complete the kids’ room decor on an exuberant note. Ensure blackout lining to cut off unwanted noise and light when the little ones want to nap in the afternoons.

Make it Regal

Dark blue has been associated with regality since time immortal due to its rarity. In modern times too, they never fail to infuse the decor with a sense of luxury. Introduce dark blue shades with gilded tassel trims to give a regal touch to your formal living room. Ensure metallic tones of gold and brass in the fixtures and furniture to complete the theme with cohesiveness. In ritzy bedrooms, they can combine with rouge silk curtains and magenta upholstery to imbue the decor with a seductive flair.

Choose a Suitable Style

If you have fallen in love with one of the plain fabrics, we advise you to get them stitched in the flat fold with front slats roman shade style so that the hemlines which show on the frontage may act as a pattern on the uneventful surface.

But if you choose a bold pattern, then go for the back-slatted roman shades which can lend a continuously unhindered surface to make the best of them. If you plan to use your shades for a decorative purpose or for a casual room, then try our European relaxed style which offers scalloped bottoms and a non-architectural construct.

Lastly, if your window does not need a fully operational window treatment and you want to hang a shade from a purely decorative perspective, order a stationary faux roman shade, that, like valances, covers the top of the window.

Inspiration Corner

Whether you are looking for a luxurious fabric to air the high-end look of your bespoke furnishings or a simplistic homely material that needs to pitch a cozy vibe, we have a perfect blue waiting for you. From posh velvets and silks to casual cottons, linens and blends, you will find the right fabrics to serve all your varied requirements in each room. Get inspired with these divergent hand-picked fabrics that can give you a peek at our catalog.

Sleep sound with Delft: This dimout fabric in cobalt and denim blue stripes in watercolor effect is great for bedroom roman shades to work as a moodsetter and to facilitate room darkening for a sleep-friendly ambiance.

Royal touch with Blanc: Mimicking the nostalgic chinoiserie pottery, this cotton-blend fabric’s bold floral patterns set in overlapping arches look perfect for formal living rooms and guest rooms.

Fresh and airy with Iced Celery: Sporting a greenish-blue with self-patterned stripes, this sheer fabric can be a lovely addition to a breezy patio.

Zafiro’s regal air: Get this sapphire blue roman shade in plush velvet to give a final touch to your high-end decor.

Sky-like serenity with Aasma: This solid turquoise blue shade stitched in front-slatted flat fold shades can light up any room with a buoyant spirit.

Blue roman shades provide you with limitless possibilities to blend well with any decor scheme. Depending upon the exact shade you select, you can effortlessly arouse a high-spirited energized vibe or a melancholic brooding mood. Explore Spiffy Spools’ catalog and find the right roman shade to reflect your personal aesthetic vision and the theme of your decor. We’re sure you’ll be incredibly proud of your choice.