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How to Clean Decorative Pillows

Clean Decorative Pillows

If you have a wonderful array of decorative and throw pillows lining your bed, couches, and other furniture throughout your home, you might be worried about keeping them spotless. No problem. We’ll help you demystify the cleaning process so you can make sure your decorative fabrics are as vibrant, colorful, and clean as the day you bought them. Here’s how to clean decorative pillows!

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First, Read the Label and Prepare

While cleaning your throw pillows, before you do anything else, read your pillows’ care labels for any special instructions they may have about how to wash them. If the pillow indicates it is to be dry-cleaned only, avoid throwing it in the washing machine since it may end up misshapen or damaged. Remove the pillow’s cover if it has one.

Vacuum, Then Spot Check

If your pillow is visibly soiled, take a vacuum hose to it and remove any buildup of dust, hair, or other solid material that may be clinging to the fabric.

After that, mix a small amount of detergent with warm water and pour a tiny amount onto a small spot on the fabric to make sure it will not cause a bad reaction with the fabric. When you apply the mixture, avoid using paper towels. Instead, use a white towel.

Machine Wash Your Pillows

If the care label does not indicate otherwise and you are not worried the pillow will be damaged, use a mild detergent and machine wash your pillow on a delicate cycle. Avoid misbalancing the machine’s load while washing.

Hand Wash Your Most Delicate Pillows

If your pillows are particularly dainty or easily damaged, hand washing may the best solution. Simply use a small amount of mild detergent and warm water to hand wash them. Submerge the pillow in the soapy water and scrub it down. Afterward, use cold water to rinse the pillow through.

Drying The Pillow

Whether you choose to machine wash or hand wash your throw pillows, once they are washed you should hang dry them in an area with proper ventilation. Avoid drying the pillows in direct sunlight since the excessive heat may end up hurting the fabric.

Once the pillows are mostly dry, feel free to throw them into the dryer on a low heat, or better yet a tumble cycle, to fluff them.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pillows?

To properly maintain your pillows, you should take care of them by regularly vacuuming and dusting them at least once a month. This will help remove any buildup of hair or dust and help preserve the pillow’s fabric intact.

Then, wash the pillow’s cover, or the pillow itself if it does not have a removable cover, every few weeks if they see regular use. As for the filling alone, washing it every few months should be enough to keep it fresh.

Get a New Look

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