Tie Top Curtains & Window Drapes

One of the reasons why most interior designers take recourse to curtains for window treatments is the sheer variety that drapery fabrics offer. Think of your favorite color or motif, and rest assured that you will find a drapery fabric that features it. Added to that, the availability of varied curtain heading/pleat styles puts homeowners in a better position to satisfy the distinct needs of each room. For rooms that need lighthearted airiness and a gentle touch of femininity, one of our top recommendations is tie-top curtains. Want to know more about this style? Well, have a good read.

Tie Top Curtains: Laid Back Chic For Your Windows

Tie top curtains get their name from their unique construct. The drapery panels have narrow fabric strips attached to the header at equal intervals. The strips are about an inch wide and stitched from the same fabric as the drapery. Each pair of strips is hand knotted on to the pole to mount drapes of this style. To see images of this gorgeous style, visit our detailed Drapery Headings Style Guide.

The unique feature of tie-top curtains is that they are hung by simple handmade knots – no ornate pleats, rings and grommets, no frills and ruffles – and yet they’re truly romantic. The curtain panel stands a few inches below the rod rendering it a very informal – and rather unstructured – look. The rod is fully exposed whether the curtains are closed or open. Reminiscent of tie-string frocks and fashionable gowns of toddlers and ladies, this style has a casual, feminine vibe to it.

Why We’re Fans of Tie Top Curtains

Smacking of the country vibe where strings and loops often come in handy for many an ad hoc arrangement, tie-top curtains feature a very raw and basic style of drapery. Hence, country homes, shabby-chic spaces and farmhouse-style homes are natural candidates for tie-top curtains. But for this basic model drapery to have settled in so comfortably in twenty-first-century modern homes as well, it must have some irresistible features that stylists and homeowners alike fall for. Let’s see what these are.

Simple structure: Sleek and minimalist panels with no stitched-in pleats or dense gather make tie tops a very simple laid-back style of drapery. The knots render a unique character to the space besides being both functional and decorative additions to the drapery.

Low stacking room: Tie top style is recommended for draperies that need low fullness and a relatively flat frontage. Since there are no deep and dense pleats, the fabric involved is much less, thereby reducing the stacking room. This is a handy feature for windows without enough space on the sides to stack back the curtains when opened.

Cost-effective: To hang tie tops, all you need is a drapery rod. No investment is required in additional hardware. Besides, the recommended fullness is lower than standard drapery panels, so the fabric requirement is lesser.

Homey vibe: With exposed hardware, knotted strings, and low fullness, tie-tops help to make any space light-hearted and welcoming instantly. It helps immensely to make the house feel like a home with great ease.

The Flip Side of the Coin

Every heading style in drapery is in the interest of serving particular sets of needs and in essence, precludes others. Tie tops too have their downsides – or rather certain settings – where they don’t fit. Let’s take stock.

Limited mobility: Tie tops don’t glide as smoothly on the rod as drapery on grommets or rings would. Over the years, frequent handling may also cause the fabric strips to wear down. Therefore, tie tops are recommended primarily as decorative, stationary drapes which will not be opened/shut frequently. And careful handling is recommended to ensure longevity.

Not formal: By the very fact that tie tops are extremely unstructured and relaxed in their construct, they are out of place in formal, dressed up settings and rooms.

Light leaks: The gaps between the tied loops let light pass through. This can be a matter of concern if you choose this style for rooms that require room darkening.

Not for tracks: Tie-top curtains cannot be mounted on tracks. Therefore, if you’re keen on this style but already have tracks installed, you’d need to invest in poles/rods.

How to Make the Most of Tie Top Curtains

Give a set of tie-top curtains to a creative home stylist and you’ll see how they transform the space into a homely, relaxed haven. So, we have brought the suggestions of our expert stylists who’ve been there and done that.

Hardware: It is not the fullness or the structure of the pleats that invites attention in this style. But the eyes are drawn to the header which is so delicately constructed. Hence, use show-worthy hardware, preferably wooden ones, to ensure an attractive look for your tie-top curtains.

Homey fabrics: Tie top curtains look best in wrinkly and ‘lazy’ linens. Pick casual, laid back fabric materials to pair with this informal heading style and make the picture complete.

Consider fullness: A flat look is popular with tie-top curtains. So while we recommend 2x fullness for most other styles, we advise 1.5x for tie-top drapes. Avoid going beyond 2x fullness to ensure ease of movement for the drapery. For detailed guidance on how to factor in fullness and take measurements for tie-top curtains, browse our Drapery Measurement Guide.

Length specification: When you order tie top curtains with Spiffy Spools, you need to specify the length of the drapery panel without the knot strips. So, measure from the point from where you wish the panel to drop, up to the desired endpoint.

Maximum airiness: Tie top curtains are designed to let in as much light and air as possible. Tie-tops in sheer fabrics and/or as cafe curtains are therefore often used for spaces where clients desire maximum light and air inflow.

In Closing

Enriching your home with softness and fairy-tale vibes, tie-top curtains are great additions to casual spaces, kids’ rooms and rustic kitchens. They introduce a feminine touch that proffers a refreshing turn to the entire home design. Cohesively blended with natural materials and decor elements, tie-top curtains are sure to be an addition you’ll be proud of. So, browse our expansive collection of fabrics and shop your favorite tie-top curtains today with Spiffy Spools!