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Creative Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

Creative Log Cabin Ideas

People love log cabins because of their rustic, serene feel. However, you need more than just the structure itself to create this atmosphere in your space. Use these creative log cabin decorating ideas to make your home feel warm and welcoming from the moment you step through the door.

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Classic Curtains

Hanging curtains is the easiest way to add instant character to your log cabin. To create the perfect window treatment for your home, it’s best to first identify the style you’re aiming for:

Modern-Rustic Log Cabins

Creative Log Cabin Decorating Ideas: Blackout Curtains

Granite Dust Cotton Curtains

This style of cabin should focus on simple, straightforward, and minimalistic elements. Chic curtain fabrics like sheers and cottons in neutral tones will match this aesthetic nicely. Pair your curtains with a sleek, iron steel rod to perfectly marry modern touches with a rustic feel.

Rustic Log Cabins

Linen Curtains

Leh Manya Linen Curtains

With rustic log cabins, the main goal is to seamlessly incorporate naturalistic details. You can do this with your curtains by picking a gorgeously woven linen fabric in an earthy shade such as white, beige, brown, or green. Alternatively, select a pattern for your cabin curtains that features a nature-inspired theme. To complete the look, use a creative curtain rod such as a refurbished tree branch or twine for a truly earthy feel.

Traditional Log Cabins

Log Cabin Decorating Ideas with Buffalo Checks

Madison Cotton Curtains

Traditional log cabins feature homey décor that brings warmth to the space. Think plush fabrics like cotton and vibrant color schemes for your curtains. While a simple solid will look nice, consider using a traditional pattern like gingham or plaid to bring more character and coziness into your home. A wooden curtain rod is the perfect finishing touch for this style of log cabin!

Plaid curtains make a wonderful addition in just about every room. If you’re torn between a few different curtain selections, consider hanging them in a separate areas of your log cabin! This will ensure your design is consistent throughout your home and that you won’t have to sacrifice your favorite looks.

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Cozy Cushion Covers

Another great log cabin decorating idea is to use custom cushion covers. You can use these to spruce up both your living room and bedroom!

Here are some tips for creating the perfect cushion covers for your log cabin:

  • Layer several pillows that feature a mixture of colors and patterns for the best look.
  • Identify the primary color in your home’s color palette and design at least two solid pillows in that hue.
  • Identify the complementary shades in your palette and add at least two patterned pillows in these colors.
  • Design some of your cushions in the same pattern as your curtains for a more coordinated look.
  • The final result will make a subtle yet cozy statement!

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Table Runners, Table Covers, & Dining Placemats

Table Runner

Creative log cabin ideas: table cover

Table Cover

Dining Placemats

Some of the fondest memories are made over a delicious meal at your log cabin’s dining room table. Make sure this important piece of furniture is given the decorative attention it deserves by adding custom dining placemats and either a table runner or table cover:

  • Dining placemats. Nothing better elevates what’s on your plate than a gorgeous placemat. But all of your placemats don’t have to be the same. Color coordinate them in different shades or patterns. You might discover each person in your log cabin has a favorite placemat they always want to use! Shop Now.
  • Table runners. A table runner is a rectangular piece of fabric that’s placed across the length of the table. It’s a stunning decorative element that can be matched to your nearby décor or your dining placemats. While tables often have dead space in the center, a table runner eliminates this dead zone by adding extra charm! Shop Now.
  • Table covers. Consider dressing your table in a stunning table cover. This piece of cloth will drape beautifully over each edge of the table to enhance its look. For a dramatic effect, design your table cover to graze the floor. Or, keep it casual by having it hang just a few inches over each edge. Shop Now.

Order Custom Décor from Spiffy Spools

These creative log cabin decorating ideas are sure to enhance your space! At Spiffy Spools, we make it easy to create custom curtains and décor that fit your unique style and measurements, with over 1,000 fabrics and patterns. Explore our site to find gorgeous options that will add plenty of character to your log cabin—and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have along the way!

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