Custom Curtains & Window Drapes

Any Size, Any Style Drapery Your Windows Need

Whether you’re undertaking a bold bedroom makeover or moving into your new home, Spiffy Spoolscustom curtains can dress up your windows in style. With over 3000 drapery fabrics of varied colors and patterns, we are here to appease every functional need and decor style. Add to that – our affordable pricing, quality service and free shipping – and you have the most amazing opportunity to create custom curtains & drapes that suit your home without breaking the bank.

Odd-sized Windows Bothering You?

Well, let’em not! Because, whether you want extra long curtains for your sidelights or extra wide curtains for your specialty windows, you fix the size, and we get it done. And you can rely on our simplified drapery measurement guide to provide accurate specifications. 

Aiming for Light Control?

A sun-kissed space is inviting and rejuvenating, but not every room needs such dazzle-lighting. Some rooms need to be bathed in light while others should sink into a silent cozy dark to facilitate restfulness and focus. Soft sheer curtains to filter light into your living room, stylish room-darkening drapery to make your bedroom sleep-friendly, or a chic curtain to provide privacy in the den – get them all right here.

Committed to Your Aesthetic Vision?

What’s your style: traditional or modern? Bohemian or Scandinavian? Industrial or farmhouse? Whatever your style, our collection will leave you spoilt for choice. From quiet neutrals to vibrant chromatics, from pared-back stripes to intricate damasks, and from glamorous glossy to sophisticated textures – you’ll find them all within the Spiffy Spools collection of carefully curated fabrics.

Picky About Fabric Composition?

Some weigh style over function, and others function over style. Some chase high-end opulence and others down-to-earth simplicity. Some value environmental sustainability, while others look for practical ease. Whatever your slot of preferences, you can address it in the fabric choice. From organic cotton, silk, and linen and high-quality poly, faux silk, and velvet to blends that offer the best of both worlds – you find fabrics of various compositions here only to leave you spoilt for choice!

Classic or Modern? Formal or Casual?

The heading style of the curtains is a big design decision that will impact their overall appeal and functional efficiency. Are you looking for custom curtains that can be drawn open and closed with ease? Or, for curtains that wrap your windows tight despite the zippy winds? Do you want a celebratory-tailored look or a casual relaxed vibe? 

Elaborate heading styles like pinch pleats drapery look apt for formal and detail-heavy decor styles while simplistic ones like flat panel tops suit right for austere minimalist homes. And some styles like Euro pinch pleats are intermediary choices for design styles that tread the middle path. Whatever be your decor style, be sure to showcase it in your choice of heading style with custom curtains. You define your style and preference, it’s ours to serve the platter.

How About Personalizing Your Custom Drapes?

Not happy with just choosing the fabric and the heading style? Want some customization that voices your personality or adds some unique character? Explore our color-blocking and trimming options. With color-blocking, you can design yourcurtain panels with two drapery fabrics and thus mix solids, patterns, and textures for a unique drapery set. With trimmings, you can garnish your drapes with tasteful ribbons and tassels that effortlessly relay their bespoke quality.

Should You Line Your Drapes?

Absolutely! The lining behind draperies adds volume and weight to the folds for better draping. Lining also offers extra insulation against the sun, and further shields your valuable furnishings, besides the curtains themselves, from premature weathering. And for rooms that need hard-handed control over light, noise, and temperature fluctuations, we recommend blackout lining or blackout fabrics, to serve your needs. Sheers and lightweight curtains are of course exceptions as these are meant to let in light and air.

Shop Custom Drapes Online – Get More for Less

Carefully handcrafted with old-world meticulousness by expert tailors and seamstresses, our custom drapes let you bring your individual aesthetic to any bedroom, kitchen, or office. So we welcome you to the convenience of shopping for custom drapes and curtains online without fretting over budget constraints.

To get you started, here are our stylists’ top tips to make your custom curtains look wow!

ENSURE SUMPTUOUS PLEATS: You need sufficient panel widths to ensure well-rounded folds and rich gather when your drapes cover the window. To achieve this, we recommend at least 2x fullness factor for drapery width. What does that mean?  Read our Curtain Measurement Guide for the answer. 

DISCERN THE DRAPERY POLE POSITION & LENGTH WITH CARE: The drapery pole position must ideally be high enough to contain light leaks from the curtains, and the pole should be long enough to allow full clearance when the curtains are stacked on the sides. For that, you need to install the rod/track at least four to six inches above the window frame and extend it at least six inches on both sides beyond the window frame.

CHOOSE AN APT DRAPERY LENGTH: The purpose of the room, the availability of floor space, and the shape of the window must have their say in the drapery length decision. That floor-length is the ideal drapery length is well known, but assessing its practical relevance for the room in question is essential. Sill-length curtains and cafe curtains may be better options for certain spaces and windows. After you’ve finalized whether you want long drapes or short curtains, you need to carefully decide between their sub-types. For example, floor-lengthcurtains may float above the floor, or touch the floor or puddle on the floor. Which is the look you’re aiming for? Explore all options and the advantages associated with each in our Drapery Length Guide before you decide.

TRAIN THE PLEATS: New curtains tend to flare at the bottom and can take time to fall into straight and shapely pleats. Give your curtains a helping hand by training the pleats. To read about our recommended technique with helpful visuals, click here.

CANCEL SIDE GAPS: Imagine yourself standing looking to the side of the curtain and being able to see several inches of space between the curtains and the window. Not only is the gaping space unattractive, but it also makes your drapery less effective at blocking out light. To handle drapery returns, we recommend our tried and tested hook-eye method.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LAYERED CURTAINS: A set of non-sheer custom drapes is sufficient to provide privacy and light control. But, there’s a catch in the deal – you either get all of the light or all of the privacy. What if you want light but also the privacy? Well, choose to layer sheer curtains with non-sheer drapes. Keep the sheers closed during the day so they’ll filter in the light and let you enjoy the outdoor views while also offering privacy. And when you want total darkness, draw close the non-sheer layer. Simple!

MAKE THE MOST OF BLACKOUT LINING: If you opt for blackout lining, there are a few things to keep in mind. Blackout linings are efficient in themselves but their efficiency is impacted by face fabric too. If achieving a high degree of darkness is a key priority, read our tips to make the most of your lining choices.

CHOOSE COMPLEMENTARY HARDWARE: Custom curtains must go hand in hand with the hardware, so make a careful choice between poles and tracks if you’re on a fresh start. Rods/poles double up as decorative accessories while tracks offer a pared-back approach that lets the curtains be the only star of the show. If you have already installed the hardware, ensure its compatibility with the heading style. Likewise, ensure that the curtains’ palette gets along with that of your drapery rods and finials. 

Ready to Shop your New Custom Curtains? 

With these tips, and additional reading of our Spiffy Speak Blog, we hope you feel ready to design your perfect custom drapes. And at any point if you find the road a bit cloudy, you can count on our experienced design consultants for guidance. So go on, and order your new custom drapes from Spiffy Spools today!