Custom Curtains & Window Drapes

Any Size, Any Style Drapery Your Windows Need

Whether you’re undertaking a bold bedroom makeover or moving into your new home, Spiffy Spools can dress up your windows with custom curtains & drapes at affordable prices and free shipping! With a carefully curated collection of over 2000+ fabrics that can be tailored to your needs, you will never need another place to buy custom drapes & curtains online

Bedroom curtains to maintain privacy or living room curtains to set the ambiance… whatever your need, whatever your taste, you will find a fabric and a style that fits the bill. Our collection features fabrics in colors and textures as varied as our clients’ color palettes and personal sense of aesthetics. 

Extra long/short/wide…whatever! Need tall curtains for large windows? Or extra short curtains panels for a tricky basement window? Fret not if your windows are anything but standard size. Spiffy Spools has got you covered. Custom curtains for custom windows – the solution is just as simple as that. You set the size, we get it done for you.

Let light in at your will. Are your light control requirements varied for each window? Want to keep the harsh sunlight out (and bring in morning sleep-ins and afternoon naps) of your bedrooms? Or you want your living room to bathe in the vitamin-rich morning sunrays without compromising with your privacy? From transparent window sheers to attractive blackout drapes, there’s a solution for every light control issue with us.

Your drapes, your style. You surely have a top fave hue or design, but being able to find curtains in these for every window in ready-made stores is next to impossible. At Spiffy Spools, you have such a wide range to choose from – the rarest of shades to the on-trend ones, the sophisticated plains to the multi-hued ombre, the traditional florals to the modern geometric, the classic ikat and paisleys to simplistic checks and stripes! Hold your revered style high with custom drapes.

Fabrics in any composition. From posh velvets and silks for a formal room to breathing linens and cottons for a laid-back space, we have fabrics of all compositions for you to choose. Pure organic and natural or synthetic and light-weight or a sensible blend of both – whatever be your preference, find them in our catalgos for sure.

Extensive styles galore. Looking for classic pinch pleats for your living room curtains? Or something a bit more contemporary? Not only do we offer custom curtains online in any size specification, but we also offer over a dozen drapery heading/pleating styles to choose from. These include tailored heading styles such as double and triple pinch pleats, euro pleats, goblet tops, and inverted box pleats for your formal living room curtains, and styles such as tab tops, back tab tops, flat-panel tops, and eyelet/grommet tops for casual areas like informal lounges, kitchens and bedroom window curtains. 

Customize as per personal taste. Got a penchant for whimsical or rustic elements? How about being able to let your drapery reflect your personal aesthetic vision without having to DIY it? This is the best part of custom drapery – you can let your drapes voice out your unique personality. While ready-made stores offer trending goodies, we leave no stone unturned to revere your personal style.  Explore the options of color-blocking and trimming which offers you tons of ways to creatively adorn your space. Personalize the drapes to fit your decor and your specific needs.

Benefits of lining. We’re so convinced about the benefits of lining the drapery panels that we never let it be lost on any customer. Besides lending volume to the drapery to form well-rounded sumptuous pleats, linings come with a vast benefits galore. Did you know that linings extend the lifespan of your drapery as also of the textile and wooden elements placed close to the window? Did you know that they increase the sound absorption and insulative capacity of the curtains to facilitate quieter spaces and lower power bills? And that blackout lining’s room-darkening feature lets you have a crazy time in the home theater and undisturbed zzzz in your bedrooms? So, that’s why we never let you go without lining!

Carefully handcrafted in old-world fashion by expert tailors and seamstresses, our custom drapes will let you bring your individual aesthetic to any bedroom, kitchen, or office. So we welcome you to the convenience of shopping for your favorite drapes and curtains online with us at a fair price and with free shipping. 

To get you started, here are our stylists’ top tips to make your custom curtains look wow. 

  • Ensure a rich gather of fabric. Don’t be stingy on panel widths. Your drapes need to give your windows complete coverage and should have enough fabric for a full gather and dense pleats. To achieve this, we recommend at least 2x fullness factor for drapery width. What does that mean?  Read our curtain measurement guide for the answer. 
  • Choose drapery pole position thoughtfully. Avoid installing your drapery poles/tracks too close to the window frame as it makes the ceilings appear lower. Instead, mount them at least four to six inches above the window frame — or even as high as 12 inches – to create an illusion of a taller window.
  • Decide drapery pole length with forethought. Extending the pole a few inches beyond the frame on each side makes a window feel grander and allows more light to stream in when the curtains are open. The extra pole width allows the drapery to stack against the wall without blocking the window. Extend anywhere from 6 to 20 inches on either side depending on panel width and how much stacking room they need.
  • Consider apt drapery length. The longer the drapery panel, the better the fall. No doubt, the most popular and most stylish way of hanging drapes is the ceiling to floor. The next best option is to hang them from window to floor. But in kitchens and bathrooms, we recommend sill-length curtains or cafe curtains for convenient usage and easy upkeep.
  • Train the pleats. New curtains tend to flare at the bottom and can take time to fall into straight and shapely pleats. Give your curtains a helping hand by training the pleats. To read about our recommended technique with helpful visuals, click here.
  • Cancel side gaps. Imagine yourself standing looking to the side of the curtain and being able to see several inches of space between the curtains and the window. Not only is the gaping space unattractive, but it also makes your drapery less effective at blocking out light. To handle drapery returns, we recommend our tried and tested hook-eye method.
  • Accessorize your drapes. Delicate detailing is key to ensuring your custom drapes don’t look like the mass-produced ones available in readymade stores. So, embellishing them with ribbons or tassels, or pompoms as per your personal taste is recommended to help your custom drapery look truly custom-made, while giving it that perfect, carefully-curated aesthetic.
  • Voice your decor style. Heading styles that have stitched-in pleats, like the vast variety of pinch pleats drapery, look perfect for traditional decor. Euro pleat drapery which is a relatively pared-down version despite belonging to the same family goes well with transitional and modern decor too. Grommets, flat panels, back tabs, and tab tops are suitable for modern decor styles because of their minimalist construct. Whatever be your decor style, be sure to showcase it in your choice of heading style.
  • Ensure more privacy with sheer drapes. We highly recommend that you use two layers of window treatments – one opaque and the other transparent for windows that overlook busy streets and open areas. Otherwise, in the quest for privacy during daytime, you will have to close off the opaque curtains or shades and also sacrifice fresh air and natural light in the process. Stitch sheer curtains in 3x fullness so that their rich gather can ensure maximum privacy.
  • Make the most of the blackout feature. Blackout fabrics come in all sorts of colors, even white. But bear in mind that a white blackout fabric will never be as effective as a darker one simply because of the fact that the light colors reflect more light. Similarly, adding blackout lining behind a sheer will not be as effective as adding it behind a tightly owner non-sheer cotton. So consider all factors and don’t assume that adding blackout lining behind any fabric will offer you the same level of room darkening. 

Are your non-standard-size windows the excuse for you to get custom curtains? Well, curtains that sport a customized look can be used throughout your home. Mixing and matching, lining and layering, color-blocking and trimming are some of the varied options that custom curtains offer. The well-thought delicate detailing helps you to build character into the space.

Decorating your home with unique bespoke elements that are distinct from those that are readily available on the market confers a high-end look to your home. Order custom drapes carefree with Spiffy Spools. Our first-class service offered at affordable rates should be sufficient reason for you to rethink your window decor. Get shopping and have fun styling your home your way.