Custom Plain / Textured Roman Shades & Window Blinds

For your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Beyond

From neutral blendable hues like beige, cream, grey and ivory, featuring on lazy linens and cozy cottons, to bright bold colors such as emerald green and sapphire blue on statement fabrics like silk and velvet – Spiffy Spools’ collection of textured and plain roman shades simply brims with vibrancy and variety! 

Plain fabrics offer an untainted surface that translates to a minimalist look with a classic appeal. Textured fabrics exude a rich vibe when light and shadow follow each other on their slubby weave. The no non-sensical serious demeanor of plains suits right for various styles of decor, especially those leaning towards modern clean lines models. 

Designing the home with solids alone can be tricky and also less visually pleasing, so stylists prefer crafting a balanced mix of patterns and plains. If you’ve landed here on a lookout for plain/ textured roman shades, let our stylists show you the many ways you can aestheticize them in your homes.

Pair your plains with patterns: Plain/textured roman shades are an ideal choice for a room that already has other patterns in play. They hang as a visual counterpoint to your patterned pieces – whether that’s a floral rug or a vintage damask wallpaper – and bring optical balance to any space. As long as you pick a shade that complements the dominating color tones in your patterned pieces, you can’t go wrong with monochrome plain/textured roman shades on your windows.

Pick your shade style wisely: To bring the best out of your plain/ textured roman shades, we recommend opting for a flat-fold roman shade style with front slats. While back-slatted shades are the most popular choice for patterned fabrics, front-slatted shades offer an optical break that a plain swathe of fabric often needs. In case you’re shopping for shades that will largely serve an aesthetic purpose and will remain stationary for the most part, we also recommend considering our relaxed roman shades style where the gently curving folds at the bottom will lend an ‘architectural’ element of interest to your plain fabric roman shades. 

Accessorize your roman shades: If plain sounds….well too plain, we invite you into the delightful world of delicate trims & tassels. From pretty ribbons and tapes to structured tassels, these trimmings can help you give simple window dressing some (or a lot of!) sparkle. When choosing your trims, you just need to ensure that you match the décor of the room and the aesthetic you wish to convey. Pom-pom trims, for example, are a great choice for a kids’ room for their playful quality, while ornate tassels remain popular for dressing up silk and velvet shades in a formal setting.  

Add visual depth: In the absence of patterns, lean on a fabric’s texture to speak of opulence and understated elegance in your décor. Our textured roman shades are filled with tactile qualities that can help evoke the right mood and aesthetic in your room. Slubby dupioni silks, plush piled velvets, slightly coarse linens, super-soft cottons…every texture has a distinct voice and it should match your overall vision – especially when you’re opting for plain window treatments. Our bestselling fabrics like ‘Kurort’, ‘Madagascar’ and ‘Rapids’ – have been designer favorites for years. With no complicated pattern, no complex color palette, these ever-popular fabrics are all shade and texture – and yet – they remain strong statement pieces on their own. 

White – the ‘super’ neutral: The plain-and-simple, fine-and-white roman shades in sheer, semi-sheer, or solid textured fabrics are our favorites when it comes to fitting-in in practically any room. Whether you’re dressing up windows in a Scandinavian-styled setup, or a maximalist traditional home, white roman shades blend in beautifully. So if you find yourself overwhelmed with choices or simply want to play safe, you won’t find anything as easy as white roman shades to fall back on.

Pro tip: Add blackout lining if you’re shopping for a bedroom and would like room darkening qualities. Blackout lining will also help restrict unwanted noise from entering your room.

Spice up with contrast. Whether textured or flat-surfaced, solid roman shades are great to go with patterned drapes. The key trick is to make sure that one shade of the pattern matches with the plain shade and the rest of the hues contrast with it. The more defined the contrast, the more visually attractive the outcome will be. Say, if our Summer Dessert roman shade pairs up with Mix Fruit drapes, what an appetizing recipe it will be for the eye! Layered window treatments offer better insulation and can help thereby to reduce your power bills. So, don’t miss the opportunity.

Ready to shop? So go on, choose your fabric, and our expert stylists and seamstresses will craft your roman shades just how you ask, and just how you like! Let the search for your plain/ textured roman shades begin and end with Spiffy Spools. 

Happy window dressing!